Message 1: The Last Call -- Come Out of Her, My People
Message 2: Born Again . . . into the Kingdom of YAH
Message 3: The Advocate or the Prophet
Message 4: Beware of the Tithe Trap
Message 5: I Have a Dream
Message 6: Christian Marriage and Divorce
Message 7: Patriarchal Marriage ... the way to go
Message 8: Global Warming...A ploy of man to exploit his fellow man, uses Satan to deceive
Message 9:  My ELOHIM Has A Name
Message 10: Christmas--The Tradition of Man
Message 11: Sunday Worship--Another Tradition of Man
Message 12: Where is Hell?
Message 13: Sabbath, a Day YAH Hath Made
Message 14: Who is God?
Message 15: The 144,000
Message 16: The Lies Satan Told
Message 17: The Feast of our Father
Message 18: Lies About Jesus Christ
Message 19: The Uncleanness of Man
Message 20: The Law and the Prophets
Message 21: The Book of Records in Heaven
Message 22: The Truth About Heaven