One of the oldest question all mortal man have asked but never got an answer or the right one, at least, is probably, "Where Is Hell?" 
Every religion taught about hell; every religion teaches hell is a punitive somewhere after life--which none of them could figure or confirm where--and every religion lied something about hell, but no religion has the right answer and no religion tells the truth as far as hell goes. Why do I say that, you might asked.  You ask every religionist, Where is Hell and the answer is almost all the same, "down under!"  Isn't that true?
In the old world, the Catholic Church taught and the people believed that the earth was flat. Is this not what most, if not, all religion teaches too? So naturally, if Heaven is above and hell is beneath, this "flat earth" belief rhymes with reason. Therefore, the majority of mortal man, from pagans to Jews; from the Muslims to the Christians, believe that there is a hell and hell is beneath the earth.  Hell is the same for all of them, just like the "God" they all worship, they all worship the same god, too.
When Galileo who subscribed to the Copernican Theory that the earth was round, went public and proclaimed that the earth was indeed round, the Catholic church persecuted him. Such ignorance by the church was corrected when the church in 1992 admitted they have erred in persecuting the scientist.
Such ignorance could not have been perpetrated if the Catholic Church had relied on Devar YaHVaH, (the Word of YaHVaH). For long before Copernicus or Galileo and Bruno, the Word of YaHVaH ELOHIM revealed the truth. In Isaiah 40:22 we read:
"It is He Who sitteth upon the circle of the earth, while the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers, Who stretcheth forth as a curtain the heavens, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in."
From the foregoing verse, it must be noted, YaHVaH ELOHIM, our Creator, sitteth on the CIRCLE of the earth. What is a Circle? The earth is a circle. The earth then, must be round.
Then in Job 26:7 we read: "Who stretcheth out the north over emptiness, hangeth the earth upon nothingness." In other word, YaHVaH, ELOHIM hangs the earth on nothing. Now, if we put the two together, we got a round earth which hangs upon nothing which is what science today informs us. That was long before science discovered the earth is round and orbiting around the sun, (or hangs on nothing).
Now, what you believe is very important as what you believe would determine whether you have the truth or you simply believe in a lie. In the old days when the church taught and the people believed that the earth was flat, they were consequently led to believe that the heaven is above and the hell is beneath the earth which is a mixture of truth and lie--that is Babylon or confusion.
Then with better enlightenment that the earth is round and orbits around the sun, where then is hell? It cannot be out there in space, could it? So, where then is hell? And what is hell? Is there really a place called "hell"? When you come vis a vis with the truth of a round earth that orbits around the sun, the belief in a hell beneath the flat earth simply collapse. Hell has no place in an earth in motion.
It is religions that lied. Much of all religions--including Christianity--today are nothing but lies and superstitions of paganism which the masses blindly believed and they suffered as a result of their beliefs or such false beliefs. Take for example, you must have heard so often at many a funeral, preachers saying, "so and so is now gone to be with the Lord." Excuse me, how does he know? Did he see so and so with the Lord, or did "their good Lord" told him so? I don’t mean to be rude or unkind, but I make no apology. There are two lies right here that preachers often told which I must debunk. The first lie is "so and so is gone to be with the Lord" and the second is the "Lord," who is he?

To understand how these lies are perpetuated we must hold on the Word of YaHVaH as the standard, and take a hard look at Christian doctrines.  Christians believed in their Jesus.  They were taught that when they died they could be with their Lord--that is their Jesus. But such Christian belief has no basis in the Scriptures. Instead, they are pagan superstition embraced by the Catholic Church that when a man dies he either goes to heaven or hell. Then the protestants picked it up from the Catholics.  Christians believe their Jesus died for them and by putting their faith in their Jesus, they don’t have to die and when they do, they would be brought to heaven where he is, rightaway. Is that true? Show me a scripture, please! Yea, they would no doubt be quick to refer you to the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus  which is just plain foolish, ignorant, irrational and irrelevant. 

Let us turn to the Kodesh pages for the answers:
John 3:13 says, “No man hath ascendeth into the heaven, save He that out of heaven descendeth, the Son of Man.”
Those are the words of YaHVaHSHOOA HaMASHIYACH, the Son of the Most High. Here, He clearly stated that no man has ascended into heaven except the One who came from there. That is, He Himself. Did he contradicts Himself by the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus?  No!  Christian Theologians did.
Next, let us turn to 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17. Here Paul wrote: "Because YaHVaHSHOOA Himself with a word of command, with a chief messenger’s voice, and with a trumpet of YaHVaH, shall descend from heaven, and the dead in HaMASHIYACH shall rise first." Paul was talking about the resurrection of the just at the second coming of YaHVaHSHOOA where those who died in YaHVaHSHOOA in ages past right up to his re-appearance would be raised to life, first--this is the first Ressurrection. Now if they are "gone to be with "the Lord" would they need to be raised again and or, how could they be raised when they are gone? This scripture is then null and void! Therefore, your minister lied! They  nullified the Word of YaHVaH ELOHIM.  They lied about Him when they addressed Him as Lord and they lied about your loved ones going home to be with the "Lord," thus generating false hope.    How sad?
The power of the Besorah (glad tiding) of YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIYACH is the power of the Ressurrection.  Without the ressurection, the Besorah has no hope, and no life.  YaHVaHSHOOA rose from the dead and therefore, those who died in Him shall likewise rise with Him, Hallelu YaH!
The Word of YaHVaH teaches about the first and the second resurrection of the dead.  The dead must be resurrected before they could go anywhere.  That is why you got to carry them to be burried, they cannot walk or be led!  They must be carried in a coffin to be burried.  When YaHVaHSHOOA comes again He sounds His SHOFAR of YaHVaH ELOHIM and the dead in Him rose in the FIRST resurrection to be transformed, see 1 Corinthians 15:52-55.  They are then taken with Him to His "Father's house where there are many mansions." Then after the one thousand year, from "our Fathers house where there are many mansions,"  the redeemed return to Planet Earth with YaHVaHSHOOA to judge and execute judgement on Planet Earth and receive the Kingdom of YaHVaH, ELOHIM, see. Jude 14,15 and Rev. Chapter 20.  At the end of the one thousand years the lawless who died in ages past would be raised in the second resurrection and they then must join Satan, the adversary, to prepared for battle of YaHVaH ALMIGHTY.  Rev. 20:6-12.  Now you should know where the dead goes when they died.  They sleep in their graves or hades or gehena or shoal or "the pit" till the resurrection morning.
Three thousand years back, the wise man under divine inspiration asked: "Who hath ascended the heavens and then descended? Who hath gathered the winds with His two hands? Who hath wrapped up the waters in a mantle? Who hath set up all the ends of the earth? WHAT IS HIS NAME? WHAT IS HIS SON’S NAME? Proverbs 30:4. Looking at these scriptures, the Christians are all deceived. They, not only do not know the name of Him who hath ascended into the heavens and descended, but also the name of His Son. They called Him "Lord." Lord, is not a name but a title and there are many Lord. So which Lord have they gone to be with whose name they do not even know that they just called him "Lord."? Another lie!  They don't know the name of their Lord, so how did they know your departed loved ones had gone to be with him?

On the contrary, the Bible taught that all the lawless and all the unsaved or unsalvaged together with Satan and his fallen cohorts will be cast into the Lake which burneth with brimstone and fire (which is the second death).  Gilyahna 20:14 and 21:8

And the prophet Malaki wrote in chapter :1-3, they will burneth root and branches and they shall be ashes unto the feet of the kidoshim.   The Apostel Kefa declared that the element shall melt with fervent heat.., Beth Kefa 3:12.  referring to the earth being burn when YaHVaH make an end to sin and afflictions and creting a new heaven and a new earth, this earth will be burned with the lawless and Satan and his cohorts.

Now, the belief of a burning hell whic torture the lost and the lawless is a big lie to generate fear to multiply believers or followers in religion which all religion paganism adn church alike are guilty of.  There is no hell but a lake which burneth with brimstone and fire , the same will purge the earth and renew it. Period!