YaHVaH is Spirit; and they that worship Him in Spirit and truth must needs worship. Yachanan 4:24.
YaHVaH is Ruach or Spirit and Spirit means breath or wind or energy or power so how do you worship Him in Ruach or Spirit? To the X'tians who shun Hebrew and do not understand what is Spirit or Ruach, the Spirit is the third person of the Godhead of the Triune God. Is that so? Is there such a thing as the Trinity or Father, son and Holy Ghost? 
First and foremost by their profaned langauge they are so blinded that they cannot see nor understand. There is no such thing as the Godhead, it was Catholic Doctrine and Xtian Theologians who supported Catholic lies. And what does Godhead mean? It mean God material and there are three people" who have it? What a laughing stock, Satan is laughing.
They make mountains out of mole hill--the trinity entails God material or Godhead, father, son and holy ghost. And now who is the Holy Ghost? Is he a ghost who came back after a holy man died? This is really blasphemious and all X'tain, I say ALL of them have committed blasphemy against His Ruach and they cannot be forgiven. For this reason, many of them are hard of hearing and dull of seeing they cannot get it when you tell them God is not His Name but a noun which pagan used to call on their idols and every idol is a God and there is no such thing as God head and or God material.
To understand how the trinity is a lie we turn to Proverbs 30:4. What is His Name and what is the Name of the Father? There are only two person mentioned here--Father and His Son and that is precisely what Yachanan said, "in the beginning was the word and the word was YaHVaH and the word was with YaHVaH. Father and Son share the same name, the One who is self existant and the one who is in His bosom. Yachanan 1:18. 
Now, they turn to Matthew 28:19-20 and say there is it the Holy Ghost. But I already asked, is he the ghost of a holy man who died and they cannot answer, and what is the name of the Holy ghost if there is such a Holy Ghost? Now, when you use the Sacred name restoratioin Bible by Koniuchowsky the preceding verse is written thus:
Go therefore and make talmidin of all nations, doing mikvah upon them in My Name, teaching them to shomer all things, which I have commanded you, and see, I am with you always, even to the olam hazah, Awemane!"
Is there any holy ghost there and then? No wonder they do not understand what is meant by YaHVaH is Ruach, and His Ruach was with Him and His Ruach was there when He created the world. For with power, with his Ruach (the Energy of His Ruach) He created all things.
So what is meant by Worship Him in Ruach? Worship in with Power, His Power!, not ours, for we have none!  No man could worship Him in Ruah without His Ruach. And no man could receive His Ruach by another Name.  Only in His Name, YaHVaHshooa could anyone receive His Ruach.  So when you are baptized in any other name or false names you will receive a familiar spirit from ha Satan,  Scary! And many has got it.  They are gravely mistaken and were taught falsely that they are receiving the Ruach from above when in truth they are receiving the evil spirit that wandeers on earth.

And what is meant by worship Him in truth? This is a test every X'tian failed. How could anyone worship Him in truth when they dont know His Name or worship Him by a false Name? They lied about His Name and anyone who worship Him by any false name do so in lies. Period!  Anyone who worship Him by any false Names do not worship Him at all, they are worshippinng another and he is Satan.
No one could worship Him in Ruach and in truth who does not know His true Name, this is a test of His Name. Satan is really mysteriously sly and He conquered them all, he captivated them all, Satan which deceiveth the WHOLE world. Gilyahna 12:9.

Both YaHVaH the Father and YaHVaHshooa the Son are Ruach and we can receive His Ruach when He imparts to us, just like the sea give us her water, or the air gives us oxygen. Hereiin les the truth, and we must worship Him in truth, knowing who we worship. not someone who is abstract or unknown, such as God or Lord. 

Ye worship ye know not what, we worship that which we know, for salvation is of the Jews. Yachanan 4:22. That is it!!!