The Lies Satan Told

A lie is a lie whether black or white, big or small. You just cannot discriminate between them or paint it with color. Everybody lies. Everyday millions of lies are told--in the News Media, the movie, TV, in advertising, in business, in public and in private, in the church and at home, even the governments. Just think about it.
What is a lie? A lie is an untrue statement or a misleading or false impression meant to deceive another.  Lie is use to deceive, defraud and to cover up. Lie is easy to perpetrate and it comes from the heart and issue from the mouth. Lie is committed by the tongue with the help of the lips and the mouth. The one who lie is known as a liar. Lies hurt and destroy. That makes lie offensive.
YaHVaH ELOHIM hates lie. It is the second of His seven abominations--a lying tongue, See Proverbs 6:16.  In stark contrast to Satan, YaH (short poetic name of YaHVaH), is the Truth and He is full of Truth, HE CANNOT LIE. Hallelu YAH!
Satan is the father of lie. YaHVAHSHOOA Ha MASHIYACH alluding the leaders of the Jews to their father who lied, said, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a LIAR, and the father of it," John 8:44.
In other words, Satan is the first one to lie in the entire universe--in heaven and then on earth--hence he is the father of lie, the one who invented lie. He is the first liar. What is his lie? Deception! One or all combined. Satan first lied to all of his cohort before they fell. He was there in heaven as their choir master and he commuted with them. He instigated them to join him in a rebellion to take over the throne of YaHVaH ELOHIM so that he could be worshipped like YaHVaH ELOHIM. He could only manage to convince one third of the stars (kerubims) of heaven before war broke out and he was cast out of heaven. (See Revelation 12:3,7).
Then he came to Planet Earth. Here, again he lied. He first lied to our first lady, CHAVA (Eve), when she was all alone in the Garden of Eden. He lied to her so that through her, he could take over the dominion of this earth which was given to her man, Adama.    He did take over and today, the entire world is in the hostage of his hands; the whole world is living in lies.
Today, how many lies has he told, we shall know by and by. As a father of lie, all lies originated from him as he uses man as his proxies to lie for him, through, chiefly religions—which include witchcraft, astrology and necromancy, etc.--pseudo-sciences, philosophies, and ideologies. Those who lie are his sons, as he is the father of lie—like father like sons, so they say.
When YAHVAHSHOOA refers the Jewish leaders "of Satan", he is simply saying to them you are a liar like your father, Satan. So those who lied are sons of Satan or Children of Satan. Since Satan took over the dominion of this world from the Sovereign man, he rules through lies and lies became the way of life for fallen man. Everybody lies in his life. One lie led to another and today there are millions of lies being told everyday on Planet Earth. We shall go through briefly the most heinous lies of Satan.
                                IN THE LAND OF LIES, TRUTH IS TYRANNY
We have said everyone has lied, at one time or another, if not always. We have also said that everyday millions of lies are being perpetrated in Planet Earth. As such, we could safely figure out that not only did people lie in private life, but businesses, government and all man-made institutions--such as religions and churches—lie too. (But you ask, how could religion and churches lie? In their dogmas, or beliefs; they teach you false doctrines to deceive which came from Satan). All liars are Satan inspired since he is the father of lie and those who lie are his sons.
Satan is a brilliant strategist. He is not going to let his proxies appear wrong in your eye in order to get you to do his bidding or execute or fulfill his agenda. So he uses lie to cover or deceive and he has succeeded as we read in Revelation 12:9. "Satan which deceiveth the whole world." Mind you! The whole world--including the Christian world; the entire world is or has been deceived by Satan already. But you asked, in what way? Or how could it be? By false teachings or the false "gospel" of the fake and false Jesus Christ, (see message, The lies About Jesus Christ).  That is the more frightening, for it is when we cannot see or do not know it that we are taken.
Satan came to this world to fight his lost cause. He took man hostage to buy time against his end--all hostage takers do this--while attempting to prove to all the worlds that his challenge against YaHVaH is right and wise. But he is dead wrong and he is a fool. No one could challenge his Maker. It's plain foolishness doing so.
Therefore, the fight Satan brought to this world is not just physical but spiritual as well. So the lies he told encompass all things in life. Of course there are crosses and lapses but we shall dwell on the major heinous lies that affect our souls--our salvation.
“Ye shall not surely die.” Genesis 3:4.  This statement appears true in the sense that man did not die physically right away, at least it looks so. But this is a subtle lie which the woman cannot see and we too cannot see but are blind to it. After falling into sin, man did not live for long; he could not. For after sin entered the world, man aged and died; pain, sickness, suffering and death came as a result of that lie. Rightly, it should be said that Satan lied, we died.  A soul that sinneth it shall die...  Hechezkiel 18:20.  The wages of sin is death... Romiyah 6:23.
By listening to and believing in Satan in the persona of the Serpent, Chava, obeyed him and became his subject thus plunging herself, her husband and her offspring into captivity. Through her, Adama also gave in and here we are, born of a woman; born captive of Satan. All captive must die. That is what happened when people believe a lie, they die.  Know ye not that unto whom ye are presenting yourselves as servants for obedience, servants ye are unto whom ye are obedient, whether of sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness.  Romiyah 6:16.
YaHVaH, ELOHIM, the Eternal King or the King of the Universe, rule by His Command--the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments, its was said, is summed up in two great commandments, viz. "Thou shalt love  YaHVaH, thy ELOHIM with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might and Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  That is a perfect rule for relationships.
Satan hated the Ten Commandments outright, in particular, the first four Commandment which reflect on man's relationship to YaHVaH, our ELOHIM and they are obstacles to him being worshipped. Therefore, he tampered with all of them, from the first to the last, causing mortal, fallen man to break it over and over again to prove it is not possible to keep or obey it.
1. The First Commandment declared that YaHVaH is our ELOHIM (Mighty Ones), and there is none else besides Him, and we are to worship and serve Him only. That disqualifies Satan from being Worshipped as that would mean, no one else in this entire universe is deserving of worship, the least Satan..
So what did Satan do? He first, turned man to the worship the creations of YaHvaH, such as sun, moon and stars and even fallen man (the number 6 represents fallen man, a man upside down) as oppose to the sovereign man (represented by the number 9 in contrast). That was a preamble to idolatry and that was a lie which man had been deceived to believe. From the worship of the Creation of YaHVaH, such as the sun, moon and stars, he surreptitiously introduce idols made of wood and stone and of silver and gold to be worshipped while he hides behind these objects so that he could be worshipped. Then, finally, he changed the Kodesh (set apart) Name of YaHVaH by substitution to “God” and “Lord” for man to worship like idols, thus worshipping him--by calling ELOHIM God or Lord, Satan has got fallen man worshipping him instead of YaHVaH, ELOHIM. Could you see how subtle that is? Could you see how he lied about idols, “God” and “Lord.?”  That is oral idolatry, See. Ex. 23:12.
God is of Indo-European origin and is pagan, it means Idol. Today, both the Jews and the Christians called their heavenly Father, God.  How sad? Is your Heavenly Father a mere idol like the idols of the heathen? Not my ELOHIM. That was a lie Satan told and today, the whole world is deceived. They called him God and Lord which is not His Name.  It is a lie about and against His Name, a falsification!
The First Commandment stated clearly, "I am thy ELOHIM... there is none others."  Today there are Gods and Lords who are competing with ELOHIM to be worshipped.  Who brought that about?  Satan!  Through the leaders of religions, all of them, including the Jew, the Christian, the Muslim, and the pagan.
"Hear, O Heavens, and Give Ear, O Earth, YaHVaH Elohim is One and there is no other Elohim besides Him."
2. The Second Commandment prohibits the making of any images of anything in heaven or of anything in the earth, and of anything beneath the earth and we must not worship any of these things. This surely is a stumblingblock for Satan to seek worship from YaHVaH's creature on Planet Earth. Remember, he fell into disgrace because of his ambition to be like EL; to be worshipped and then when he came to Planet Earth, he wanted to be worshipped too but the Ten commandment of YaHVaH is an obstacle to his ambition.  
So to prove that this Commandments is not perfect and also to mislead man into worshipping objects and dead articles he posed another challenge to YaHVaH by another lie.
What is that lie? A lie of dolatry!. He uses crafty man to make idols of wood and stones and of silver and gold, and sells them so the fearful and the ignorant could worship these lifeless objects. Many did. Idolatry, the ancient form of worship which is a lie of Satan became man's first cardinal religion since and idolatries are in every religion today. 
All religion has a founder and they are all 'man.' All religion has a god or many gods. All Religion has dogma or tenet of faith which make it look good or appeared good, so as to deceive.  Religion is for the fearful and the ignorant. Religion is full of superstitions (lies) that people are DRUNK with and they died. All religion makes man idolaters; from images to statues; from objects in the heavens to objects on earth, from pagans to Christians; from the image and statues of Mary to the Apostles; from the crucifix or crosses to the rosaries... you name it!
By deceiving man to made idol for worship, Satan sought to be worshipped. For he is behind all the idols and eventually (now) the title (noun) “God.”  He has set himself up behind idols and behind “God” for all to worship him, (see 2 Thess 2:2-4).  In Revelation 2:13, YaHVaHshooa called idols "the seat of Satan" or "where Satan dwellest." Hence, anyone who bows and prays to idols are bowing and praying to Satan in effect. That is why IDOLS DO answer prayers. Satan did! (he did it for them).
Similarly, when you pray to God your prayer could be answered too. Satan knows when to and or not to answer your prayer when you pray to God or Lord or even Jesus. He is behind those fake, false and strange names. It is his lies.
3. The Third Commandment was given to man to worship YaHVaH as the sole and only Creator of the heavens and the earth and as a Savior of fallen man (6), it is about YaHVaH's Name,  a Name to call upon in worship.. YaHVaH, ELOHIM, declared that we must not falsify His Kodesh (Set Apart) Name or profane it. Calling YaHVaH by any other Name is falsifying His Kodesh Name. Satan, we mentioned wanted to be worshipped and he certainly knows what to do with this commandment. He manipulated with the Name of YAHVaH so that man would worship him instead, while believing they are worshipping the Most High, Who is none other than YaHVaH. What a paradox, yet a solemn truth! Satan is definitely wiser than fallen man for he now had fallen man unwittingly worshipping him when they worship God, Lord or even Jesus..  By this Satan has, in effect, sidelined YaHVaH and put himself in the place of YaHVaH to be worshipped.  Scary!
He used the best, brilliant and seemingly honorable religious man he could find to substitute the Name of YaHVaH. If you or I were to do it, it is bound to backfire. But the scholar, or Rabbi or Priest or Pastor, who is articulate, or eloquent and who is noted for his religious fervor and wisdom and well respected could do it without anyone raising an eyebrow. So Name of YaHVaH was first change to Ha Shem, meaning, “the Name.” Then Lord (Adonai) was added to it and now we have God and Lord--and His Son's Name was also changed from YaHVaHshooa to Jesus and today we have many many false names of YaH thrown out everywhere . How outrageous this is?
Why? So that when fallen man call YaHVaH, Lord, or God or Jesusor any other false names, he is in effect calling Satan in effect instead. When anyone seeks Salvation from YaHVaHshooa or YaHVaH Saves, he should rightly be going to YaHVaHShooa but when he calls Him, Jesus, he is distracted and side-tracked, he lie about the true Name of YaHVaHShooa and he is intrinsically calling on Satan. So, Satan do contend with YaHVaH over the souls of man, who are his subject after all. This is founded on a lie, a lie of His Name. This is how, many foolhardy Christians, Jews and Messianics alike are unwittingly taken. They are stuck to the many false names of YaHVaH and His Son that Satan lied about--their God, Lord and Jesus, and others--when they jolly well knew that "His Name is YaH, Psalms 68:4, and YaHVaHShooa means “YaHVaH Saves.” It is a lie of Satan to call the Most High by any other name and by many names.  Today we have not only profanities of the Name YaHVaH but that of His beloved Son, YaHVaHShooa ha Mashiach and not just one but many profaned names to confuse and deceive all.
The Name of YaHVaH and His Son, YaHVaHShooa Ha MASHIYACH was given to us for our Worship to Him and for our Salvation from Him.  Think about it!  That makes it very important for us to know His true and Kodesh Name and have it right.  Today, there are so many false names of YaHVaH and YaHVaHShooa Satan has cleverly and subtly sowed in the mainstream, conventional, contemporary churches, including the Messianics (just as Messed up) that once or when you believe it, you are ensnared by Satan.  They are Satan's snares, just like when you go fishing you throw in many baits instead of one... Satan is a greater fisherman than man.
Believe in the lies of Satan, you would end up in his hands. Keep the Torah, call YaHVaH by His Kodesh Name; you who love Him would also love His Kodesh Name..
4. The fourth Commandment was given to commemorate Creation, that, it was YaHVaH, Who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is, in six days; so that He blessed the Seventh-day Shabbat throughout all generations even into the new heavens and the new earth. As sons of YaHVaH we are to honor Him by keeping that day sacred that it shall be a sign between Him and us; so we could enter into His rest.
Today, the entire Christian world is keeping another day, Sunday, (by another "Gospel"), the pagan day of Sun Worship and they are proudly teaching it that their Jesus rose on Sunday and gave us the new testament. So Sunday, the pagan Day of Sun worship, (a false Shabbat), was instituted by Christians in place of, or as a substitute for  the Kodesh Shabbat which YaHVaH commanded. It goes hand in hand with the false name (Jesus) of the false messiah, (Mess I AH!) whom Christians claimed had changed that set apart day. That is a double lie, a double take at one hit. It is another big fat lie of Satan, wrought through the Churches, seen widely as an instrument of God. But who is God. 2 Cor. 4:4 refers to Satan as "the God of this world." Another lie of Satan!
Finally, the most subtle lie against the Ten Comandments is the lie that the Ten Comandments has been abolished when Jesus hung and died on the cross.  First, Jesus is a false name of the Son of the Most High and it is in itself a lie.  Next, the Son of the Most High said it Himself, "I have not come to do away with the Law but to fulfill." To fulfill means to demonstrate the way the law is to be kept.  So the entire Christian world which keeps Sunday, the day of worship of the Sun god is deceived into observing a pagan day rather than keeping YaHVaH, ELOHIM'S fourth Comandment Shabbat which is the Seventh-day of the week and misled to blaspheme His Kodesh Name, while the majority are misled to blatantly displayed idolatries in their lives outright. 
Satan, it must be noted, is not only the ruler of darkness of this world. He has also enthroned himself as the God of this world. Therefore, his lies are geared to the control of Planet Earth, be it religious, scientific, political or commercial. 
1. Hell, a place everyone who did bad things goes after life is over is taught not only by all religion but every Christian denominations, organised or otherwise.  But the Scripture taught us there is no hell; but the lake of fire where "the fearful, and the abominable, and the murderers,  and  whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars shall have their part… Revelation 21:8 and 20:14.  (see Message, "Where is Hell?"). That is a Satanic lie.
2. “So and So” is with the Lord or My Loved ones is now in heaven, or I think my dad is looking down from heaven…”.  Who told you that?  Do your maths, no  one has ascendeth into heaven, except the Son of Man.John 3:13. “For YaHVaHShooa Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an  archangel, and with the trump of ELOHIM: AND THE DEAD IN MASHIYACH SHALL RISE FIRST. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together  with them to  meet YaHVaHShooa in the air: and so shall we ever be with YaHVaHShooa.” I Thess. 4:16,17. So, what is this "So and so is with the Lord" or "My loved one is in heaven?"  Another Satanic lie!  Had they gone there now, what is the resurrection of the dead for?
3. I am saved.  This gives man false sense of security.  But read what the Scritpures said, “Except a man be born of water and of the SPIRIT, he cannot enter into the kingdom of YaHVaH.” John 3:5. But he that endureth unto the end, the  same shall be saved. Matthew 24:13. He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out  of the book of life…” Revelation 3:5. From the foregoing scriptures, “I am saved” is a big lie from Satan. Regardless of what you profess or believe, you are only saved when you are born of water and of the RUACH Ha KODESH and you endureth to the end and overcame. YaHVaH ELOHIM is no respecter of person. He will not  compromise His plan of redemption and make exception for anyone be he pauper, prince or potentates. All must come to repentance; all must be born again; all must endureth unto the end and all must have overcome Satan—“and they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb.”  Revelation 12:11. Make your calling and election sure with fear and trembling!    
4. I am born again. Many people used this phrase glibly. Many do not understand by their carnal mind what is born again. Born again is not just baptism by immersion in the water. That is not enough. That is a baptism of John which is a baptism of repentance which is a pre-requisite to  IMMERSION of the RUACH Ha KODESH by YaHVaHShooa. John 1:33 and Luke 3:16, talking about YaHVaHShooa, “He shall baptize you with the RUACH Ha KODESH.” Folks, you are not born again, unless you have YaHVaHShooa to IMMERSE you with the RUACH Ha kODESH so that you become a son of YaHVaH; through a spiritual birth and a spiritual life is restore in you. Satan wants you to believe the wrong teaching concerning born again so that you are deceived and you don’t know you are deceived till the day of judgment when he could claim you as his subject… So wise up! Outsmart him, NOW!  Search the Scriptures!
5. Limbo, a place where an infant who died without baptism goes—not in scriptures but pagan teaching, Satan’s lie in the Catholic church. They have discarded this teaching in recent time, but many have been lied to and died believing this lie.. 
6. Purgatory, a place of purging after a catholic dies, another obscure dogma of the Catholic Church;  Another of Satan’s great lie which earn millions of $$$ for the church after people do masses for their loved one who died...  They paid dearly for believing in Satan's lie in the RCC.
7. Satan and YaHVaHshooa were once brothers. One is “the anointed kerub that covereth,” Ezekiel 28:14 and Other Who is in the bosom of the Father, John 1:18,  could not possibly be brothers.  For an anointed kerub is a created being and the One Who is in the bosom of the Father is His Only Son.  It’s a lie of Satan to belittle the Son of YaHVaH (in the Mormon church) and or elevate himself. Satan again lied, through man. Do you know who taught this? So the Mormon church lied.
8. Life begin from a an amoeba and we are descendants of Chimps—a complex and complicated lie not for the simple mind to sort out. Satan’s lie gets more sophisticated here. The father of lies here fine tune his lies so modern man could fall into his hands and many intellectual ones do, too.  Common sense dictate that our bodies are intricately designed by our Creator.  “For thou hast possessed my reins: Thou has covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. My substance was not hid from  thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there as none of them. Psalms 139:13-16.  Praise YAH! He created me and I do not come from an Amoeba nor a chimp!  So, if you were once an amoeba or you were descended from chimps, you probably believe in this lie of Satan. 
9.  Global warming, we could save the earth. Even more complicating and sophisticated is this issue than the ordinary mind knows  nothing about carbon credit and greenhouse gases. Satan’s scheme is to confuse and divide. On the contrary, when YaHVaH, ELOHIM, made the heavens and the earth, He puts life in it or enliven it. Life consume energy and energy are replaceable and recycleable. So, in effect, YaHVaH sustained the earth by His laws. What is this global warming all about is  nothing but a scheme to rob the ordinary folks of their hard-earn wages. Made the poor, poorer; so that he is under control of those who propound global  warming doctrine. It’s a lie about an unknown. Only the fearful and ignorant would be taken. Herein, Satan lie through his proxies—fallen man!
10. Feast of our Father replaced by pagan festivals. Most Christians today are addicted to pagans festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, All saint’s Day and All  soul’s day. These festivities are instituted by the church as traditions. Traditions die hard. Satan used traditions to blind and bind. It’s a lie, Such festivals are Satan’s lie to Christians to replace the seven Feast of our Father which YaHVaH ELOHIM established amongst His peculiar people of old. Today, instead of celebrating the Feast of our Father, such as:
     1. The Weekly Sabbath
     2. The Pesach or Passover
     3. The Week of Unleavened Bread
     4. The Shavuot (Pentecost).
     5. The Feast of Trumpet, Yom Teruah
     6. The Atonement or Yom Kippur
     7. The Feast of Tabernacle (Succoth)
Many people are led to believe that these feasts of our Father are nailed to the cross while they celebrated pagan feasts instead. But who is teaching man such and so, except the churches. So the churches are lying for Satan, or have Satan led them to lie?
11. Mother Earth, Mother nature and Mother of God. This notion of Mother Earth and or Mother Nature suggest that the Earth is the mother of all things on earth. Such notion denies the Creator, which is the aim of the enemy, Satan. Scriptures say YAHVAH ELOHIM made the earth and blessed it causing it to grow food for both man and animals alike. Every living things would multiply after its kind. Perhaps because every thing that multiply comes from a mother, so the earth is the ultimate mother, hence Mother Earth or Mother Nature. But without YAHVAH, ELOHIM, the Maker of the heavens and the earth, Who Created and Sustained the earth, and made mothers out of the weaker sex, nothing could grow or multiply. So what is mother nature, and mother earth is another lie Satan told and taught. But far more damaging is the title of Mother of God. Satan knew jolly well that YAHVAH ELOHIM is the Self-Existing or Eternal One and in order to mock at Him, he again uses his proxies, fallen man to lie that Mary is the Mother of God, thus suggesting that God has a Mother like man. This lie is built around the fact that YAHVAHSHOOA came in the flesh to save fallen man, born of a virgin. The fact that the Father and the Son, both, are Self-Existing, do not and cannot have mother, therefore, this dogma of the Mother of God is an insult and mockery hurled at YAHVAH and His Only Son by Satan through his proxies, the churches. It is a big fat lie.
12. Acts of God. This term used in both legal and business circles is meant to insult or offend YAH.  As though He is the One who brings calamity or destruction to fallen man and his possession. But who is behind all the calamity and the destruction that was inflicted on planet earth since man fell?  Satan! Listen to what  the Master said: “The thief cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy.” John 10:10. Who came to steal, kill and destroy? Satan! In Isaiah 14:16-17, this is what the prophet described him: “Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof…” Who made the earth to tremble (earthquake)? Satan! Who made the world as a wilderness? Satan! So who is doing what fallen man called “Acts of God”? Satan, who sets himself up as the God of this world and he intended that man should accuse YAHVAH, ELOHIM as God but he's backfired here since he is the de facto God of this world. It was built on lie. In short, Acts of God are Acts of Satan, since he is the God of this world.
13.  Jesus Christ whom all the Christian world today hailed as their MESSiah is a first
        class lie.  There are many ways to  distinguished truth from lie.  For Jesus Christ,
        here are the facts:
       A.  His Name is a lie, a fake, false and strange name which was popularised and
            made a household name, so you cannot see through it. It is man-made; it is
            an outright lie.  How could a man born a Jew of the tribe of Yudah 2000 years
            back have a dubious name which is not Jewish and there was no J in Hebrew
            and no J in englilsh until the 17th century?
       B.  His Birthday is a Lie, Christmas is man-made.  Ask your pastor where he got
            his Christmas and do not let him get away with this lie. December 25th is not
            the birthday of Jesus Christ when shepherds were said to have brought out
            their sheeps by night as the cold wet Judean winter would have killed them
            all or the shepherds were but fools.
       C.  His picture or image is a lie.  Who has seen him and could vouch this is how
             he looks.  It is man-made., an artist impression, Yet, every denominations
             (demon nations) had  their own version of Jesus" picture they hung on their 
             walls. Who is right?  They are all dead wrong because they are all lies.
       D.  His teachings are lies:
            a.  Jesus Changed the Shabat when he rose from the dead on Sunday. That's
            why Christians today keep Sunday as their Sabbath.  It is a lie. It is man-made
            but authored by Satan.
            b.  Jesus is a son of God.  Find out who is God first. It is a lie. It is man-made
         c.  Jesus died for the world.  No, he did not, Someone else did but He was
            d.  Jesus is coming again.  No, he isn't.  YAHVAHSHOOA Ha MASHIACH
            Whom YAHVAH raised from the dead, He is coming again and He is the One
            to Whom is given power and glory in heaven and on earth, not Jesus.  Satan,    
            the Usurper use Jesus to numbed the soul and he is coming in the Name
            of Jesus so that when Jesus did come, it would be a false MASHIACH, Satan
            in disguise! 
With the passing of time, more lies have been told and more would be told that today, we lived in a world full of lies.  Today, our world is so messed up by Satan with lies upon lies upon lies that many people dont know what is lie and what is truth.Those who believe in a lie, live a lie and they will surely die.  Therefore, before you believe. SCRUTINISE!