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Yashrael's Flight CD (YASHRAEL-FLIGHT)

Yashrael's (World Class CD) Flight

Featuring: Tracer – Montezuma’s Castle – Oakwood’s Park – Flight – The Light that Glows – Ocean’s Bay & Honduras.

"I've arranged the album Flight for the purpose of prosperity. Dedicated to YAHVAH ELOHIM our heavenly Father. Our Creator desires for all of us to prosper in every area of our lives. It is said that when you dream that you are flying, it is a sign that you are prospering in life."

During a test marketing phase, 9 out of 10 reviewers rave about Flight.

You may click on the hilighted links below to hear samples.

  1. Tracer
  2. New World Order
  3. Composition 99
  4. Oakwoods Park
  5. Money
  6. Montezuma's Castle
  7. Flight
  8. Involve
  9. Ochean's bay
  10. Up Towner
  11. The Light that Glows
  12. Honduras