by Kepha, Servant of YaHVaH


Everybody has a name, Right?  Everyone! From the smallest to the greatest; from paupers to potentates; People, Nations, Kindred's and Tongues, they all have names, so are the animals--your pets--places, roads, rivers, seas and oceans.
Without a name, any name, there would be confusion, (or Babel, which is what it is in the contemporary churches today) and who knows who is who. Names are used for the identification of a person or place and whoever and whatever needs it. A name tells who a person is. Often time, a name has meaning and it tells of a person’s  position, character and background.  NAME CANNOT BE TRANSLATED, (if you are John in the USA, you are still John when you go to Europe and you will be John when you go to Asia or Africa and elsewhere)--it may be transliterated but the authenticity, and character or it's meaning would be lost. Reputation, good or bad, is tied to the name. A name often holds the authority of the person bearing it.  Those in authority and those who are honorable protect and honor their names; so is the One Who made the heavens and the earth, the seas and the fountain of waters, Who dwelleth in His Kodesh--Set Apart--mountains in heaven.  The renowned Psalmist said,  “He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.Tehillim (Psalms) Chapter 23:3.  What is His Name you should know hereafter.
When we see someone we know, we recognize him by his face and we know or identify him by the name he bears., so it is when we look for anyone…. Therefore, a name is very important as it helps us who are living, know and identify who we are dealing with. This is very significant when it comes to our ELOHIM. ELOHIM means, "Mighty Ones--Father and His Son," or Almighty.  None of us have seen Him; none of us could. So how do we know or recognize who He is and what does He look like?  Not by His looks, but by His high and lofty Kodesh Name and He has given us His high and lofty Kodesh name which He said is "Echad" ("One") to know, acknowledge and worship Him and for our SALVATION.  "So will YaHVaH become King over all the earth, in that day shall there be one YaHVaH and His Name be Echad ("one"). ZecharYah (Zechariah) Chapter 14:9. 


Ask any Christian, what is your heavenly Father's name? They would be dumbfounded because most of them do not know what  his name is and, if ever they could answer you, the most common answer would be, "The Lord,” or “God.” Mind you, “The Lord” and “God” are not names, they are titles, and nouns, and they are generic. This same simple question was asked by the wise man under the RUACH'S inspiration, thousands of years back, in  Mishle (Proverbs) Chapter 30:4. “ Who has ascended into heaven and descended? Who has gathered the winds in His fists?  Who has wrapped the waters in His garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is His name or what is His Son’s Name? Surely you know! ”

Apparently, the entire Christian world have not found the answer to this question yet because they still grope in darkness about His Great and Kadosh (Set Apart) Name and that of His Only Beloved Son.  They are indeed three thousand years behind.  The point I am driving at is very simple:  When you do not know the Name of the One you worship, you do not know who are you worshiping; when you don’t know who you are worshiping, and when you do not know the Name of One you worship, you are calling your ELOHIM Who is your SALVATION by a false name; you are lying about His Name and He will tell you, "depart from Me, I know you not, ye workers of iniquity."  A lie is a sin.   YaHVaHshooa Ha  Mashiyach, the Son of the Most High said to the Samaritan woman at the well,  “You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Yahdim (the Jews).” Yahchanan (John) Chapter 4:22.  Isn't this true of all religion including all Christianities that they are all worshiping that which they know not?  They don’t know who they worship; they worship God but who is God?


Would anyone of you be a friend to someone who does not have a name or who does not want to know or call you by your name? Or shall we confuse the Name of the Only True and Living ELOHIM (meaning, MIGHTY ONES--the Father and His Beloved Son) with that of all the false Gods? They are not the same? Doing so is pure profanity. So calling ELOHIM Who is the One and Only True and Living ELOHIM Who made the heavens and the earth "The Lord" or "God," like the pagans and all others called their gods is no less than irreverence and profanity, if not making then equal. Similarly, calling the HOLY SPIRIT, "HOLY GHOST" is just as pagan. He certainly is not a ghost of God but the SPIRIT of ELOHIM. Herein lies the greatest and most common profanities of the Kodesh name of the KODESH ONE bequeathed to modern man--in every Christian denomination (demon nation) under the heavens--from two great religions of old that is full of pure idolatries in it's sophisticated form.The Jews were given to know His Great and Kadosh Name and they profaned it, so did the Christians.  Now YaHVaH is raising up the Messianics, see Yechezkiel (Ezekiel) Chapter 36:21-23. Are they going to do likewise and be ensnared by the author of confusion?  IT IS DONE, I feared!


"The Lord" is a profanity used by both the Jews and the Christians alike.  "Lord" or " The Lord," and "The Lord God," are all the same. They refer to the same person, "God" which was used to refer to Baal, an idol. They were used simultaneously by the children of Israel in the land of Canaan. They first called their ELOHIM "Ha Shem," meaning, "The Name," by reason that His name is so KODESH (set apart) it cannot be uttered.  But what followed was worse than their foolish attempt to do it right by human efforts.  In doing so, they changed His Name Great and KODESH Name into HaShem, but HaShem is not His Name, it was the first lie about His Name and it was man's first attempt to hide His Name from the people.

Following that, they called him Adoni, meaning 'Lord," adopted from the worshipers of Ba'al--Ba'al's worshipers called their idol Ba'al, meaning Lord, or Ba'ali,  meaning "my Lord."  "Lord was picked up after Israel went into IDOLATRIES of the neighboring nations; it was adopted or borrowed from pagan idol worship... from thence it got entrenched.  Lord refers to idols, it was derived from idol worship.

Christians today call their heavenly father as well as their Jesus, “Lord.”  They use this so-called name which is not a name but a title interchangeably for their heavenly father and their Jesus; very conveniently too. This is no coincidence.  From the Jews, "Lord" or "the Lord"  and "G_D"  were insidiously passed on to the Christians.  Thus, the profanities of YaHVaH'S Great and KODESH Name came from the pagans to His own "fallen" people; from the Jews to the Christians.  Today, the Jews call Him Lord or Adoni and the Christians do the same but from the Land of Lords perspective.

YaHVaH should have been used but they got His name wrong and they have reduced the Son of YaHVaH from a KING of kings and MASTER of masters to a mere Lord--the Christians call their Jesus, "Lord;" they have called YaHVaHshooa Ha MASHIYACH, "Lord" and profaned His Holy Name. The name of Jesus is nothing but idolatry as you will see later. His Majesty YaHVaHshooa is not a mere Lord, He is Ha MASHIYACH and the KING of kings, ( Chazon l'Yahchanan (Revelation) Chapter 19:16) and YaHVaH, our Father is the KING of the Universe and the Sovereign of Esteem, ( Tehillim (Psalms) Chapter 24:8-9). Isn't that wonderful? Herein is the wisdom of our ELOHIM.

GOD--Who is God?

God is another highly deceptive profanity used by both Jews and Christians alike, as in all other religions for false worship.  The Jews spell it G_D, the Christians “GOD or God” and the pagans and all other religions “god.” Whichever way you spell it, and however you say or pronounced it, they are still the same.  What difference does the spelling made?  They are all god and there is one who sets himself up as the god of this world, HA SATAN!  Here is a solid example of how Ha Satan used  man as his proxy and invented religious teachings to fool their fellow-man, and Ha Satan is behind them ALL.

Every religion has a god and some many gods; every religion has a founder which is a man or a woman and every religion has a set of dogma to bind the heart and the mind.  From the Babylonians, to the Egyptians; from the Greeks to the Romans; from the dark ages to the new world, even today, they all have idols made of wood and stone, EVEN SILVER AND GOLD which they call god.  The Muslims call their Allah, “god;" The Hindus called their "Lord" Krishna, Siva and Vishnu “god,”  even so do the pagans and the heathens call their gods or idols, “god.”  In planet earth, people have many gods--such as the sun god, the moon god, the rain god, the water god, wind god, money god, monkey god, pig god, kitchen god; a thousand and one gods, and a host of 'goddesses too, you name it--they are all called God and they are all God; just the same, there are many religions.  So which one is our God or which God is your God--CONFUSION!!

In the Scriptures Ha Satan is known as "the God of this world who hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving to the end that they may not discern the radiance of the Besorot..." Bet Qorintim (2Corinthians)Chapter 4:4.  Whenever anyone mentioned about god, Ha Satan stood ready to be worshiped as his god. Just like any idols, when any one worships any idol, Ha Satan is behind that idol; he is being worshiped. YaHVaHshooa called idols, “Satan’s seat," or "where Satan dwellest.”  Gilyahna (Revelation) Chapter 2:13. Similarly, whenever anyone prays to, or says god, Ha Satan stands up to be that god as he is behind all gods and all forms of idolatry and he "is the god of this world."  He has set himself up as the God of this world through idols and idolatries that even the language we use to call on the ELOHIM has been adulterated and tempered with that when you call on God or pray to God, you are in effect or unwittingly calling on or praying to Ha Satan.  Do you not know that God is an idolatry Ha Satan has set up to deceive the entire world, ( Gilyahna (Revelation) Chapter 12:9), so that whenever anyone prays to God, he is praying to Ha Satan; whenever anyone worships God, he is worshiping Ha Satan; and whenever anyone mentions God, he is referring to Ha Satan and when anyone praises God, he is in effect or unwittingly praising Ha Satan?  It is his trap, a snare for modern man.  That is why the entire Christian world is nothing but pagan. It is full of idolatry from the statues and images to writings and to the things that proceed from their mouth--ORAL IDOLATRIES.

Ha Satan came to planet Earth 6000 years back after a failed coup in heaven. He came here with his cohorts and took man hostage. Through one woman, he enslaved the entire human race and sought to be worshiped.  But he cannot appear to them as he is lest he should be discovered.  So through idols and idolatrous lingo he hides to be worshiped.  Remember, in heaven before his fall, he wanted to be like YaHVaH and be worshiped.  Now here on planet earth he is exacting worship from fallen, unwary and ignorant men and women who have been deceived by him.  Both Lord and God are used in the worship of idols and Ha Satan hid behind such to be worshiped.  In this world today, God is above kings, bless the king or Queen and in every coronation or Presidential oath taking, God is there, but who is he? Ha Satan, the ruler of darkness of this world; the prince of the power of the air, and "The God of this world." (  Bet Tessaloniqim (2 Thessalonians) Chapter 2:2-4,  Bet Qorintim (2 Corinthians) Chapter  4:4).

All Christians today, regardless of denominations, call their heavenly father, "God" like the heathen and all other idol worshipers called their gods, "god," and they teach all man so, to do thus. This is NOT a co-incidence.  Because god is not a name, it is a noun and generic which is oral idolatry and  is therefore, unfit to ascribe to our ELOHIM. How does a Christian identify his god and the gods of the heathen and all other religions since they are ALL called god? Similarly, when a Christian prays and, or calls on God, which god is he calling on or praying to, since they are all gods or are called god?   How do you differentiate between the gods of the heathen, the gods of any other religion such as the Christian God, since they are all God, or are called god.  Is it any wonder  why Ha  Satan is alluded to as the God of this world in  Bet Qorintim (2 Corinthians) Chapter 4:4.   Are they not, in effect or unwittingly, praying to Ha Satan, or calling on him? By distinction, our Heavenly Father, YaHVaH ELOHIM is one and there is no other ELOHIM besides Him.  Can you see the difference?  There are many Gods to confuse you, but only One ELOHIM, Hallelu YaH!  Herein lies the confusion in the Christian world, Babylon!


Do you know what the Revelator called conventional, contemporary and mainstream or traditional Christianity? "Babylon!" (see Gilyahna (Revelation) Chapter 14:8 and 17:5).   Babylon means confusion and herein is confusion; they do not know who their God is or what his name is--their god is the same as the heathen gods.   They all called him God.  In fact, they all denied His Name.  Just like YaHVaHshooa tells the Samaritan woman, "ye worship which ye know not, we worship  that which we know,..." the same can be said of Christians, "you do not know who you worship or pray to."  In Tehillim (Psalms) Chapter 115, the Psalmist talks about idols. He said, they have a mouth, but cannot talk; have eyes, but cannot see, have ears yet cannot hear; have hands that cannot feel and legs that cannot walk.  It ended by saying, "They who made them are like unto them." Isn't this also true with those who worship them? Do you see how serious a matter to bring ELOHIM, our Creator down to the level of idols by calling Him with or by a name of an idol; a false name such as "God" and "Lord," even the name of Jesus.  YaHVaHshooa said of the Jewish leaders of His day, "by their fruits ye shall know them."  What fruits?  Words and Actions.  By their teachings... The same applies to the Christians today--both clergy and laity.  They call their Gods, "God."

NOT COINCIDENTALLY, GOD MEANS IDOL.  Satan used idols to mock YaHVaH and to sideline all worship due  Him.    He could never be able to claim he is YaHVaH because that Great and Kadosh Name belongs to ELOHIM and Him alone. HALLELU YaH! . YaHVaH'S Great and Kadosh Name distinguished Him from all others who are called "god."  He has nothing to do with them and He has nothing to do with the devil who is called the god of this world..

You spell 'god' backward you have 'dog.' In Gilyahna (Revelation) Chapter 22:15, it says, “outside are dogs--all the gods. Let Ha Satan and his cohorts be the "god of this world," let him and his hosts be dogs--they cannot be in the city of His Majesty YaHVaH. 

King James made grave error in translating ELOHIM into God, ELOHIM means MIGHTY ONES--refers to the Father and His Only Son.  God is a deceitful translation for ELOHIM.  God is pagan--it is of heathen origin; god means idol.  Our Heavenly Father, whose Great and Kadosh Name is YaHVaH, meaning, "Self-exisitng One" is ELOHIM, and He is not an idol like all the other gods in this world.He is not interested in being called a title. He has a Name, a Great and Kadosh Name which He commanded all men everywhere to keep Kodesh, and revere, which He would "Set Apart" for all the world, see    Yetziat Mitsrayim / Shemot (Exodus) Chapter 20:7 and  Y’chezel (Ezekiel) Chapter 36:20-25. He wants the whole world to know His Great and Kadosh Name; to honor Him by His Great and Kadosh Name; to call on His Great and Kadosh Name; (see Gilyahna (Revelation) Chapter 14:7 and  Y’chezel (Ezekiel) Chapter 12:13), and to come TO HIM in His Great and Kadosh Name,  Menachem (Mark) Chapter 11:9  Yoseph (Luke) Chapter 13:35), just like the Son of YaHVaH, YaHVaHshooa did, (Yahchanan (John) Chapter 5:43). That Great and Kadosh Name is a Name above every name; that Great and Kadosh Name is YaHVaH.  That all may know that it is YaHVaH Who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is, there is none other besides Him neither any before nor after Him and YaHVaHshooa Ha MASHIYACH is His Only Begotten SON, the Lamb of YaHVaH Who takes away the sins of this world.

How could Christians who profess to love their God possibly reduce or degrade Him to idols which are called "god"? Isn't that profanity and idolatry combined? Or is it spiritual blindness? When we love ELOHIM, we love His name too. Just like when you love your husband or your wife, you love his or her name too and you will protect his or her name. But, here are the Christians who profess to love Him yet they defame Him, and lie about His Great and Kadosh Name, by changing His Great and Kadosh Name and calling Him by a fake, false and strange name—"the Lord,"and "God;" and they also change the name of His Beloved Son, YaHVaHshooa to "Jesus," and the HOLY SPIRIT to "Holy Ghost"--this has a connotation of someone who died and came back as a ghost and this is pagan. You try and say, Spirit of YaHVaH and or Ghost of God, there is a big world of difference--isn't Holy Ghost and Ghost of God the same?.  And they thought, it is alright.  Are they all unaware of their doings? Is this not a deception of Satan, a lie about YaHVaH'S Holy Name?  When you are numb or blind and cannot sense or see then you should know you are in trouble.


Today, the word "God" has become so profaned that it is often used in cursing.  When something goes wrong, how often do you hear statements like these:  "Oh my God, or "Oh God."  Yes, even the name of Jesus has become a curse word too, such as "Oh Jesus."  So who is mocking who? Ha  Satan!  Ha Satan, the author of confusion and profanities is the one who caused man to profane YaHVaHs Name and that of His Only Beloved Son and he has no qualms about what lies he told, so long as he could have you in his hands.  When you utter the word "God," "Lord," or "Jesus," you are "in effect" or unwittingly uttering the names of idols and you lie about YaHVaH's KODESH Name regardless of who you believe, think or imagine you are worshiping, and don't imagine, He knows your heart and mind and that He understands; you have just lied.  When you do that, whether knowingly or otherwise, you are "in effect" opening the floodgate for Ha Satan into your dear life.  He tells YaHVaH that you have submitted yourself to him  by your idolatry--remember, he is the accuser of the brethren...  You are tainted with idols and idolatries. Therefore, Ha Satan could come and have you as his subject.  It is for that reason YaHVaH in  Yetziat Mitsrayim / Shemot (Exodus) Chapter 23:13 commanded His people: "...and the name of idols shalt thou not mention, it shall not be heard upon thy mouth."  How many times have you use that curse word, "Oh my God?"  How many times have you prayed to "God," or "Lord."?  Whenever you uttered that cursed word, pray or say God, are you not calling on or praying to Ha Satan, since he is the de facto "God of this world"?   Think about it!

So, Who is God?  Ha Satan!  What is God? Idols (be it images, statues or false name) and Idolatries!

Now, some may ask, why did you consider God, Lord and or Jesus as profanities?  Not me, but the One Whose Name was profaned taught me so and I did not do it like the leaders of the churches did when they taught falsehoods.  I did it with the authority of the Word of YaHVaH.  IT WAS YAHVAH WHO CALLED IT PROFANITIES--ANY SUBSTITUTION OF, OR CHANGE TO HIS KODESH, GREAT AND KADOSH NAME IS PROFANITY.  In  Yetziat Mitsrayim / Shemot (Exodus) Chapter 20:7, it is clearly written, "Thou shalt not utter the Name of YaHVaH thy ELOHIM for falsehood..."  To utter His Great and KODESH Name for falsehood is to call Him by another name be it a substitution or replacement or change, such as HaShem, Adoni, Lord, God and, or Jesus.  YaHVaH in  Y’chezel (Ezekiel) Chapter 36:20-21 said this of His people, the Jews:

"But when they entered among the nations where they did enter, then profaned they My KODESH Name, in that it was said of them, the people of YaHVaH these, yet from His land have they come forth.  So then I had tender regard for My KODESH Name, which the house of Israel have profane among the nations, where they have entered"

Here it is, my friends, YaHVaH ELOHIM was telling His people, the Jews, that they have profaned His KODESH Name, by calling Him names other then the One He told and gave them. YaHVaH ELOHIM is telling the world that calling Him by any other name is simply PROFANITY.  Wherever they went, they called Him HaShem, then Adoni, Lord and God.  Now we have a host of profanities for the which we called the KODESH ONE.  Now, these same profanities were passed on to the Christians who believe that they are saved, yet they continue to break the third commandment and the majority of them knew, "sin is the transgression of the law," ( Aleph Yahchanan (1 John) Chapter 3:4), the moral code, "the Royal Law of Liberty" wherewith anyone who breaks one, breaks all,  Yaaqob (James) Chapter 2:8-10.



We all grew up to accept the things around us "just as they are." It is natural for us to accept our parents and siblings or even our own offspring “just as they are” and we love them all, and that is perfectly alright. Similarly, we love the faith of our fathers, “just as they are,” right or wrong. Whatever our parent’s religion is, whether right or wrong, we may not know; we just embrace them like they are good for us. If it is good for my parents, it must be good for me.  That is how we all are with the religion and everything that was handed down to us. Or have we been spoon-fed, programmed,or brainwashed?  Mishle (Proverbs) Chapter 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it.'  How true!  By nature, all of us are basically the same.  Whatever way we are trained or tuned while young; from a tender age--conditioned or programmed, or raised; like it or not--we remain that way.  If we have been trained or tuned the wrong ways, we remain  so.   Old habits die hard, so they say and it is true.  The same is true with learning the wrong name of YaHVaH and that of His beloved Son, YaHVaHshooa.  That is precisely what the entire Christian world gets; they have been WRONGLY tuned to "The Lord, "God" and "Jesus," and therefore, they BLINDLY love "The Lord," "God" and "Jesus."  The Revelator called it, "drunk with the wine of her fornication."  Fornication is a sexual sin which is tantamount to adultery--idolatry is spiritual adultery to YaHVaH--similar to YAH'S people going after idols or false Gods and that is no less than calling Him by a false name, or any name of idols.  That is downright FORNICATION in YaHVaHs eyes. 

The King James Bible is well received and well loved even to this day. With its old English which commands tremendous degree of respect and authority, the King James Bible is fraught with many grave errors, chief of which is the removal and substitution of the  Great and KODESH Name of YaHVaH and that of His Beloved Son, YaHVaHshooa. So when you read the King James Bible like I have, most of my life, you will not find YaHVaH or YaHVaHshooa but "the LORD" or "God," "Jesus" and HOLY GHOST." When you grow up with this you get sucked into it and you think everything is correct when they are not. I called this growing up in captivity or deception.     Today, the entire Christendom--The Kingdom of man--is taken by the King James Bible which they have come to love, trust and respect as an "authority" but it is full of profanities. It is a tragedy!  That is how "Ha Satan deceives the whole world" concerning the Great, and Kadosh Names of our ELOHIM, see Gilyahna   (Revelation) Chapter 12:9He used a source--the KJV Bible, in particular and ALL other TRANSLATED WORKS--which is least suspecting BUT highly respected and trusted to replace the 6800-7000 times that the Great, and KODESH Name of YaHVaH was written in His written Word, in short, he SUPPLANTED the Written Word.   By substituting the Great, and KODESH Name of the FATHER and the SON, Ha Satan could deceive the entire Christian world to believe in a fake, false and strange name, a counterfeit name and destroy them all--they have all been distracted and sidelined.  Today, the entire Christian world is intrinsically believing in and worshiping Ha Satan when they call YaHVaH, "the Lord" or "God," and the Son of  YaHVaH, "Jesus." Thus they fall right into his snares; into his deadly, evil hands without even knowing it; believing in his lies, just as Chava did.   That is how he deals with all of us.  Ha Satans lies, which he invented, have ever since become more stark and sophisticated as time nears the end

The Name of YaHVaH is indelible, even though it was trampled and hiddened by Satan through his proxies man-scholars, rabbi, priest and pastors. There in Tehillim 68:4 His Name shines, "...His name is YaH."  (Not Jah as in KJV). YaH is the conscripted form of His Name used in high praise in Heaven as in Halleloo YaH or Alleloo YaH, see Gilyahna 19:1.

Furthermore, His Name is written in the Tanakh in four Hebrew letters, Yod hey Vav Hey (YHVH) and read from right to left in consonance as YaHVaH where YH is rendered as YaH and VH as VAH.  YaHVaH means the Self Existing One and He is the Mighty Ones, the Almighty and the Most High.  He is the Almighty yet His name is simple with only two syllable but complicated men complicate it today and many are lost.   His Name is our salvation.  King David knew it, he said, "Save me by thy name, O Elohim."  Tehillim 54:1.  His son, Solomon knew it, he said, "The name of YaHVaH is a strong tower, the righteous runneth into it and is saved." Proverbs 18:10.  The prophet Yoel predicted it, he said, Whosoever shall CALL upon the Name of YaHVaH shall be saved.  Yoel 2:32.  The Apostle Kepha quoting Yoel in Acts 2:21 and in Acts 4:12 said, there is NO other name under heaven given amongst men whereby we must be saved.  NO other name so if you call Him by any other name you are lying about His name and you broke the third commandment.

YaHVaH has tender regards for His Name and He said for His Name sake He will hallow His Name  amongst the nations so the nations shall know His name.  Yechezkiel 36:23.  Friends and Neighbours, the time has come for you to know YaHVaH and be saved by His Name which is  FULL of power and authority to save you from the dart and the deep things of Satan.  YaHVaH is My Elohim and He could be your Elohim too.  YaHVaH is the Kadosh name of my Elohim.