by Kepha, Servant of YaHVaH

Everybody has a name, Right?  Everyone! From the smallest to the greatest; from paupers to potentates; People, Nations, Kindreds and Tongues, they all have names, so are the animals--your pets--places, roads, rivers, seas and oceans.
Without a name, any name, there would be confusion, (or Babel, which is what it is in the contemporary churches today) and who knows who is who. Name is use for the identification of a person or place and whoever and whatever needs it. A name tells who a person is. Often time, name has meaning and it tells of a person’s  position, character and background.  NAME CANNOT BE TRANSLATED, (if you are John in the USA, you are still John when you go to Europe and you will be John when you go to Asia or Africa and elsewhere)--it may be transliterated but the authenticity, character or it's meaning would be lost. Reputation, good or bad, is tied to the name. A name often holds the authority of the person bearing it.  Those in authority and those who are honorable protect and honor their names; so is the One Who made the heavens and the earth, the seas and the fountain of waters, Who dwelleth in His Kodesh--Set Apart--mountains in heaven.  The renouned Psalms said, "He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for the sake of His Name,"  Psalms 23:3.  What is His Name you should know hereafter.
When we see someone we know, we recognize him by his face and we know or identify him by the name he bears., so it is when we look for anyone…. Therefore, name is very important as it helps us, the living, know and identify who we are dealing with.  This is most very significant when it comes to our ELOHIM, meaning, "Mighty Ones--Father and His Son," or Almighty.  None of us have seen Him; none of us could.  So how do we know or recognise who He is and how does He look like?  Not by look, but by His high and lofty Kodesh Name and He has given us His high and lofty Kodesh name which He said is "Echad" ("One") to know, acknowledge and worship Him and for our SALVATION.  "So will YaHVaH become King over all the earth, in that day shall there be one YaHVaH and His Name be Echad ("one").  Zechariah 14:9. 
Ask any Christian, what is your heavenly Father's name? They would be dumbfounded because most of them do not know what is his name and, if ever they could answer you, the most common answer would be, "The Lord,” or “God.” Mind you, “The Lord” and “God” are not name, they are title, and noun, and they are generic. This same simple question was asked by the wise man under the RUACH'S inspiration, thousands of years back, in Proverbs 30:4. “Who hath ascended the heavens and then descended? Who hath gathered the wind into His two hands? Who hath wrapped up the waters in a mantle? Who hath set up all the ends of the earth?  What is His Name and what is  the Name of His Son, when thou knowest?"  Apparently, the entire Christian world have not found the answer to this question yet because they still grope in darkness about His Great and Kadosh (Set Apart) Name and that of His Only Beloved Son.   They are indeed three thousand years behind.  The points I am driving at is very simple:  When you do not know the name of the One you worship, you do not know who are you worshipping; when you dont know who you are worshipping, and when you do not know the name of One you worship, you are calling your ELOHIM Who is your SALVATION by a false Name; you are lying about His Name and He will tell you, "depart from Me, I know you not, ye workers of iniquity."  A lie is a sin.   YaHVaHshua Ha  Mashiach, the Son of th Most High said to the Samaritan woman at the well,  Ye worship that which ye know not, we worship that which we know, for salvation is of the Jews.  John 4:22.  Isn't this true of all religion including all Christianities that they are all worshipping that which they know not?  They dont know who they worship; they worship God but who is God we shall see?
Would anyone of you be friend to anyone who do not have a name or who do not want to know or call you by your name?  Or shall we confuse the Name of the Only True and Living ELOHIM (meaning, MIGHTY ONES--the Father and His Beloved Son) with that of all the false Gods?  They are not the same? Doing so is pure profanity.  So calling ELOHIM Who is the One and Only True and Living ELOHIM Who made the heavens and the earth "The Lord" or "God," like the pagans and all others called their gods is no less than irreverence and profanity, if not making then equal.  Similarly, calling the HOLY SPIRIT, "HOLY GHOST" is just as pagan as He certainly is not a ghost of God but the SPIRIT of ELOHIM.
Herein lies the greatest and most common profanities of the kodesh name of the KODESH ONE bequeathed to modern man--in every Christian denominations (demon nations) under the heavens--from two great religions of old that is full of pure idolatries in it's sophisticated form.  The Jews were given to know His Great and Kadosh Name and they profaned it, so did the Christians.  Now YaH is raising up the Messianics, see Ezekiel 36:21-23.   Are they going to do likewise and be ensnared by the author of confusion?  IT IS DONE, I feared!
"The Lord" is a profanity used by both the Jews and the Christians alike.  "Lord" or " The Lord," and "The Lord God," are all the same. They refer to the same person, "God" which was used to refer to Baal, an idol. They were used simultaneously by the children of Israel in Canaan land.  They first called their ELOHIM "Ha Shem," meaning, "The Name,"  by reason that His name is so KODESH (set apart) it cannot be uttered.  But what followed was worse than their foolish attempt to do it right by human efforts.  In doing so, they changed His Name Great and KODESH Name into HaShem, but HaShem is not His Name, it was the first lie about His Name and it was man's first attempt  to hide His Name from the people.
Following that, they called him Adonai, meaning 'Lord," adopted from the worshippers of Ba'al--Ba'al's worshippers called their idol Ba'al, meaning Lord, or Ba'ali,  meaning "my Lord."  "Lord was picked up after Israel went into IDOLATRIES of the neighboring nations; it was adopted or borrowed from pagan idol worship... from thence it got entrenched.  Lord refers to idols, it was derived from idol worship.
Christians today called their heavenly father as well as their Jesus, “Lord.”  They use this so-called name which is not a name but title interchangeably for their heavenly father and their Jesus; very conveniently too. This is no coincidence.  From the Jews, "Lord" or "the Lord"  and "G_D"  were insidiously passed on to the Christians.  Thus, the profanities of YaH'S Great and KODESH Name came from the pagans to His own "fallen" people; from the Jews to the Christians.  Today, the Jews called Him Lord by Adonai and the Christians do the same but from the Land of Lords perspective.
YaH is wiser when they got His name wrong or they would have reduced the Son of YaH from a KING of Kings and MASTER of Masters to a mere Lord--the Christians called their Jesus, "Lord;" they could have called YaHSHUA ha MASHIYACH, "Lord" and profane His Name instead of Jesus who is nothing but idolatry as you will see later.   Our YaHSHUA is not a mere Lord, He is Ha MASHIYACH and the KING of Kings, (Revelation 19:16) and YaH, our Father is the KING of the Universe and the Sovereign of Esteem, (Psalms 24:8-9). Isn't that wonderful? Herein is the wisdom of our ELOHIM.

GOD--Who is God? 

God is another highly deceptive profanity used by both Jews and Christians alike, as in all other religions for false worship.  The Jews spell it G_D, the Christians “GOD or God” and the pagans and all other religions “god.” Whichever way you spell it, and however you say or pronounced it, they are still the same.  What difference does the spelling made?  They are all god and there is one who sets himself up as the god of this world, SATAN!  Here is a solid example of how Satan used  man as his proxy and invented religious teachings to fool their fellow-man, and Satan is behind them ALL.
Every religion has a god and some many gods; every religion has a founder which is a man or a woman and every religion has a set of dogma to bind the heart and the mind.  From the Babylonians, to the Egyptian; from the Greek to the Romans; from the dark ages to the new world, even today, they all have idols made of wood and stone, EVEN SILVER AND GOLD which they called god.  The Muslims called their Allah, “god;" so do the Hindus called their "Lord" Krishna, Siva and Vishnu “god,”  even so do the pagans and the heathens called their gods or idols, “god.”  In planet earth, people have many gods--such as the sun god, the moon god, the rain god, the water god, wind god, money god, monkey god, pig god, kitchen god; a thousand and one gods, and a host of 'goddesses too, you name it--they are all called God and they are all God; just the same, there are many religions.  So which one is our God or which God is your God--CONFUSION!!
In the Scriptures Satan is known as "the God of this world who hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving to the end that they may not discern the radiance of the Besorot..." 2 Corinthians 4:4.    Whenever anyone mentioned about god, Satan stood ready to be worshipped as his god. Just like any idols, when any one worships any idol, Satan is behind that idol; he is being worshipped. YaHSHUA called idols, “Satan’s seat," or "where Satan dwellest.” Revelation 2:13. Similarly, whenever anyone prays to, or says god, Satan stood up to be that god as he is behind all gods and all forms of idolatry and he "is the god of this world."  He has set himself up as the God of this world through idols and idolatries that even the language we used to call on ELOHIM has been adulterated and tempered with that when you called on God or pray to God, you are in effect or unwittingly calling on or praying to Satan.  Do you not know that God is an idolatry Satan has set up to deceive the entire world, (Rev. 12:9), so that whenever anyone prays to God, he is praying to Satan; whenever anyone worshipped God, he is worshipping Satan; and whenever anyone mentioned God, he is referring to Satan and when anyone praises God, he is in effect or unwittingly praising Satan?  It is his trap, a snare for modern man.  That is why the enitre Christian world is nothing but pagan. It is full of idolatry from statues and images to writings and to the things that proceeded from their mouths--ORAL IDOLATRIES.
Satan came to planet Earth 6000 years back after a failed coup in heaven. He came here with his cohorts and took man hostage. Through one woman, he enslaved the entire human race and sought to be worshipped.  But he cannot appear to them as he is lest he should be discovered.  So through idols and idolatrous lingo he hides to be worshipped.  Remember, in heaven before his fall, he wanted to be like YaH and be worshipped.  Now here on planet earth he is exacting worship from fallen, unwary and ignorant men and women who have been deceived by him.  Both Lord and God are used in the worship of idols and Satan hid behind such to be worshipped.  In this world today, God is above kings, bless the king or Queen and in every coronation or Presidential oath taking, God is there, but who is he? Satan, the ruler of darkness of this world; the prince of the power of the air, and "The God of this world." ( 2 Thessalonians 2:2-4, 2 Corinthians 4:4).

All Christians today, regardless of denominations, called their heavenly father, "God" like the heathen and all other idol worshippers called their gods, "god," and they teach all man so, to do thus. This is NOT a co-incidence.  Because god is not a name, it is a noun and generic which is oral idolatries and  is therefore, unfit to ascribe to our ELOHIM. How does a Christian identify his god and the gods of the heathen and all other religions since they are ALL called god? Similarly, when a Christian prays and, or calls on God, which god is he calling on or praying to, since they are all gods or are called god?   How do you differentiate between the gods of the heathen, the gods of any other religions and the Christian God, since they are all God, or are called god.  Is there any wonder  why  Satan is alluded to as the God of this world in 2 Corinthians 4:4.   Are they not, in effect or unwittingly, praying to Satan, or calling on him? By distinction, our Heavenly Father, YaHVaH ELOHIM is one and there is no other ELOHIM besides Him.  Could you see the difference?  There are many Gods to confuse you, but only One ELOHIM, Hallelu YaH!  Herein lies the confusion in the Christian world, Babylon!


Do you know what the Revelator called conventional, contemporary and mainstream or traditional Christianity? "Babylon!" (see Revelation 14:8 and 17:5).   Babylon means confusion and herein is confusion; they do not know who is their God or what is his name--their god is the same as the heathen gods.   They all called him God.  In fact, they all denied His Name.  Just like YaHSHUA tells the Samaritan woman, "ye worship which ye know not,we  worship  that which we know,..." the same can be said of Christians, "you do not know who you worship or pray to."  In Psalms 115, the Psalmist talks about idols. He said, they have mouth, but cannot talk; have eyes, but cannot see, have ears that cannot hear; have hands that cannot feel and legs that cannot walk.  It ended by saying, "They who made them are like unto them." I sn't this also true with those who worship them? Do you see how serious it is a matter to bring ELOHIM, our Creator down to the level of idols by calling Him with or by a name of an idol; a false name such as "God" and "Lord," even the name of Jesus.  YaHSHUA said of the Jewish leaders of His days, "by their fruits ye shall know them."  What fruits?  Words and Actions.  By their teachings... The same applies to the Christians today--both clergy and laity.  They called their Gods, "God."

NOT COINCIDENTALLY, GOD MEANS IDOL.  Satan used idols to mock at YaH and to sideline worship due to Him.    He could never be able to claim he is YaH because that Great and Kadosh Name belongs to ELOHIM and Him alone. HALLELU YaH! . YaH'S Great and Kadosh Name distinguished Him from all others who are called "god."  He has nothing to do with them and He has nothing to do with the devil who is called the god of this world..
You spell 'god' backward you have 'dog.' In Revelation 22:15, it says, “outside are dogs--all the gods. Let Satan and his cohorts be the "god of this world," let him and his hosts be dogs--they cannot be in the city of YaH. 
King James made grave error in translating ELOHIM into God, ELOHIM means MIGHTY ONES--refers to the Father and His Only Son.  God is a deceitful translation for ELOHIM.  God is pagan--it is of heathen origin; god means idol.  Our Heavenly Father, whose Great and Kadosh Name is YaHVaH, meaning, "Self-exisitng One" is ELOHIM, and He is not an idol like all the gods in this world.  He is not interested in title. He has a Name, a Great and Kadosh Name which He commanded all men everywhere to keep Kodesh, and rever, which He would "Set Apart" for all the worlds, see   Exodus 20:7 and Ezekiel. 36:20-25. He wants the whole world to know His Great and Kadosh Name; to honor Him by His Great and Kadosh Name; to call on His Great and Kadosh Name; (see Revelation 14:7 and Ecc. 12:13), and to come TO HIM in His Great and Kadosh Name, (Mk 11:9; Luke 13:35), just like the Son of YaH, YaHSHUA did, (John 5:43). That Great and Kadosh Name is a name above every name; that Great and Kadosh Name is YaHVaH.  That all may know that it is YaHVaH Who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is, there is none other besides Him neither any before nor after Him and YaHVaHSHUA HaMASHIYACH is His Only Beloved SON, the Lamb of YaH Who takes away the sins of this world.
How could Christian who professed to love their God possibly reduce or degrade Him to idols which are called "god"? Isn't that profanity and idolatry combined? Or is it spiritual blindness? When we love ELOHIM, we love His name too. Just like when you love your husband or your wife, you love his or her name too and you will protect his or her name. But, here are the Christians who profess to love Him yet they defame Him, and lie about His Great and Kadosh Name, by changing His Great and Kadosh Name and calling Him by a fake, false and strange name—"the Lord,"and "God;" and they also change the name of His Beloved Son, YaHSHUA to "Jesus," and the HOLY SPIRIT to "Holy Ghost"--this has a connotation of someone who died and came back to visit and is pagan. You try and say, Spirit of YaH and or Ghost of God, there is a big world of difference--isn't Holy Ghost and Ghost of God the same?.  And they thought, it is alright.  Are they all unaware of their doings? Is this not a deception of Satan, a lie about YaH'S Name?  When you are numb or blind and cannot sense or see then you should know you are in trouble.
Today, the word "God" has become so profaned that it is often used in cursing.  When something goes wrong, how often do you hear statements like these:  "Oh my God, or "Oh God."  Yes, even the name of Jesus has become a curse word too, such as "Oh Jesus."  So who is mocking who?  Satan!  Satan, the author of confusion and profanities is the one who caused man to profane YaHVaH"S Name and that of His Only Beloved Son and he has no qualms about what lies he told, so long as he could have you in his hands.  When you utter the word "God," "Lord," or "Jesus," you are "in effect" or unwittingly uttering the names of idols and you lie about YaH's KODESH Name regardless of who you believe, think or imagine you are worshipping, and dont imagine, He knows your heart and mind and that He understands; you have just lied.  When you do that, whether knowingly or otherwise, you are "in effect" opening the floodgate for Satan into your dear life.  He tells YaH that you have submitted yourself to him  by your idolatry--remember, he is the accuser of the brethren...  You are tainted with idols and idolatries. Therefore, Satan could come and have you as his subject.  It is for that reason YaHVaH in Exodus 23:13 commanded His people: "...and the name of idols shalt thou not mention, it shall not be heard upon thy mouth."  How many times have you use that curse word, "Oh my God?"  How many times have you prayed to "God," or "Lord."?  Whenever you uttered that cursed word, pray or say God, are you not calling on or praying to Satan, since he is the "God of this world"?   Think about it!
So, Who is God?  Satan!  What is God? Idols (be it images, statues or false name) and Idolatries!
Now, some may ask, why did you consider God, Lord and or Jesus as profanities?  Not me, but the One Whose Name was profaned taught me so and I did not do it like the leaders of the churches did when they taught falsehoods.  I did it with the authority of the Word of YaH.  IT WAS YaH WHO CALLED IT PROFANITIES--ANY SUBSTITUTION OF, OR CHANGE TO HIS KODESH, GREAT AND KADOSH NAME IS PROFANITIES.  In Exodus 20:7, it is clearly written, "Thou shalt not utter the Name of YaHVaH thy ELOHIM for falsehood..."  To utter His Great and KODESH Name for falsehood is to call Him by another name be it a substitution or replacement or change, such as HaShem, Adonai, Lord, God and, or Jesus.  YaH in Ezekiel 36:20-21 said this of His people, the Jews:
"But when they entered among the nations where they did enter, then profaned they My KODESH Name, in that it was said of them, the people of YaHVaH these, yet from His land have they come forth.  So then I had tender regard for My KODESH Name, which the house of Israel have profane among the nations, where they have entered"
Here it is, my friends, YaHVaH ELOHIM was telling His people, the Jews, that they have profaned His KODESH Name, by calling Him names other then the One He told or gave them. YaH ELOHIM is telling the world that calling Him by any other name is simply PROFANITY.  Wherever they went, they called Him HaShem, then Adonai, Lord and God.  Now we have a host of profaniites for the which we called the KODESH ONE.  Now, these same profanities were passed on to the Christians who believed that they are saved, yet they continue to break the third commandment and the majority of them knew, "sin is the transgression of the law," (1 John 3:4), the moral code, "the Royal Law of Liberty" wherewith anyone who breaks one, breaks all, James 2:8-10.


We all grew up to accept the things around us "just as they are." It is natural for us to accept our parents and siblings or even our own offsprings “just as they are” and we love them all, that is perfectly alright. Similarly, we love the faith of our fathers, “just as they are,” right or wrong. Whatever our parent’s religion is, whether right or wrong, we may not know; we just embrace them like they are good for us. If it is good for my parents, it must be good for me.  That is how we all are with the religion and everything that was handed down to us. Or have we been spoon-fed, programmed,or brainwashed?  Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it.'  How true!  By nature, all of us are basically the same.  Whatever way we are trained or tuned from young; from a tender age--conditioned or programmed, or raised; like it or not--we remain that.  Have we been trained or tuned the wrong ways, we remain  so.   Old habits die hard, so they said and it is true.  The same is true with learning the wrong name of YaHVaH and that of His beloved Son, YaHSHUA.  That is precisely what the entire Christian world gets; they have been WRONGLY tuned to "The Lord, "God" and "Jesus," and therefore, they BLINDLY love "The Lord," "God" and "Jesus."  The Revelator called it, "drunk with the wine of her fornication."  Fornication is a sexual sin which is tantamount to adultery--idolatry is spiritual adultery to YaH--similar to YAH'S people going after idols or false Gods and that is no less than calling Him by a false name, or any names of idols.  That is downright FORNICATION in YaH'S eyes. 

The King James Bible is well received and well loved even to this day. With its old English which commands tremendous degree of respect and authority, the King James Bible is fraught with many grave errors, chief of which is the removal and substitution of the  Great and KODESH Name of YaHVaH and that of His Beloved Son, YaHSHUA. So when you read the King James Bible like I do, most of my life, you will not find YaHVaH or YaHSHUA but "the LORD" or "God," "Jesus" and HOLY GHOST." When you grow up with this you get sucked into it and you would think it is alright when they are not. I called this growing up in captivity or deception. Today, the entire Christendom--The Kingdom of man--is taken by the King James Bible which they have come to love, trust and respect as an "authority" but it is full of profanities. It is a tragedy!  That is how "Satan deceives the whole world" concerning the Great, and Kadosh Names of our ELOHIM, see Rev. 12:9He used a source--the KJV Bible, in particular and ALL other TRANSLATED WORKS--which is least suspecting BUT highly respected and trusted to replace the 6800-7000 times that the Great, and KODESH Name of YaHVaH were written in His written word, in short, he SUPPLANTED the Written Word.   By substituting the Great, and KODESH Name of the FATHER and the SON, Satan could deceive the entire Christian world to believe in a fake, false and strange name, a counterfeit name and destroy them all--they have all been distracted and sidelined.  Today, the entire Christian world is intrinsically believing in and worshipping Satan when they call YaHVaH, "the Lord" or "God," and the Son of  YaHVaH, "Jesus." Thus they fall right into his snares; into his deadly, evil hands without even knowing it; believing in his lies, just as Eve did.   That is how he dealt with all of us.  His lies which he invented have ever since become more stark and sophisticated than ever

All Bible has a bold print on it's cover, "HOLY BIBLE." Labelling a Bible, any Bible that contains profanities or a fake, false and counterfeit name of the Most High, "HOLY BIBLE"  is certainly a LIE of the highest order.  For how could a Bible be Holy when it contains LIES?

From the Bible, the false, fake and strange name; the counterfeit name of ELOHIM--that is, The Lord, God and Jesus--spread to the sermons and every Sunday--the day of worship of the pagan sun god, a counterfeit Shabbat--they preach the counterfeit names knowingly or otherwise; thus they lied  against the Most High.  Thus, they do the will of Satan, for he is a liar and the father of lies, John 8:44.  YaH hates lie, it is one of the seven abominations of YaHVaH.  How much more do you think He hates lying about His Great, and KODESH Name?

To complete or to seal his deceptions, Satan used the Christian Hymnals.  When you put the fake, false and strange name--a counterfeit name--into music or hymns and people began to sing, they get a sense of euphoria or rapture and thus get carried away.  Today, you look at the hymns Christians have been and are still singing, you will find plenty of idolatries and profanities which are meant to praise and worship who?  Satan!  By the way, I read somewhere that in the Lawrentian Mountains in Canada, they sang Christian Hymnals during Satanic Worship and they called him Lord.  Christian leaders will have to answer YaH ELOHIM in the day of judgement for having misled the people and fueling the deception of Satan in their midst.  Like the Jewish leaders of YaHSHUA'S days who did the same; He called them "blind leaders of the blind."

Thus, deception of the KODESH Name is sown far and wide, in all the world, wherever man is, the snares of Satan are there.  That is how the FALSE GOSPEL went into all the world.  Satan sure knows what he is doing.  Put a tiny dose of cyanite, or asenic into your food and after  you ate it, you would be dead; the entire Christian world who reads the Bible is spiritually dead now, because the Bible they are reading is adulterated with lies--Satan's poison--lies about our FATHER'S Name and that of His Only Beloved SON..  Therefore, were they ever reconciled to Him Whose Name is YaHVaH, Whom they do not know; just as they did not know the name of His Only Beloved Son through Whom they could be reconciled to the Father?  How could it be?  Rather, they are reconciled to God who is the devil himself and they are reconciled to him through the fake and false name of a so-called savior who is naught, a counterfeit, "Jesus."  Impossible, yet brilliantly true!  What wicked paradox the devil wrought?

Looking back, let us see how this started from the earliest time when man began to profane their Creator's Kodesh Name.   It must be the Jews--not all of them and don't blame them, it's their leaders.  They learned the Kodesh Name from Moses.  Being acquainted with the Third Commandments their leaders began to teach that the Name of YaH is so Kodesh, it is unutterable, sure they are!  So they began to teach the people to call Him "Ha Shem," meaning "the name,"  instead.   "Ha Shem," whenever the name of YaH is mentioned they use "Ha Shem," instead of His Kodesh Name.  To call Him by His Kodesh Name is no sin or profanity; it's calling Him by His true Name and speaking the truth and it's honorable.  But when they invented their means or scheme to address the issue at stake and call Him by another name, such as  Ha Shem, Lord or God, they err, they offend, they profane His Kodesh Name; they lied about His KODESH Name.  YaHSHUA told the leaders of the Jews:  "Ye are of your father, the devil... He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there was no truth in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."  John 8:44.  So, do you now see why calling Him by another name is not only profaning His Kodesh Name but lying about it?

Then with the backsliding of the Jews into idolatry of the neighboring nations, they adopted "Adonai," meaning, "Lord" from the worshippers of Ba'al, (meaning Lord), an idol of the Philistines.  But calling Him Ha  Shem or Adonai is just the same as calling Him by a fake, false and strange name--a counterfeit name.    Ha shem is not a name and definitely not His name, so is Adonai not a name nor His name and similarly is "the LORD" and "God" which the Christians today used to addressed their God or Heavenly Father, not His Great and Kodesh Name.  This is like a disease that spread from the Jews to the Christians and this is how we inherited such idolatry today.  So what is His Great and Kodesh Name?  Hang on!

The Hindus also called their Krishna, Siva and Vishnu, "Lord."  This is no coincidence.  There is surely, an author of confusion behind this game of life and salvation.
Today, how Christians address their heavenly father, their savior and their holy ghost are much the traditions of man because they grew up with it, they do not and would not question whether right or wrong.  They called their heavenly father, "The Lord," or "God" and their savior, "Jesus,"  just like the Jews call the FATHER, "Adonai" or "LORD and God which are nothing but profanities and most Christians, if not all, are not even aware of the profanities they perpetrated and are perpetuating.  Satan knew just how the human mind works and he meted out to each man according to his propensity for deception.
The Arch-deceiver, Satan, does not gave man one single bait or snare.  He has laid out many for them.  Likewise, he did not gave man one fake, false and strange name but MANY, so whichever one anyone bites, he is taken.  Today, he has Hashem, Adonai, Lord, God, Yahweh, Yeshua, Jehovah, Jesus, even Hesus for you to chose...  whichever one you utter, you are taken--captive.
What happened is this.  As in the days of old, so it is today, it is the religious leaders who mislead the people; it is they who deceive them, teaching them false doctrines that led them ALL astray and caused them to sin.  Remember, all religious leaders are human and they made mistakes, some grave ones.  When they teach the Word and obey YaH, the people are safe, but when they get bold and puffed up and, or grew careless, presumptious or impulsive, they teach their own ideas and do their own will instead of obeying YaH, Satan could use them for his purpose and the people are in danger.  Oftentime, the false teachings of these errant leaders were imposed on the people and carried forth as traditions.  Then traditions are defended by future leaders who are trained and taught false teachings--trained in seminary!  (I heard someone shouted, Cemetery!)  YaHSHUA, quoting from the prophet Isaiah, chided them in Matthew 15:9.  "In vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."  The problem with the people is, they look to their leaders as their authority and not unto YaH, or YaHSHUA, while they called Him "Lord."  see Isaiah 45:22 and Hebs. 12:2.
A great example is to take a look at Israel when they entered the promised land.  They wanted to have their own kings after they saw their neighboring nations each having their kings.  YaH let them have their kings.  When a good king ascended the throne, he led them to obey YaH and they prospered, but whenever a wicked king ascended the throne and reigned, he led them all into idolatries and there were more wicked kings than the good ones.   Thus, idolatries blossomed and boomed, and idols became the gods of the people.  
The leaders of the Jews erred by changing His name to "Ha Shem," then "Adonai."  Similarly, the Christian leaders today erred when they taught the people about "Jesus" as Lord and Our Heavenly Father as "the Lord" and "God." They got this from the King James Bible because King James specifically instructed his clergies to remove the Kadosh (Set Apart) name of YaH and YaHSHUA and replaced them with "The Lord," "God" and "Jesus," respectively.  Do you now see how the errors and the fallacies of the churches came about?
There are so many Gods and Lords, from Ba'al to Krishna and Vishnu but YaH, our ELOHIM is ONE and His Great, and Kodesh Name is ONE. SHERMA! (Hear!)  O Israel, "There is only ONE ELOHIM who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is and YaHSHUA is His Only Beloved Son, the Lamb of YaH Who takes away the sins of the world; and there is none else besides Him, neither is there any before, nor after Him."  This is the everlasting Truth and age-abiding Besorah of the Kingdom of YaH.
In clarion contrast YaH ELOHIM is ONE and His Name is ONE but there are so many gods and so many Lords which is confusion.   So which God is your God and who is your Lord after all?

YaH ELOHIM, in His divine wisdom, knew from the foundation of the world that Satan would fail Him and that he would desecrate His Great, and Kodesh Name. So before the foundation of the heavens and the earth, YaH put in the third commandment thus:

Thou shalt not utter the Name of YaHVaH thy ELOHIM for falsehood, for YaHVaH will not let him go unpunished who uttereth His name for falsehood. Exodus 20:7.

To utter YaH’S Name for Falsehood is to call Him by a fake, false and strange name, or a counterfeit name. What are they? "Adonai," or "Adonay,"  “The LORD," and "GOD," "Yahweh," "Jehovah" and "Jesus," or "Yeshua," even HOLY GHOST FOR RUACH Ha KODESH, and today we have a host of false names for YaH, the ELOHIM of Avraham. Yitshak, and Ya'acov and His Only Son,which are nothing but profanities. How is that so?  You ask your leaders!  But they are alright with Christians and Jews alike, the people who professed to know Him and worst, love Him. How is that? How sad! How tragic!  I once have a pastor whom I respected who told me, "you could call him by any name." Is that so? When we meet the first time and we introduced, you will know me by the name I introduce myself and vice versa. You cannot call me by any other name. Can you? For by that name I introduce myself, you identify me and I recognize it when you call me by the same. That is how we relate to each other and our fellow-men. We respect each other's name. We get offended when our friends or even our dear ones missed out on our names. How much more when we deal with the One Whose Name is said to be High and Kodesh.   How come they don't care or are callous when they profaned the Great, and Kodesh Name of YaH? They would not even admit it but instead they would stand up to fight for their rights--just like the gays are fighting for their rights to marry their kind.  Do they not even realize so? Is it not because “the god of this world hath blinded them so?"  2 Corinthians 4:4.

Now, if we could call Him by any name, as my pastor friend had said, then we could also call Him by a false name or a derogatory name.  Is this not how they profane His Great and Kodesh Name?  Is this not how we have this confusion--babel--about His great, and Kodesh Name in Christendom?  CHRISTIAN LEADERS SHOULD BE ASHAME OF THEMSELVES FOR NOT KNOWING THE NAME OF THE "GOD" THEY TAUGHT AND MORE SO; FOR TEACHING THEIR PEOPLE A FALSE AND COUNTERFEIT NAME OF THEIR "GOD."  WHY SO MANY NAMES?  WHY NAMES THAT ARE NOT NAMES BUT NOUN AND TITLES WHICH ARE GENERICS?  ARE THESE LEADERS MAD?  THAT IS BABEL, OR CONFUSION OUTRIGHT! THAT IS THE WINE OF THE WRATH OF HER (CHRISTIAN) FORNICATION!

Scriptures tell us that His Name is the Highest Name and that His Name is Great, and Kodesh. Did they not understand what is Highest, Great, and Kodesh? Could they not give honor to Whom honor is due and give ESTEEM to Whom ESTEEM belongs? Or need they to confuse the HIGH and Kodesh Name of ELOHIM with that of an idol?  For this reason and honorable purpose, our ELOHIM has a name which is the highest and above every other name.  HALLELU YaH!  By His Name He is EXALTED above idols, by the Same He is High and Lifted Up and, He reigns!

"Then they who revered YaHVaH conversed one with another; and YaHVaH hearkened and heard, and there was written a book of remembrance before Him, for them who revered YaHVaH, and such as thought of His Name."  Malalchi 3:16.

So here it is, my friends. Satan, the Arch-enemy of YaH--our ELOHIM and FATHER--is also our arch-enemy; he hated both the names of YaHVaH and His Son YaHVaHSHUA just as he hated the Ten Commandments for which he stood guardian for before the "stone of fire," prior to his ouster.   He could not bear to see man worship YaH and come to YaHSHUA to be saved. He hated YaH because he also wanted to be worshipped like YaH, (see Isaiah 14:14), and YaHSHUA but was cast out of heaven. He hated the ten commandments because the second commandment  prohibited the worship of any creatures, or any being or thing other than YaH, thus disqualifying or barring him of worship. Spitefully and subtly, he came to twist both the names of YaH and His Beloved Son, YaHSHUA. He used men--religious teachers, scholars and church leaders--as his proxies and agents to accomplish his purpose. He also used institutions and establishments--religion and churches, even governments--to do his will. The name of YaH which is Great and Kodesh was first thought to be so Kodesh and unutterable. Thus it could be literally forgotten and it was caused to be forgotten and it was literally forgotten. By over zealous men and women in religions, this was accomplished--it then became a tradition. Then he caused them to substitute His Great, and Kodesh Name and they did. By the same category of people, today, you have Adonai, G-D, God or god and LORD in place of His Kodesh name. They called Him Adonai, or Adonay which means Lord, an equivalent of Baalim for the worshipers of Baal. Then he caused them to change His Great, and Kodesh Name from YaH to "The Lord God" and Jehovah; and that of His Beloved Son from YaHSHUA to Jesus and they did.

By changing the Names of YaH and that of His Beloved Son, YaHSHUA, Satan may be seen as meddling but intrinsically he hits the nail on the head for Christians, the Jews and many Messianics who still cling to the pagan God.  He misled them to the counterfeit names and blinded them from the saving name of our Father and His Beloved Son.  The Name of YaH and YaHSHUA are both Saving Names.  Without their names, no flesh shall be saved.  Proverbs 18:10 says, "The name of YaHVaH is a Strong Tower:  the righteous runneth into it and is safe."  It did not said, the name of YaHVaH is "like" a strong tower, it said, "is a Strong Tower."  Who runneth into it and is safe?  The righteous!  Who are the righteous?  Those who believe in His Name. Obviously you would not run into it if you do not believe His name is a Strong Tower.  But when you believe, then you run into it and your faith is accounted to you for righteousness.  Therefore, the righteous runneth into it and is safe.  In like manner, David said, "Save me by Thy Name, O YaH."  Psalms 54:1.  Consequently, those who believe in His Name will taste the goodness of His Name and they shall love His Name and Honor His Name.  Looking further, Acts 2:21 says, "whosoever shall call upon the Name of YaH shall be save, not Lord--Lord had blinded many a Christian.  Finally, in Acts 4:12, we read, "there is no salvation in any other...there is no other Name given whereby we must be saved."  So friends, believe in Jesus, take your chance, accept the risk.  I believe in YaH and His Son YaHSHUA, meaning, YaH Saves, a saving Name.  By making Christians called Him by the wrong name, can you see how Satan is holding them in his capitivty--there is no salvation in any other except YaHSHUA. SCARY!!!  That is precisely what happened to six million Jews who went into the gas chambers.  They called Him Yahweh, a false name and they were not saved or protected. They were cursed, see Malachi 2:2.

Today, the majority of earthlings do not know who YaH is and the majority of Christians do not know who YaHSHUA is. But when you mention Jesus, they all know him, so is Lord and God. It has become a household name and it is an idolatry—that include the picture of Jesus and the cross in every church and the rosary they wore. It is a snare of Satan for both Christians and all the world alike. For Jesus is a distraction to sideline worship and praise of our Mashiyach and a stumblingblock to SALVATION for those who are seeking; just as idols are a distraction to sideline YaH from being worshipped. Didn't any of you read Revelation 12:9 which says, "Satan which deceiveth the whole world." How?  How did the great serpent deceive the whole world?  By lying about the Father and the Son's Kodesh name!  The whole world, including the Christian world is under Satanic deception. Yes, the entire Christian world is a snare of Satan, and a stumblingblock to Salvation for those who seek because, Jesus did not come from the Father; Jesus is not the Son of YaH; Jesus did not die for the sins of the world and He can not take away the sins of the world; Jesus did not rose from the dead and he did not ascendeth to the Father as you were taught or as you believed; Jesus is a MYTH, a LIE; Jesus was introduce by the English in the 1700 AD—what you believed about Jeus is a lie, sown by Satan. Jesus is a fake name, or counterfeit, Satan have cleverly sowned and planted before you; Jesus cannot save you, and for those of you who are expecting Jesus to come, let me tell you the truth, he will not come, but Satan will come in the name of Jesus.  That's for sure, because, he has laid the foundation for the world to believe in Jesus as the christ; Jesus was "sown by the enemy while men slept." Matthew 13:25. 

On the contrary, the Truth is, it is YaHSHUA who came from the Father, the One who bears the Fathers name, YaH--YaHSHUA means YaH Saves. It is YaHSHUA Who died and rose from the dead the third day and is ascendeth to the Father, sitting at His right hand, there to plead for you and me. It is YaHSHUA Who shed His precious blood for you and me for the remission of our sins. It is YaHSHUA Who immerseth with the RUACH Ha KODESH, (Acts 1:5, John 1:33), and it is He who could and would send another ADVOCATE to you; to teach and guide you into all truth, (John 14:16,26). It is YaHSHUA who is coming again as King of Kings. It is He Who “is able to save us to the uttermost who come unto YaH by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them." Hebrews 7:25.  HALLELU YaH!


How is that the Great and Kodesh Name of our Creator and Redeemer could be brought down to the level of Idolatry is anyone's guess. But let me say that Satan is jealous and angry that YaH is worshipped. So first he introduced idolatry to mankind. Idols made of wood and stone, which have mouth but cannot talk, eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear. Yet man worship these idols. Do they not have common sense? Or are they blinded by the god of this world?   In like manner, Christians today, called their God by a counterfeit name--a more deceitful form of idolatry; a more sophisticated form of deception.

When YaH called Avraham, He instructed him to destroyed all the idols in his fathers house and leave, he did. There in the second commandment, man was prohibited from the worship of idols. Yet today, many people still cling to their idols for whatever reason they may have. But the people whom YaH has called would not bow down to idols nor serve them—a great example is Daniel and his three companions--and they would do as Avraham did. So Satan came with yet another ruse. This time, he, through the same agency of man attempted to make man forget the Great, and Kodesh Name of YaH.  By zealous men of YaH who claimed that His Great, and Kodesh Name is so Kodesh that it is unutterable. Many fearful and ignorant ones were taken and they profaned His name by calling on Him by the many fake false and strange names, the counterfeit names.  But the true children of YaH still called on His Great, and Kodesh Name. David did, and so did all the prophets of old. Then he used the Christians—the so-called people of "God"-- to change His Great, and Kodesh name so that people who love YaH will be misled to a fake, false and strange name, hence, they shall remain in his (Satan's) kingdom.

In the days of Elias, King Ahad led the whole nation of Israel into idolatry.  Even after his triumphant campiagn against the prophets of Ba'al, Eliyah was disheartened and requested YaH to take His life.  YAH responded by telling Eliyah, "Yet I have left Me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Ba'al, and every mouth which hath not kissed him." (1 Kings 19:18).   What is the difference between bowing to and kissing an idol and calling YaH by the name of an idol such as god, Lord, Adonai or Ha Shem.  They are all the same.  They have the same root.  

In the last days, the 144,000 are virgins, meaning they have not been tainted with idolatry of any sort, be it standing before or bowing to or kissing idols; wearing a rosary or talisman or calling YaH and His Beloved Son by profanities.  They are those who are servants of YaH who will have the seal of the Living ELOHIM--the Father's name--on their foreheads, see Revelation 7:1-3 and 14:1-5.  How could they be the servants of the Living ELOHIM and be sealed by the FATHER'S name if they do not know what His Name is?

The notion to remove the Kodesh Name is to sideline or distract worship of YaH and to alienate man from his Creator and Redeemer. That is the work of the enemy. Those who are taken,  remain captives of Satan. By idolatries; by making man dread and hence forget His name; and by changing His Kodesh Name--ALL WITH THE SAME OBJECTIVE--Satan wreak havoc in his kingdom, the kingdom of man. Remember, he came here "to steal, kill and destroy.” John 10:10. By making man worship idols, he could keep them as his captive; by making man dread and forget the name of YaH, they will not know YaH and will be alienated from Him and by changing the name of YaH, and His Beloved Son, man will be worshiping someone else whose name Satan is behind, just like idols—you tell me who he is. Without YaH, man will be left to the mercy of Satan and his cohorts who are here today, plundering, rampaging and ravaging this earth and fulfilling his agenda and the day you die, you will be the subject in his kingdom. How do you like that?


Now, I know some or many of you will ask or challenge me. How do you know what is the name of God? For that, let me tell you, God has no name. But if your question is: what is the name of ELOHIM? I will tell you the truth. ELOHIM is translated in the KJV as God. God is a misnomer here. God is not an equivalent for ELOHIM.  ELOHIM means, "Mighty Ones.” Our ELOHIM is the One and Only ELOHIM of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is, and YaHSHUA, is His only begotten Son, the Lamb of YaH who takes away the sins of the World. Once you BELIEVE that, I could tell you how I know what is His name.

Before I tell you the name of our ELOHIM and our Father in heaven, let me tell you there is only One ELOHIM and One MASHIYACH (Messiah, again this is a misnomer and is a transliteration of the Hebrew word "Mashiyach), There is only One Master--YaHSHUA Ha MASHIYACH, One Faith—the faith of YaHSHUA—and one Immersion—the immersion of the RUACH Ha KODESH which only YaHSHUA could give.

How do I know that ELOHIM, our FATHER, is YaH or YaH IS HIS NAME? The answer is found in Psalms 68:4. Go, read it! YaH is the fshort form of YaHVaH, a poetic name of our Father used for praise in heaven as in Hallelu YaH! Or Praise be YaH!

Satan and all his cohort sought to destroy the Great, and Kodesh Name of YaHVaH. When King James—the anti-semitic King of England--ordered his 120 clergies to translate the Written Word into what we today know as the KJV, he gave strict and special instructions to them to remove and substitute the Great, and Kadosh Name of YaHVaH (YaH for short)—6800-7000 times—with “The Lord" or "God." So YaHVaH became “The Lord” or “God,” and YaHVaHSHUA became “Jesus.” That became Christian traditions today and everyone--or shall I say, every Christian-- says, “Amen.” Little did Satan and his cohorts, including Christian men knew that YaHVaH is wiser. He had one verse--one little line--which cannot be changed, defeated, distorted or twisted; favorably, securely and wonderfully tucked away--hidden-- in the Psalms. Even in the King James Bible today, it is there, “Since His name is Jah,” Psalms 68:4.  Pronounced as YaH as in Hallelujah which is correctly, HALLELU YaH! That is one of the rare language of heaven given amongst man. The heavenly beings, when they sang Alleluia and the four and twenty elders, who worship YaH with praises of Alleluia are all expressing praise to YaH, for Hallelu YaH and Alleluia are same and one which means Praise to YaH or Praise be YaH, Revelation 19:1.  And who is YaH who is to be praised and worshipped? He is none other than the One and Only True and Living ELOHIM who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is and YaHSHUA Ha Mashiyach is His only Beloved Son, the Lamb of YaH who takes away the sins of the world.  He is worthy of our worship; He alone!


Now that you know our heavenly FATHER, ELOHIM, is YaH, let me tell you, YaH is the simplest and yet the most powerful name of our ELOHIM and Eternal FATHER given to man to identify Him FOR OUR WORSHIP AND FOR OUR SALVATION--”Whosoever shall call upon the name of YaHVaH shall be saved,” Acts 2:21, see also Acts 4:12, Luke 3:16, Psalms 54:1 and Matt. 1:21 "Fear YaHVaH, and give glory to Him and worship Him..."  Revelation 14:7, Ecc. 12:1.  No one could fault you when you say Hallelu YaH!  The messengers in heaven and the twenty four elders did that before the stone of fire in the KADOSH Mountain of YaHVaH ELOHIM in heaven. 


NOT true!  YaH has A Name. His Beloved Son has A Name and "there is no other Name under heaven given amongst man whereby we must be saved.  Acts 4:12.  So there is only one name given to man for their salvation,  that is a saving Name; and also for us to worship Him, but why are there so many now.  It is man who profane His Kodesh Name.  It is Satan behind man doing his work of deception.  That is how we have got so many names such as HaShem, Adonai, Lord, God, Jesus, Jehovah and Yahweh, all of which are basically pure idolatries.  That is Babylon--confusion--on planet earth.

YaH has ONE Name to identify Him for us to Worship Him, and by the same Name He saves us and heals us, "there is  no other name," Acts 4:12.  We are to honor, give esteem and praise His name.  How could we, if we do not know what is His Name?  But we know, YaH is His Name;  so, we worship YaH.  By the same token, His Name is given to us for our salvation and healings.  I have no doubt or fear calling Him YaH ELOHIM because Psalms 68:4 said His Name is YaH and that name is also found in the praise word Hallelu YaH!  FYI, the Name "YaH" is found 49 times in only three books of the Bible--Exodus, Psalms and Isaiah--and only one verse in the Psalms, that is Psalms 68:4 was left intact or unchanged by Bible Translators.  All other forty-eight times in the same three books that "YaH" is mentioned, those three letter Name were changed--to Lord--or tempered with by translators but in Psalms 68:4 it is intact--it remained "...YaH is His Name.".  How amazing?  What does that tell you? 

Now you ask, what about YAHweh, YAHUAH, YAHOAH, and Jehovah? To answer your question, let me first say that the Sacred Name Movement and even some Messianics are a sham and a shame.  The Sacred Name Movements was raised by YaH ELOHIM to lead people back to know and to love His Great, and Kodesh Name; to honor, glorify and praise His Great, and Kodesh Name; and be saved.  This was precisely what YaH told His people in Ezekiel 36:20-23:  "So then I had tender regard for My Kodesh Name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations, where they had entered.  Therefore, say thou to the house of Israel, Thus saith my Master YaHVaH; Not for your sakes am I working, O house of Israel, but for My Kodesh Name, which ye have profaned among the nations where ye have entered.  Therefore will I sanctify My Great Name, that hath been profaned among the nations; which ye have profaned in their midst; so shall the nations know that I am YaHVaH, declareth my master YaHVaH, when I have sanctify Myself in you before their eyes."   The Sacred Name Movement has failed.  Why? Because too many wolves have got into this movement, man and woman who do not know the will of our FATHER but their very own presumptions, who profess to know His Kodesh Name, but are nothing more than a mouth-piece of the devil; who sought to compromise the truth about His Great, and Kodesh Name and who are teaching against His Kodesh Name while some are teaching the false names; some are mixing the false and the true names together, bundling them up for the people--such as the Jewish Jesus, Yahweh, Etc.  That is how our YaH ELOHIM has so many so-called Kodesh names, even amonst the Messianic Community, all of which are false except one, YaHVaH, written as YHVH in Hebrew letters).  Let me tell you the truth, folks, the Bible tells us He is the truth and HE CANNOT LIE.  That being the case, do you think YaH would let any man bring His Great, and Kodesh Name to naught either by conformity, compromise or lie and still be the Truth?  Do you really believe or just think that in the final countdown, YaH, Who is the Sole and Only Truth would accept the many lies about His Great, and Kodesh Name and still be the Truth.  Do you think He will conform to you or let you compromise His Great, and Kodesh Name and still save you?  Do you think He would accept you calling Him Yahweh when He is not Yahweh?  Just think about it.  Finally, when the storm is settled and we convocate before YaH'S throne to praise and worship Him, would He accept it, when some are calling Him YaH, some Jehovah, others Yahweh? You figure it out!

YaH ELOHIM accepts nothing less than total obedience to His TORAH.  If you think He would compromise you are grossly wrong. If you think you are Torah or are living the TORAH, and yet you call Him by a false name--such as Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord or God--you lie and you die--there is no excuse.  You have no TORAH. Go! and find out WHAT IS  HIS Name, HIS TRUE NAME, NOT THE FALSE NAME THAT YOU LEARNED FROM YOUNG.  What is the Name He gave to us in the written Word--Psalms 68:4, EX. 20:7.

With that said, let me tell you it is alright when you tell the truth about His name and call Him by His Name.  That is what the third commandment is all about.  That is where the devil will fault you in judgement day and prove to YaH that you are His captive because you broke the third commandment.  Is that clear?  Not coincidentally, the third commandment is the most offended of the ten.  The majoirty of Earthlings have broken and or are breaking this commandment including the Jews and the Messianics.  Why?  Most call Him, Yahweh or YHWH, when they know there is no "W" in Biblical Hebrew.  Where did the "W" came from?  The Greek and German!  Many still clinged to their ORAL IDOLATRIES, "Lord,"  "God"  "Yahweh," "Jehovah," "Jesus," "Yeshua," "Ha Shem," and "Adonai."  There are many who are still confused with the Jewish Jesus.  There is no Jewish Jesus.  Jesus is not Jewish but Greek and English.  It could not be Jewish.  It is deception ourtright! 

Now if you want to know more, the FATHER'S Name is "haYAH haVAH," meaning Self-Existing One.  So YaHVaH would no doubt be the correct one that  we could come to know as His Great, and Kodesh Name.  Yahweh on the other hand is an almugam of YaH and a pagan god's name.  Besides, there is no "W" in the Hebrew alphabet, so how did Yahweh came about?  (Just so with Jesus when there was no "J" in the English language until 1700 AD.  So there was no Jesus in Palestine in 30 AD when YAHSHUA preach and teach the Kingdom of YaH is at hand, repent...).  Do you not think Yahweh is confusion?  Should be still be unsure, follow the scriptures and the heavenly beings and call Him YaH ELOHIM, that is, if ever you are unsure of all the so-called kodesh names that flourished in the various Messianic groups.  Anyone who thinks he has the light, let him prove it from the written WORD. Do not tell me, "even the scholars cannot agreed."  Scholars are not the authority in things pertaining to YaH, YaH is the Authority and YaH is no respecter of person.  Do not tell me, "His name has been forgotten." It is a memorial Name! Do not tell me, no one knows His Name."  It is written in His Word.  For YaHVaH will not hold him guiltless that uttereth His Name for falsehood." Anyone who call Him "God," or "Lord," or His Beloved Son, "Jesus" lie about His Great and Kodesh Name.  Anyone who do so, whether deceived, or ignorant; intended, or inadvertent; He will not hold guiltless.   

If you say, you are saved by grace or you are under grace and not under the law, how are you saved in the first place when you do not know His Son's Name and Acts 4:12 says, there is NO salvation in any other... How did you came to be under grace when you do not know YaHSHUA Who must immerse you with the RUACH Ha KODESH in order to be under grace.  What grace are you living in that free you from YaHVaH'S Eternal and Universal Law?  The very fact that you broke the Third Commandment is evident that you are under the curse of the law.  Think about it!

I know that those who hated YaH'S Kodesh Name and also many in the sacred name movement; who are instigated by Satan, would scorn and mock at the Great, and Kodesh Name of YaH--that is what Satan did, mock at YaH. They have their rights now but when "Kingdom comes," they shall have their reward--“there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” YaHSHUA admonished, Search the that ye may find; Isaiah too, “Seek ye YaH while He may be found.” Who are you seeking when you do not know His Name? You say, I am seeking God but which god, there are so many in this world today which I pointed out in the preceding paragraphs. Similarly, there are many Lords, which one is your Lord?  Our YaH ELOHIM is ONE and His Name is One, "since His Name is YaH." Pslams 68:4.


Since YaH is His (the Father's) name,” it follows then, that the Only Beloved Son of YaH, Who exist within the bossom of the FATHER, (John 1:18), must bear His Father's Name just like we all bore our daddy or earthly father's name. So since YaH is the FATHER'S Great, glorious and Kodesh Name, then the SON, Who came in the FATHER'S Name, (see John 5:43), and who bears the FATHER'S Name must carry YaH in His Name. YaHSHUA then, which means YaH Saves—“call His Name YaHSHUA for He shall save His people from their sins.” see Matthew 1:21; Luke 3:16; Acts 2:21, 4:12--must be the Name of the SON of YaH, not Jesus as you have been erroneously and falsely taught erstwhile. Does that make sense? Can you see the BIG, BIG difference here? YaHSHUA, then, is the only One who could immerse you with the RUACH HaKODESH, not Jesus. YaHSHUA is the One Who promise to and would send you and me the ADVOCATE, or the RUACH Ha KODESH. He is the One Who is coming again. Why wait for Jesus, have you waited long for the fake and false Messiah? What a Mess? Wait for YaHSHUA Ha MASHIYACH, He is the One and He is certainly coming again.

NOTE: For those of you who waited and are waiting for Jesus to come, Satan will come in that name because he had deceived you by that name already. But for those who waited for YaHSHUA Ha MASHIYACH, you will know Him when He shall appear. There could not be any mistaking as it is written, “This is our ELOHIM, we have waited for Him, He will save us.” Isaiah 25:9, and  "My people shall My Name.” Isaiah 52.6

YaHSHUA Ha MASHIACH was born a Jew of the tribe of Judah.  He said,  "Salvation is of the Jew."  He should therefore have the Jewish name.  Jesus on the other hand is a combination of Medo-Grecian name; a combination of IEU and Zeus; a marriage between paganism and christianity--Jesus did not exist till the 1700 AD. YaHSHUA is the Truth, the true name of the Son of YaH ELOHIM.  Jesus, on the other hand, is a fake, false and strange name popularised and propagated by religion, a counterfeit--a combination of IEU+ZEUS=IESUS, in AD1700 became Jesus.  One proceded from the Father; came in the Father's name and bore the Father's name; the other is naught, but an invention of Satan through man, a non-entity that is being worshipped, an idolatry.  Therefore, they cannot be one and same.   If One is the Truth, the other must be counterfeit.  To equate YaHSHUA for Jesus or the Jewish Jesus is pure idolatry and profanity--Babylon or confusion or mixed up.  YaH wants His children to be clear about this, as YaH and His Son cannot have fellowship with the devil.

YaHSHUA and Jesus are not one, nor the same—One came from the FATHER, came in the FATHER'S name and bore the FATHER'S name, the other did not; One was born a Jew of the lineage of David, the other is dubious, he's probably Greek and English; One was born around THE FEAST OF SUKKOT, the other on December 25th, the day of the feast of the sun god, Saturn; One kept the Seventh-day Sabbath according to the fourth commandments and taught man so, the other, according to Christian Leaders, changed the Seventh-day Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, the day of sun worship.  So, you tell me if YaHSHSUA and Jesus are One and the same.  If not, those of you who cried about the Jewish Jesus or put YaHSHUA and Jesus together, had better search your heart and free yourself from the idolatries and profanities of your Christian brothers.  Therefore, there is no such thing as the Jewish Jesus, but YaHSHUA, Who is the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of YaH combined. YaHSHUA is the Truth, Jesus is the counterfeit, the false or a lie sown by Satan.  It is high time for those who are the true disciples of YaHSHUA to take a stand on this, there is only ONE MASHIYACH; YaH did not send two.  Therefore, one must be a counterfeit Satan use to deceive the enitre Christian world.

Satan uses counterfeits.  To illustrate, just as the Seventh-day is the true Sabbath, Satan through His proxies made Sunday, the day of pagan sun worship a substitute for the Christian Sabbath, so as to divert and distract their minds from the true Seventh-day Sabbath that honors YaH as the Creator; now he uses the name of Jesus which is idolatry of sort to distract man (Christian and non-christian alike)  from YaHSHUA, the Only Son of the True and Living ELOHIM, so that man might be misdirected or misled from the salvation that is full and free. And who is his proxies? The entire Christian Church—I know you Christians out there would be fuming mad, but face the truth now or go your way. That is why the Revelator called them, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS. Mystery means secret. The church is mysteriously or secretly the depository of the lies of Satan by teaching false teaching about YAH and His Son, YaHSHUA—they lied about His Great,glorious and Sacred name and that is a very serious matter. Babylon is confusion. The entire Christendom is a mass of confusion with over two thousand denominations all teaching from the same so-called "holy" bible, each claiming to be teaching the truth, yet all their teachings are diverse and contradictory--teaching to their shame and confusion which they are not even aware of, the false name and the false sabbath!   Great tells us the Christian churches has grown all over the world and they have become rich and powerful, ever asserting influence on people and government—teaching great lies and confusion; the great confusion, so to speak. Harlots resembles an adulteress. Adultery is synonymous to Idolatry, for idolatry is spiritual adultery. Adultery, a sexual sin, is a married woman going after a strange man. Did ALL Christian Churches not gone after strange gods and Lords, after all?  That is the truth, the plain and naked truth, like it or not. Therefore, Jesus is an idol or idolatry; the same is "God." What wicked paradox Satan wrought for the church? 

Now that we have sort out the true from the counterfeit names let us be clear.  Worship YaHVaH and give glory to Him; seek YaHVaHSHUA for your salvation.  No more "The Lord; no more God or god; no more Ha Shem; no more Adonai...  That is idolatry outright, subtly supplanted by Satan.  "Come out of her (Babylon), My People, that ye be not partakers of her sins..."  Rev. 18:4.

When we call our ELOHIM "Lord" there are three reasons why we erred:

1.  Our ELOHIM IS ONE, SO IS OUR MASHIYACH.  On the contrary, there are many Lords, as Paul said, " there are Lords many and Gods many,"  and many heathen gods are known as "Lord" such as Lord Krishna, Lord Siva and Baal was also called Lord.  When we love our ELOHIM, we cannot bring Him down to the level of idolatry, for He is not an idol nor one of them.  When we said, we love Him and call Him by a name of an idol we lie; we do not love Him at all.  Our action speaks louder than our words.

2.  In the Revelation, YaHSHUA will come as KING of Kings and MASTER of Masters.   When you call Him, "Lord" you should know that you are degrading Him.  Satan is also called Lord by the Satanist Cult.  The true and faithful people of YaH would love and honor His Great, Glorious and Kodesh Name.   They have clear direction and they know how to honor their King and Savior. They HONOR His Great and Kodesh Name.

3.  YaH ELOHIM has revealed his will to His people that they do not call Him "Lord," anymore, but "Ishi," meaning, Husband.  He is now our Husband and we are His bride.   And it shall be at that day, saith YaHVaH, that thou shall call Me Ishi, and shall call Me no more Baali, (My Lord).  For I will take away the names of Baalim our of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name.  Hosea 2:16,17. See also Exodus 23:13, we are not to mention the names of idols in our mouth, that is Torah.

Similarly, when we call Him God, here are the reasons why we err and offend:

1.  There are so many gods; which one are you referring to when you said or pray to "god"? 

2.  Satan is referred to as the god of this world in 2 Corinthians 4:4.  Just as he used idols as a cover to be worshipped, likewise, he used the counterfeit name to achieve the same. Do you want to worship him, praise him and serve him?  Do you feel comfortable sitting in the church singing praises to God and Jesus when you know that is not the name of YaHVaH and that of His Only Begotten SON

3.  YaH ELOHIM, our FATHER and YaHSHUA Ha MASHIYACH, Who is in the bosom of the FATHER, have a Great, and Kodesh Name which is high and above all names. He wants all man to call upon Him by His Great, and Kodesh Name, both, to worship Him and for our salvation, Prov. 30:4, Isaiah 52:6, Rev. 14:7, Acts 2:21;4:12.

4.  YaH ELOHIM commanded man in the third commandment not to utter His Name falsely, Exodus20:7.  Those who did, He will not hold them guiltless.  So, even if you believe you are saved, that do not qualify you to utter His Name falsely.  His Name is YaHVaH, to utter His Name falsely is to call Him by any other name such as "Lord," "God," and any other counterfeit names.  However, there is only one exception, we could only call Him, Our Father in Heaven, or King of the Universe, and there is no ONE Who could take that title as there is only ONE FATHER in Heaven and ONE KING of the Universe

Finally, when anyone said, "there is no God but the God who made the heavens and the earth," he is lying, because there are so many other gods in this earth as you have seen.  But when you said there is no other ELOHIM beside Him, ELOHIM is ONE, you are telling the Truth.  Similarly when a Muslim said there is no God but Allah, he lied, because there are so many other gods in this world and Satan is behind them all, he is the god of this world.

Let me challenge you to take a hard look at how you have been relating yourself to the ONE you professed to love and serve, by the way you addressed Him or utter His Name.  Go to your scriptures and pay attention to the word name. Just turn the sacred pages, read, study and prayerfully pay attention to the Name of YaH, and YaHSHUA and the word "name"--it occurred over ten thousand times in the kodesh pages.  Be very sure you understand the meaning of that simple word "name" and it's context whenever it occurs in the scriptures.  Try to read the verses by putting back His Great, and Kodesh Name where "Lord or God" is; you will see new meaning.  You would be astounded how that Great, and Kodesh Name has been profaned by man's substitution and institution.  You would realized that the Great, and Kodesh Name of both the Father and the Son have been replaced by 'the Lord," or "God," and YaHSHUA by "JESUS."  You would know that YaH wanted His people to call upon His Great,  nd Kodesh Name and Bless, Exalt, Honor, Glorify and Praise His Great, glorious and Kodesh Name. Yes, you will quickly learn that you got to ask or pray in the Name of YaHSHUA, not Jesus; you got to be immersed in the Name of YaHSHUA, not Jesus; you got to Know and love his Great, Glorious and Kodesh Name and most of all, "His people shall know" His Name as they will be "nameth by His Name," Isaiah 52:6, 2 Tim. 2:19.  For those who are opposed to His Kodesh Name, let me tell you the stark truth, all who are saved are saved by His Great, and Kodesh Name and the SEAL OF ELOHIM IS HIS GREAT, AND Kodesh NAME--The Symbol of Authority, see. Rev. 7:1-3 and 14:1.  At His Name, demons tremble and flee, in His Name the dead is raised and the sick healed.  What more?  You will quickly learn that our Elohim has a NAME; a Great, and Kodesh Name and His beloved Son bore His Great, and Kodesh Name.  What name again?  "...Since His name is YaH," and YaHSHUA is His begotten Son, the Lamb of YaH who takes away the sins of the world!   YaHVaHSHUA Come, even so, Come Quickly, YaHVaHSHUA Ha Mashiyach!

In conclusion, I would reiterate that MY ELOHIM Has A Name.  That Name is YaHVaH written in four Hebrew alphabets YHVH, YaH for short and that He would not compromise His Great, and Kodesh Name, neither would He accept a lie about His Name; that Name is your salvation; you are saved by His Great, and Kodesh Name. Therefore, those of you who want to be saved should call upon His Name, (see Joel 2:20 and Acts 2:21), not God or Lord.  God and Lord cannot save you, they are not His Name,  God and Lord are the names of the enemy in disguise.  Many have unwittingly called on the enemy in disguise but there is no excuse for ignorance or deception.  The Scripture is clear.

I stand by this message without any malice or intention to defame or hurt anyone or group and I earnestly appealed to all--including Messianics and Christians to search the scriptures concerning our Heavenly Father's Name and that of His Beloved Son. That NAME may save your life. See Acts 2:21, Matthew 1:21, Romans 10:13, Joel 2:32, Proverbs  18:10.  (Just be sure your version of Scripture is not ADULTERATED with lies about his Name).


Not lay to heart...  Malaki 2:2

A Book of Remembrance fo rthose who rever HIs Name.  Malaki 3:16

I have come in My Father's Name. John 5:43

I am YaHVaH; THAT IS MY NAME. Isaiah 42:8

My people shall know My name. Isaiah 52:6

Howbeit the firm foundation of YaHVaH standeth, having this SEAL, YaHVaH hath acknowledged them who are His, and , Let everyone that Nameth the Name of Ha MASHIYACH stand aloof from unrighteousness.  2 Timothy 2:19.