The Last Call -- Come Out of Her My People



"YaHVaHSHOOA SAID, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life..."  John 14:6      
"Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free." John 8:32     
The greatest Truth of all time is the truth that "time will tell the Truth. "   When that time comes,  opportunities are gone,  your eternal destiny is done. 
That's the whole truth.
"...Many are called, but Few are Chosen."
YaHVaH ELOHIM, the King of the Universe--The One and Only True and Living ELOHIM--and a Great and Righteous ONE, is ONE, full of mercies, compassion, patience, and longsufferings.  By reason of His mercies, compassion, patience, and longsufferings, He would never ever destroy mankind without a warning. The ante-deluvian world is one great example. In that destruction by the flood, only eight precious souls were spared—Noah and his family. Obviously everyone else did not believe in YaHVaH'S warning, so they perished. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is another stark example. In that case, also, only one family was spared--Lot, his wife, and two daughters. Lot's wife, however, was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back to their beloved house.  This is YaHVaH'S way of dealing with waywardness. YaHVaHShooa (ERRONEOUSLY CALLED JESUS) said, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also, Matt. 6:21.  YaHVaHShooa also said, "No man, having put his hand on the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of YaHVaH.” Luke 9:62.  . There is another case where the people who were warned, repented, and they were spared the destruction that was to come. This was the Ninevites. So you see, YaHVaH is fair and just; forgiving and merciful. He Warns: when you repent, He Spares; you rebel, He Destroys . Even with the Israelites whom He called His chosen people, He dealt with them the same way. How many times He would send His prophets to plead with them: Repent, turn from your evil way….

“YaHVaH is no respecter of person” we are told. He deals with the world today the same as He did with the old worlds, He treats the Christians and pagans alike; He sends rain and the sunshine on the just and unjust. He will save only those who are true and faithful, and are untainted with the sins and evil of their days and destroy all those who continue to indulge in sinful lifestyles to pollute the earth which belongs to Him.  For He may be long suffering, patient and full of mercies, but He is also the ONE who exercises Judgement and Righteousness on earth, (Jeremiah 9:23,24).   He is the King of the Universe and the Sovereign of Esteem.
YaHVaH ELOHIM has a people.  They are in the world but not of the world, (John 15:19).  You know what I am talking about if you are one of them.  Regardless of your affiliation, you are like  a LIGHT IN A DARK WORLD, an ernest member of any church ..   YaHVaHShooa SAID, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me."  John 10:27.  The people of YaHVaH is not identified by the church they attend or the affilliation they ascribed to.  They are those whom He has chosen and He knows them and where they are.  YaHVaHShooa said, "No man can come unto Me, except the Father draws him, John 6:44.  The Father will only draw those who loves Him  to YaHVaHShooa because He is love, (1 John 4:8). How do you know, you may ask?  Those whom the Father shall draw to YaHVaHShooa are those who love YaHVaH and keep His commandments. 
"Visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the sons, unto three generations, and unto four of them that hate Me.  But SHOWING LOVING KINDNESS UNTO THOUSANDS OF GENERATIONS, OF THEM WHO LOVE ME, AND KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS."  Exodus 20:5,6 . 
It's common sense!  No one would befriend an unfriendly person and no one would want to be near a hateful one.  The Father knows better whom He shall draw to His Son for Salvation.  "If ye love Me, Keep My commandments. " John 14:15. "Here is the endurance of the kodeshim, they who keep the commandments of YaHVaH and the Belief of YaHVaHShooa."  Rev. 14:12. These are those who are His sheep.  Regardless of whatever church you are affiliated to, His last call is for you because you are those who love Him and you are those who will keep His commandments.  Are you seeking and searching for Him?  He said, "Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be ye YaHVaH,  while He could be found... Those whom the Father draws to YaHVaHShooa, He will save them in  the last days.
The  time has come and NOW is, before the end of this sinsick world when sins and rebellion against a KADOSH AND RIGHTEOUS ELOHIM HAS heightened; and YaHVaH will once again ARISE to deal with sins in its fury.  Before He is compelled to destroy the world finally, He will call out His people to be separated from those who lied, teaching false doctrines and deceiving the world for Ha Satan.  He will save all those who want to be saved. 
This LAST CALL mentioned in Revelation 18:4 is a CALL for all His CHOSEN PEOPLE to be separated from the sins and terrors in their midst; to be free from the corrupt teachings of their religions or denominations.  Therefore, they must leave their worldly instituted, organised and denominational churches and religions--which is Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots--when they witness widespread sexual and financial scandal in the churches.  This is a trying time  which signals the impending end of the world.
In order to understand this LAST  CALL we need to take a look at the entire scenario associated with it. That brings us back to Revelation 14:6-11. In that passage of scriptures we read of the three messengers with three messages to the world, known as the everlasting Besorah, which is the Besorah of the Kingdom of YaHVaH.. One of those three messages, viz. the second messenger’s message IS TO BE REPEATED as this LAST CALL to “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE…”  Check it out, compare Revelation 18:1-4 with Revelation 14:8. Readers of Revelation should understand why this is so.

The CALL was first given to those in the church for it is right then that CHRISTENDOM must hear of this CALL first because she is supposedly the Israel of YaHVaH. This call was given along with the three messengers' messages over 100 years back during a religious awaking that swept across North America in the 1800s.  But sadly for those in CHRISTENDOM, many have become puffed up; many numbed, many lithurgic and callous, a condition described as mired in the doctrines and glamour of being in the church which is Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots. Therefore, YaHVaH had reasons to send this same WARNING CALL a second time—Babylon is fallen, meaning, that organised and denominational churches “is fallen, is fallen.” When this WARNING is sent out the second time, it is given with a call for those who are faithful to leave their beloved churches and be identified with the Remnant of YaHVaH, or the Kingdom of YaHVaH--"Come out of her, my people, That ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye received not of her plagues." Rev. 18:4.  "COME OUT OF HER" AND GET INTO THE KINGDOM OF YaH... COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS. 
In the context of our modern world, the FIRST CALL was given in the 1800s.  In the history of the Christian church, the early believer was symbolised by  "a woman arrayed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars," symbolising the twelve tribes of the Yisrael of YaHVaH who are now represented by the twelve apostles; "And she was with child..."  (Revelation 12:1,2).  The Revelator use the figure of a Woman to symbolise the believer, both pure and apostate.  This woman adorned with the sun and the moon under her feet symbolise the early Believers--you probably call them the early church.  But there was no church then; they were the assembly of believers who met in the homes every shabbat to study the Torah and to worsihip Abba.  The assembly of believers begin at Shauot (Pentecost) with three thousand being immersed and converted, and then later another five thousand were added..  The sun and the moon symbolise the power and purity of their beliefs, teaching and practices which beams brightly  with power.  The Apostle Paul, writing about the return of YaHVaHshooa put it thus:  Let no man deceive you by any means:  for that day shall not come , except the falling away first..."  (2 Thess. 2:3, 7-8).  This falling away Paul predicted, culminated and took place when Constantine became the first Roman Emperor to embrace the faith of YaHVaHshooa.. The assembly of believers met a deadly destiny and felt.  Persecution ceased and and the assembly grew and gain prestige.  When the assembly gain prestige and glamor, she felt!   Pagans flocked in with their pagan customs and traditions and the church was born.  The church imbibes and is drunk with or adulterated with pagan superstitions and traditions--drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornication which is mixture of truth and lies...  The Church then became corrupt with pagan teachings; the church replaced the assembly of believers.  
The Woman arrayed with the sun and moon under her feet then became a woman, "arrayed in purple and scalot color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH."  (Revelations 17:4,5).  This woman was said to be seated on a scarlet color beast with seven heads and tens horns, full of BLASPHEMIES. vs 3.  That beast is  HaSatan.  The Early Assembly felt and became a woman dressed in purple and scarlet, colours that depict her characters and deeds.  The Revelator labelled her as Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of harlots.  Mystery denotes secrecy or clandestine.  The Church is then secretly Babylon the Great, the Mother of harlots, meaning those who belongs in there are not aware of the deception they are in.  Babylon means confusion and it is the teachings of the church that confuse and corrupt the people and held them in the captivity of Satan, the beast.  Harlots are prostitutes.  Prostitutes sell their bodies and they have many men which characterised them as adulterers.  Adultery is spiritual Idolatry.  Idolatry is false worship and the False Besorah!!!  That is the main character of Babylon--IDOLATRY.  (Today, idolatry in the churches has grown in mysterious sophistication.  They do not only worship gods of wood, stone and painting but use a false name for ELOHIM and His only Beloved Son).  Idolatry, the hallmark of Satan"s deception or lies come in many forms, shapes and sizes.  Hence, the beast with seven heads and ten horns are full of blasphemies.
The early believers of YaHVaHShooa or the Assembly of the Early Beleivers then became the Roman (or pagan) church which later became Catholic, (Papal), or Universal Church.  This was the church that killed those who have the Belief of YaHVaHShooa.  This was the church that ramificated into so many denominations, (demon nations).  Satan the beast is author of confusion and lies  He infiltrated the early believers and He used the churches for his purpose, they are his agent or proxy for deception and captivity.
Then came the reformation which swept across Europe begining in the 1100s AD and which did not do the church any good.  It divided the church and today we have over 2000 denominations in America alone, more confusion, more mixture.  With persecution of the reformed churches by the Mother church in Europe, many fled and spread the reformation to America with the pilgrims settlement on its soil.  America has since been the bastion for Christianity.  Churches grew, denominations multiplied and in the 1800s a religious awaking took placed.  It was then that the preaching of the second Advent of Jesus, the false son of God, started to spread; it was then that the great disappointment of 1844 occurred.  It was then that the three messengers' messages were preached.  This three messengers' messages—the everlasting Besorah--was preached but without the Kingdom of YaHVaH, and there was no call for those in Babylon or Babel (meaning confusion, or confused teaching of the organized churches) to “Come out of her, my people because this call (or task) was not given to them.  It was then that the First Call was given to the so-called people of YaHVaH--during the religious awakening across North America.  This first call constituted the three messengers' messages of Revelation 14:6-11, or the everlasting Besorah of the Kingdom of YaHVaH; a call to fear Him and give glory due to Him and to worship Him who made the heavens and the earth, the seas and the fountains of water... 
In Revelation 18:1-4 we find the second messengers' message of Revelation 14:8 being repeated with a call to "Come out of her, My people that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."  This call came from heaven loud and clear and warned that Babylon the Great (the churchesand or RELIGIOIN) has become a habitation of demons and a prison of every impure spirit and hated bird.  It also tells why Babylon felt which we shall dwell on towards the end.  But get this right, THIS IS THE LAST CALL:  COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE.
Mystery Babylon the great, the Mother of Harlots refers to WORLD RELIGION of which the Christian Churches with its various denominations are a major part which are man-made and they are ALL, the kingdom of fallen man, (6).  Beginning with the "falling away first," which the Apostle Paul warned the early BELIEVERS in 2 Thessalonians 2:1, 3-11, the so-called church of Jesus Christ--the name of the Son of YaHVaH was changed to a false one which became a household name today--beginning with the Roman Churches erstwhile, have misrepresented YaHVaH ELOHIM our Redeemer by their diverse, false teachings and dogmas which served only to confuse the people and cause them to fall into the dragnet of Satan  Babylon is an abomination to YaHVaH by reason of her sins which are the result of her false teachings and IDOLATRIES (fornication) which perverts the minds and destroys the morals in the last days.... 
When would this LAST CALL be given?
The stark answer is NOW!


Now is the time for this Last Call.   Today (NOW) is the time this last call is given.  In the height of moral declension and in the midst of Sexual and Financial Scandals in the churches--the year is 2008--resulting from their false teachings of the scriptures, YaHVaH is sending His message, in a timely fashion, a repeat of the second messengers' message--BABYLON IS FALLEN, IS FALLEN--with a CALL to “COME OUT OF HER, My people. At a time when sins are widespread and the cup of iniquity is fast fillling up; when people’s senses have grown dull and callous and they behave just like all animals do, YAHVaH  is NOW calling on all His CHOSEN ones to COME OUT OF HER, (that is, BABEL or WORLD RELIGION, IN PARTICULAR, THE DENOMINATIONS AND ORGANISED CHURCHES OF OUR TIME), My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins."  What sins?  False teachings with its concommitant IDOLATROUS practices--resulting in Sexual and Financial Scandals--that is prevalent in the churches in our days!  Gay Bishop, Gay preachers, Pedophiles priest, Fornication being wisdespread in the churches, so is legalised adulteries, and financial debaucheries; you name it!
 It should be noted  and emphasized in Rev. 18:1 that this call was given by a messenger of YaHVaH, who  "come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his esteem."   This message is from YaHVaH, "having great power," because it is based on the authority of His KADOSH WORD.  It is a repetition of the second messenger's message of Revelation 14:8 which proclaimed the fall of Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots with a clarion call in Revelation 18:4 for YaHVaH's true people to separate themselves from "her" that is, fallen Babylon, or to forsake the churches that teach false teachings from the scriptures...  Remember, this call is an integral part of the everlasting gospel of the Kingdom of YaHVaH.  It must be preach to the ends of the earth "for a witness against them,"  that is, those who are unbelieving, so that they will have no excuse before the judgement seat of YaHVaHShooa.  But for those who heed this message, they need to leave their fallen churches which teaches false doctrines which are filled with idolatry--Easter, Christmas, Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, making images of things in heaven, the earth and the seas, such as the crosses, rosaries, keeping of Sunday--and blasphemies---profaning the great  and sacred names of YaHVaH and His Son by calling them God or Lord or Jehovah and Jesus respectively, the list goes on and on.  Think about it, these are all IDOLATRIES in their various forms, shape and sizes.  Satan enjoys his wicked laughter when Christians are caught in such practices.  Remember, idolatry is spiritual adultery.  Adultery is a sexual sin.  It is like a woman  who is married going to a strange man instead of her husband. All sin is offensive to YaHVaH and sin is the transgression of the Law of YaHVaH, the Ten Commandments, otherwise known as the Royal Law of Liberty. Those who are redeemed are called from sins to obedience.  They must not be found in the midst of false teachings lest they be deceived and tainted by it.   This message brings light to those who hears as "the earth was lightened with his Esteem."
It is the false doctrines that generated false practices and YaHVaH will judge the world by their thoughts and actions; their beliefs and practices.  Such beliefs and actions constitute sins, because they are based on lies.  YaHVaH hates lies.  It is listed near top of His seven abominations.  (see the Mark of the Beast, coming soon).
In Rev. 18:5 and 6 we read, “For her sins have reached unto heaven, and YaHVaH had remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double, according to her works; in the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double.” What it is like when the Revelator says “her sins have reached unto heaven."  What sins on earth could  have reach to heaven? Sexual sins and pecuniary sins! Sins of lust and greed! These are sins which are the result of manipulation of the devil in human lives.  What it is like for her cup of iniquity to “fill to her double.”? It is an overflowing of the cup of iniquity before YaHVaH.   And YaHVaH knows when to put a stop to sins. When "iniquity shall abound, and the love of many wax cold; " when the cup of sins of the churches are full and overflowing or "fill to her double," a RIGHTEOUS AND JUST ELOHIM will rise to act and send out the plagues--The seven last plagues.  And just before He sends His messengers "TO DO HIS WORK, HIS STRANGE WORK; AND BRING TO PASS HIS ACT, HIS STRANGE ACT" (ISAIAH 28:21),  He issues a warning with a last call such as this--"COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE."   WHY IS YaHVaH CALLING HIS PEOPLE TO COME OUT OF THE CONFUSION AND SHAME OF THE ORGANISED AND DENOMINATIONAL CHURCHES OF OUR DAYS.   DO YOU UNDERSTAND?  Read on...

Is there a time like this in the history of man when homosexuals are blatantly claiming the right to be yoked; that people blatantly disregard marriage as sacred and between a man and woman; that people blatantly live together, fornicate, get pregnant without regards to family values and the married ones blatantly divorced and remarry as many time as they want and they are all over in the churches. In fact, the churches are blatantly lending their hands to help these people commits moral sins, not to say condone them--the churches are not practicing SCRIPTURE Teachings, they are led by government laws and standards--such as the marriage laws and the decree nisi... Therefore, the CALL must be made now.  That Babel is fallen, is fallen and that those who profess to be YaHVaHShooa's true disciples must step out and not be mixed up or mistaken as one of them--"THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS."  (One is either partaker of the Kingdom of YaHVaH or partaker of "her sins," can't be both).  Notice Babylon, or organised churches of our days will fall by their lewdness, by the sexual and financial scandals that will erupt in their midst.  Did you see this in our days?   
THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS AND THAT YE RECEIVED NOT OF HER PLAGUES. Those who are faithful to YaHVaH should not be partakers of the sins of these churches, therefore they should leave their fallen churches right away without any hesitation and or delay, or else they too shall receive the plagues.  NOT BECOME PARTAKERS OF HER SINS. What sins, Sexual and Pecuniary sins! That was the sins that compelled YaHVaH  to destroy the old (ante-deluvian) world, and that was the same sins, that COMPELLED Him to destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah; and that will be the same sins that will compel Him to destroy this wicked world in our time. Yes, YaHVaH wants His children to be “perfect” even as He is perfect and they are to demonstrate to the world a life of RIGHTEOUSNESS; they are the salt of the world and they cannot be marred or tainted by the evil and corruptions that is brewing in their midsts. They must remain untainted. They must not be “partakers of her sins.” In order to remain untainted they must "COME OUT OF HER," OR LEAVE HER, THAT IS THE ORGANISED AND DENOMINATIONAL CHURCHES OF OUR TIME dubbed Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots.  Those who come out will not receive of the plagues YaHVaH is about to send.   They will be shielded as they will be sealed by His RUACH Ha KODESH (SPIRIT of YaHVaH).  Just like the night before the Israelites left Egypt and YAHVaH was about to destroy all the firstborn in Egypt, His people were warned and instructed to killed a passover Lamb and smear it's blood on their door post to be spared; the same will be for YaHVaH'S people today who must come out of Babylon and be COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF YaHVaH.   They must be covered by the blood of the true LAMB OF YaHVaH and be born of His RUACH Ha KODESH into the Kingdom of YaHVaH to be spared.
From our human point of view, being a member of a church is an honor and in some cases prestigious.  However honorable and prestigious that may be, when a sex or any sort of scandal broke out involving any church member; members of that particular church would be smeared, tainted and or bear part of the shame the scandal engendered.  How much more is our Righteous YaHVaH concerned about Babylon and her sins.  As pointed out in the preceding paragraph, YaHVaH'S great people are those whose beliefs and actions are blameless before Him.  They know the truth and they are free from deceptions of the day.  John 8:32   They are reconciled to YaHVaH and they worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. YaHVaHShooa said, My sheep hear my voice and they follow Me, John 10:27.  Do you now understand why He is calling His People to  leave Babylon--fallen, organised churches of various denominations.  Do you know why you must leave when you receive this message to do so?  Do you see the urgency?  Are you His people?  Are you the one He is calling to leave your church now?  Do you recognise the situation surrounding you and the church you belong to?

The fact is, just as in Noah’s days and those in Lot’s days, people do not and would not heed the message of warning. People don’t like warning. Oftentime those who warn are regarded as enemies or joykillers. The day will come when those who send this message of warning would not be regarded as doing a favor to those whom this message is sent but they will be offended and branded as trouble makers. Some people will go to the extend of ridiculing and hurting the messenger, so will it be in our time. And YaHVaH'S judgement will descend on them in such swiftness that none is spared.  So, wise up and heed the warning and respond to this call to "COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS, AND THAT YE RECEIVED NOT OF HER PLAGUES."


In order to fully understand the circumstances and backgrounds for this LAST CALL we must go back to the three messengers' messages of Revelation 14:6-12.  Here John saw, three messengers flying with three messages, known as the EVERLASTING BESORAH OF THE KINGDOM OF YaHVaH, to them that dwell on the earth, to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people...   Let us see what these three messengers'' messages are:
I saw another messenger fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach… Saying with a loud voice, FEAR YaHVaH and give Esteem to Him; For the hour of His judgement is come: and worship Him that made heaven and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. Rev. 14:6,7

First we need to define what is a messenger in Bible prophecy. Messenger as the Bible puts it are "ministering Spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.  Hebs. 1:14.  Therefore messengers are often sent to deliver messages to erring humankind. From time to time, messengers are sent to inform or to warn; some brought good news, some stern warnings. Messengers are basically messengers of YaH and thus messenger in Bible prophecy represents a messenger who bears the message of YaHVaH.  A Messenger flying in the midst of heaven represents a messenger of YaHVaH and the message that is delivered to you from the air in which case it could be the radio, television or the internet.  It is delivered to you through the air wave, or the internet--"flying in the midst of heaven."  Are you ready to hear this message?  This last call message of YaHVaH in our time, the last days, shall be delivered to mankind via the air wave--internet, radio or TV.  This is it.

This message in Rev. 14:7 can be sum up in three parts; three important things earthlings are called upon to do immediately.:   “Fear YaHVaH and give Esteem to Him; for the hour of His judgement is come; and worship Him who made heaven and the earth, the sea, and the fountains of waters.   This message has to do with worship, it is about worship.
1.  "Fear YaHVaH"  That does not mean that we are to be afraid of YaHVaH.  He want us to know Him as the Maker for the Heavens and the Earth by His Great and KADOSH NAME, (YaHVaH); that He (YaHVaH) is the Creator and Redeemer; that He is love and full of mercies and compassion--He made the heavens and the earth and sustained them..  Thus we fear Him, by honoring and loving Him.  YaHVaH does not want us to be scare of Him or fear Him emotionally.  He wants us to honor Him with filial fear.  The wise man said under divine inspiration that:  The fear of YaHVaH is the beginning of knowledge...the fear of YaHVaH is the beginning of wisdom.  It is by coming to know YaHVaH and His Name, YaHVaH, that He is love, He is merciful, longsuffering and patient and that He sent His Only begotten Son, YaHVaHShooa,  to die for us that we would fear Him .  Knowing Him is knowing the Truth for He is the Truth; He never lie and He is unchangeable--trustworthy.   That is why we fear Him, exclaiming, "What an Awesome ELOHIM You are." 
There are valid reasons why we need to fear or revere YaHVaH.  Because He made the heaven and the earth, they all belongs to Him and earthlings who inhabited this earth is living in His domain.  More than that, He is the source of love, kindness, mercy, justice and truth, righteouness and peace.  Last but not least, our lives are borrowed from Him; the very breathe we breath comes from Him.  Once you know that and fear or revere Him by His name you will be led to...
2.  Give Esteem to Him.  When one invented something he patents it, and, it is his invention; or his intellectual property, so to speak.   Why then do we not recognise that YaHVaH is the maker of heaven and earth and therefore, the earth is YaHVaH'S and the fulness thereof.  He said in Isaiah 42:8  I am YaHVaH; that is My Name; and My Esteem will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.  The second part of this message is a call to "give esteem to Him."  When we know that YaHVaH is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and that He loves us and sent His Only Beloved Son to die for us, what must we do?  We glorify Him or give esteem to Him.  That He rightly deserved for He is not only our Creator and Redeemer , He is also our Father who watches tenderly over us day in and day out even before we knew Him. 
What is "giving esteem to Him" and how does one do that?  First we must recognise EL (WHOSE NAME IS YaHVaH  as in Psalms 68:4) is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that in them is.  Then we must acknowledge that He is the benefactor or originator of all blessings.   In a time when Satan the arch-deceiver is sowing seeds of doubts and deception through evolution, (a pseudo-science), and all the false and strange beliefs through religions we must acknowledge that all life comes from YaHVaH and all praises and adorations belong to Him.  We must recognise that we live because He lives and without Him there is no life.  We must not take credit for anything that we are for ourselves but praise Him for that.  We must recognise how weak and feeble we are; sinful and defiled and He is our Only Righteousness, the Sanctified One who could save us in our current conditions.  No!  we cannot and should not take any praise, or any esteem for ourselves but give them all to Him.  Only He is good and only He is Sanctified; to be revered and only He is to be praised.  Beware of those who take the title, "Reverent or father  So and so,".. they are stealing the esteem of YaHVaH, no man is Sanctified or reverent.
Yet we see men and women everywhere, whether by ingnorance or othwerwise, are seeking self-esteem, while many are giving esteem men and beast alike.  They have either forgotten or refuse to recognise  YaHVaH as Creator, and ELOHIM or their ego must have the better of them.  Many even refuse to recognise His Name, His Sacred and Mighty Name, YaHVaH.  They are in cahoot with Satan to make  Him a nameIess ELOHIM.  I once was speaking to a Bible Study group in Prison who are ARDENT student of the Word of YaHVaH.  When I spoke on the Name of ELOHIM, five inmates stood up and storm out of the room in anger.  Do they really know their God?  Obviously they have either not read or forgotten what YaHVaHShooa said in Matt. 24:9, "and ye shall be hated of all nations for My Name's sake." They should have known His Name or how else does one "give glory to His Name" when they don't even know His Name, His Sacred Name--how could you identify and recognise Him without knowing His name?.  The cardinal reason why Christians today do not give esteem to YaHVaH is they dont know His name.  For this is where anyone could identify Him as Creator as in a patent.  You cannot have a patent without the name of the inventor or Maker in it.  Let me point out the significance of His Name and why it is very very special.  It is mark or seal of Authority and Ownership.   After you know Him (including His Blessed Name) and recognise Him as Creator and Benefactor of all blessings to you, and you give esteem to Him, you  will be led to...
3. Worship Him who made heaven and earth, the seas and the fountains of waters...  The third part of this first messenger' message is of paramount importance nonetheless; it encompass our entire allegiance.  It is a call to worship YaHVaH.  But what is worship? Someone stated that worship is “worthship.” And sure it is. For worship is giving the worth to the one who is worshipped. In short, worship is an act of recognition, respect, admiration and adoration for our Creator.   We are to worship YaHVaH and Him alone--and it encompassed our entire allegiance, even to kneel and bow our heads before Him. 
It is obvious that YaHVaH, being the King of the Universe, is the Maker and Owner of this entire universe, and He alone deserves our worship and to receive all the glory. But this was not so, since man fell into sin. Planet earth was and is in rebellion against YaHVaH and His government.  Instead of fearing YaHVaH, giving Him the glory due to Him and worshipping Him, alone, this planet has strayed--like sheep--to worship all kinds of gods which include man and beast and creatures of the seas. Despite the ten commandments stipulation to worship YaHVaH alone and not to make any graven image or likeness of anything in the heavens and the earth or the sea under the earth and the numerous calls to worship YaHVaH, man has repeatedly erred to worship himself and YaHVaH'S other creatures--all worship of anything other than YaHVaH is worship of Satan, because he sought to be worshipped in heaven but failed, and now he is here to seek the worship of man.   One could either worship YaHVaH or Satan.  All other forms of worship--be it of idols, natures, man, or beast--other than worship of YaHVaH, is worship of Satan because he is the "god of this world" who introduced all other worships (chiefly idolatry) to humankind to distract them from worshipping YaHVaH.
With the fall of man into sin, Satan had usurped the dominion of this world and he has since then misled people everywhere to worship almost anything you could think of including money and plant, so as to distract or divert worship from YaHVaH. He has in all subtlety enslaved mankind into the worship of anything that could deprive YaHVaH of our worship. And today, the greatest sin of worshipping other god is the worship of self or personality. Everybody is clamouring for attention and for worship. From New York to Johannesburg, from Holliwood to Bali, Beautiful ladies lined up to be adored, catch your attention and be worshipped, Muscular men, and those with brains and ambitions stood in lines to rival for attention and the limelight so that they take the place of YaHVaH. The result is, they rule over one another and they gloat; they take advantage of one another resulting in hate and strife, even wars but they are not worthy of our worship altogether. When everyone wanted to be worship there could be anarchy.

There is also a very important element that this message carried, and that is the worship of feminine gods. As we all know YaHVaH is SPIRIT,  like the messengers in heaven, they are neither male nor female.  The idea of a female god started long ago. Remember it was Eve who led Adam to sin. And after that YaHVaH cursed her. She is to suffer pain in child birth and her desire is to her husband who will rule over her. And she was the one whom satan used very effectively. And satan knew that. But that was not the end of the story, Satan will attempt to use over and over again any woman figure to mispresent or to replace YaHVaH for worship... just to mock at YaHVaH and to insult Him.  Imagine using the figure of a weaker sex to replace the ALMIGHTY for worship, that is the greatest insult the devil could levy upon HIM.  It is an abomination of abominations.

In order to distort the image of YaHVaH, Satan raised up female gods, or goddesses as we know it today--there is no such thing as goddess in reality. That is the worst of abominations and blasphemies before YaHVaH, the  One Who created the heavens and the earth, Who "hangs the earth upon nothing and spread out the heavens like tents..." And there are many goddesses in the kingdom of man today, the chief of which is the Queen of Heaven. Beginning with Semiramis, to Isis and what have you, from the Babylonians to the Egyptians Queen of Heaven (Jer. 7:18, also Ch 44), to the Roman Catholic Church where Mary, the earthly and human mother of YaHVaHShooa was elevated by man to be above YaHVaH. This message of the first messenger is a call to worship YaHVaH and Him alone and Roman Catholics should know that worship of another beings in heaven above, the earth beneath or the sea under, is idolatry and an abomination to HIM. Therefore, YaHVaH is calling all Catholics who seek Him and those who want to be saved and be spared His judgement to “Fear YaHVaH, and give glory to Him; (not Mary who is dead and can’t hear you), for the hour of His judgement is come; and worship Him that made the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” Rev. 14:6. Mary did not made the heavens and the earth, did she? So why worship her? She can’t even save herself, let alone you. It is YaHVaH and YaHVaHShooa who will save her and save you. So just Fear YAHVaH, and worship Him alone…

The CALL to Fear YaHVaH, to give glory to Him and to Worship Him is very pertinent as He has given us His ten commandments in which the first four tell us that YaHVaH is our Creator and He made the heavens and earth signifying that He is the SUPREME BEING and KING OF THE UNIVERSE who is the real owner of the heavens and the earth and we being His creatures are His subjects in earth and are duty-bound to worship Him like all the hosts in the heavens do. The famous saying goes:  "when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do."  Logically, in the same light, when you are in the Kingdom of YaHVaH, or His domain, you do as the sons of YaHVaH do, or do as the heavenly beings do; they all worship YaHVaH and HIM alone.  Do you know how the heavenly beings in heaven worship YaHVaH?  See Isa. 6:2 & 3.

Yet, despite all the teachings and all the calls, there is still a vast ignorant majority who are worshipping creatures other than Him. People are so ignorant that they even print images of Jesus (it's YaHVaHShooa, but YaHVaH is Great) and wear the crosses or rosaries just like pagan kept their talisman.  This is contrary to the commandments which says:  "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images, or any likeness of any thing that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth  beneath, or that is in the water under the earth."  Ex 20:4.  Isn't the picture of Jesus, an image or likeness of thing in heaven and earth and the cross or rosary a graven image of thing in the earth?  Are you surprised how many Christians are wearing the rosary today and all the churches have cross raised up high? How about the statues of Mary and Joseph and the Apostles? Therefore, everyone ought to be given a final warning before the divine judgement is meted out--it shall be a testimoney against those who do not believe but those who did and repented shall be saved.  And YaHVaH cares not who anyone worship other than Him. As long as one worship any other creatures including himself, he shall be doomed and he will have no excuse. No hope of salvation. Everyone of us are accountable to YaHVaH for our thoughts and actions. Let the world know all their idols and rosaries cannot save them, Only YaHVaHShooa Saves!
True Worship
Before sin entered planet earth, YaHVaH came to have fellowhip with man in the cool of the day.  There was no barrier between them.  After the woman was beguiled, the kingdom of YaHVaH was lost, and the dominion of this world came tumbling down into the hand of Satan.  The Bible refers to him as the ruler of darkenss of this world, and the God of this world.   Knowledge of YaHVaH was then passed down from father to son which often was distorted if not forgotten entirely.  So YaHVaH in His divine mercies called Abraham and in the fulness of time a Set Apart People was raised in the nation of Israel, (Duet 7:6,7).  The Kingdom of YaHVaH was reborn.  Then they rebelled and wanted to have kings of their own.  What happened was when a wicked king ascended the throne, he led the entire nation astray--into idolatry.  And there are more wicked kings than those who fear YaHVaH  So He had to send prophets to warned them of the consequences of rebellion.  The Kingdom of YaHVaH suffered violence till YaHVaHShooa CAME. 
Many people, even the most prominent of theologians included, misunderstood what YaHVaHShooa came to do and not to do.  Amongst the things (the first thing) He did was the restoration of the Kingdom of YaHVaH.  His first pronouncement when He begun His ministry on earth was:  Repent:  for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Matt. 4:17.  The Kingdom of heaven is at hand, the Kingdom of YAHVaH has come and it has to do with worship.  At the well in Samaria, YaHVaHShooa encountered the woman of Samaria.  He told her:  Woman, believe Me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, not yet at Jerusalem worship the Father.  Ye worship ye know not what:  we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.  But the hour cometh, and now is, WHEN THE TRUE WORSHIPPERS SHALL WORSHIP THE FATHER IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH:  for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.   YaHVaH is a SPIRIT; and they that worship Him must worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  John 4:21-24  YaHVaHShooa, our KING and Saviour cannot be mistaken.  He said that the hours is coming when you do not need to worship YaHVaH in the mountain or even in Jerusalem and that those who worship Him must worship Him in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.  What does that mean?  It means the Kingdom of YAHVaH has come and those who have the Kingdom of YaHVaH in their hearts could worship YaH in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH, and ANYWHERE.  How?
We have mentioned that in the beginning YaHVaH fellowship with Adam and after sin entered, the Kingdom of YaHVaH was lost.  Man could no longer fellowship with YaHVaH as sin separates man from Him (Isa. 59:2, Ps 66:18)  Sin mars our relationship with a Holy ELOHIM.  The time has come, said YaHVaHShooa when man COULD COME AND HAVE THAT FELLOWSHIP WITH THE FATHER again and the Son of YaHVaH, YaHVaHShooa led the way.    To worship YaHVaH in SPIRIT one must be born again of the SPIRIT (John 3:3-5, 1:12, 33), that is to received YaHVaHShooa into your heart as your KING and personal Saviour, confessing your sins with repentance.  He would then immerse you with the RUACH Ha KODESH (SPIRIT of YaHVaH).  That is the birth of the SPIRIT that reconciles you to the Father and restored the fellowship Adam lost,  to you.  That will initiate in you the ability to grow in the grace and knowledge of  YaHVaHshooa.  He is "the WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, no man cometh unto the FATHER but by Me."  John 14:6.  In His prayer for the disciples He said, "sanctify them through Thy Truth, Thy Word is Truth."  John 17:17.  Only and only then can the true worshipper worship the FATHER IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.  One need not go to Jerusalem or the mountain, or enter into the majestic churches or what have you; He said, where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them. Matt:18:20.  That is worship YaHVaH in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.  In SPIRIT when you are born of the SPIRIT; in Truth when you have known the Truth, and are santified by the Truth, "and the Truth shall set you free.  He denounced the church leaders of His days saying, In vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.  Matt 15:9.  Are your church leaders teaching you the same, "commandments of men"?  Then you are worshipping YaHVaH  in vain and therefore, this call of the first messenger's message is for you.  Take a close look at yourself and your church. 
In summary, what is worship? 
      1.   Kingdom of  YaHVaH restored, we are being reconcile to Him through YaHVaHShooa, the barrier of sin is broken down, and removed and we can now talk to YaHVaH, fear Him;  give glory to Him and worship Him  Who made the heavens and the earth, the seas and the fountain of waters and be accepted by Him.

      2.   Then our worship can be in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.  In SPIRIT because we are made sons of YaHVaH through YaHVaHShooa, or born of the SPIRIT.  In truth because we are sanctified by His words which is the Truth, not commandments of men.

       3.  NO NEED go to the mountain or Jerusalem or the church to worship the Father but wherever two or three are gathered in THE NAME OF YaHVaHShooa.--we could worship Him anywhere--home. prison, park or what have you.  Do we have to worship YaHVaH in the Church?  You figure it out!

This CALL to worship YaHVaH precedes a very solemn and significant event: “the hour of His judgement is come.” The wise man in ancient time says this: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear YaHVaH, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. For YaHVaH will bring every work into judgement, with every secret things, whether it be good or whether it be evil.” Ec.12:13-14. Amazingly, this was some three thousand years back, and now with the call to worship YaHVaH we are reminded the hour of His judgement is come. (Here, I am reminded of YaHVaH'S great patience, and longsuffering, for He has bored the brunt of sins for thousands of years.). And notice this, judgement has to do with what we do and what is in our heart—What we do, comes from what we believe.  What we believe, comes from what we are taught.  If we are taught false doctrines or deception, it is likely that we are deceived.  If we are deceived, then we do not have the truth.  If we do not have the truth, we cannot worship YaHVaH in Truth.  It follows then that our worship of Him will be in vain.  Is that you?  Then I challenge you to "search the scripture, for in them ye think ye have eternal life; but they are they which testify of Me..."  Do it now, for the hour of His judgement is come.


And there followed another messenger, saying Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of her fornication. Rev. 14:8

The second messenger's message announced the "fall" of Babel or Babylon. Notice “is fallen, is fallen!”   This message which was given by the second messenger is again to be repeated by the messenger in  Rev. 18:1-4. The significance of the "fall" of  Babel will be dealt with later. But what is Babylon? A number of theories have been forwarded with respect to the interpretation of Babylon. Some have suggested that Babylon refers to ancient Babylon which is modern Iraq, others point to the papacy as Babylon. How sure are these interpretation? Who is right and who is wrong?

The term Babylon precedes the ancient nation of Babylon. It was derived from the then tallest building of the then old world, the tower of Babel in which man tried to build a tower that reaches to heaven following the flood. YAHVaH  was not pleased with that, so He confused their communications to disperse them, hence, Babylon means confusion. And what is related to confusion in our days? Organised, denominational churches! (Note: In the Hebrew Scriptures it says: “Babel is fallen, is fallen, not Babylon). Organised churches and denominationalism which teaches doctrines containing lies and deceits that misled the people in the hope of getting into heaven is certainly Babylon. Much of these doctrines are purportedly from the Bible but they are adulterated with paganism--MIXTURE of truth and lies--and what YAHVaHShooa referred to as “teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” which you might say, “Tradition.”  Sadly Christianity today has become a major religion of the world with many denominations, each have their own traditions--it was said, there are over 2000 denominations in America alone, each teaching different doctrines, each claiming to be the true church.  Are they?  Yes, many, if not all have taught from the Bible but all claimed to teach truth from the Bible.  Some even profess "Scriptura Solara,:  meaning the Bible and the Bible alone is our rule of faith and practice.  Yet when you analyse their teachings you'd be shocked that they are truth laced with errors or lies to BEGUILE AND TO DECEIVE even the very elect.   They each teach from the Bible yet their teachings are so different.  They have instead of serving YAHVaH become a depository for the deceptions and lies of Satan; and Satan used them to ensnare and enslave or captivate his preys.. by means of false doctrines, which YAHVaHShooa called "doctrines of Satan" and Paul calls it "doctrines of the devils."  In today’s religious world, religious teachings are so diverse and contradictory that even amongst Christians who teach from the Bible, their teachings are frequently confusing. This CONFUSION is what this message is about. It sums up the teaching of world religions, Christianity is no exception, they are all Babylon (Babel) or confusion. Let us examine how this is so.

Religion is an unnecessary evil so to speak. Satan uses it to beguile, deceive, and  mislead--it is his tools of deception, enslavement and captivation.  He eventually enslaves and captivates his victims. Man uses it to exploit their fellow man and to enrich themselves or take advantage of those who are weak minded . Look at all the donations and tithes that are given or paid in the name of religion; the misuse of this money often leads to financial scandals.  The Kingdom of YaHVaH is not a religion; it is the Everlasting Besorah of  YaHVahshooa HA MASHIYACH or the faith of YaHVaHShooa which cames from our Father, (see Rev. 14:12 and John 7:16-17).  It is YaHVaH WITH US (EMMANUEL), OR THE kINGDOM OF YaHVaH within us--not God with us...  It is YaHVaH in rescue of a fallen race and a dying world; to seek and save that which was lost and to made man whole; by being born again of the SPIRIT or born from above which reconnect with Him through YaHVaHShooa HA MASHIYACH and to be restored to fellowship with Him.  When man sinned and fell, he did not need religion. What he needed is a Saviour.  John 3:16 says, "YaHVaH so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son" to be that Saviour, not religion which cannot save but destroy.  The Kingdom of YaHVaH is a vibrant relationship you can establish and cultivate with YaHVaH through YaHVaHShooa, His Only Son, so that you can grow in grace, a relationship whereby you are reconciled with YaHVaH and restored into His Fellowship just as Adam once enjoyed in the garden of Eden.  It is the faith of YaHVaHShooa.  The Kingdom of YaHVaH is free--freely have ye received, freely give...  And ye shalt know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free."  No need of tithes, no need to be robbed by man who are deceiving you to think or believe that you are robbing "God" if you don't tithed.  Isn't that what they taught you after all?  Isn't that what religion is all about--pay, pay, pay?
Why is Babylon fallen?  Because she made all nations drink wine of the wrath of her fornication!  What is the wine of the wrath of her fornication?  Religious teachings.  MIXTURE of truth and lies or false religious teachings which are nothing but lies and idolatries that deceive the people and confuse them, MAKING THEM DRUNK.  The whole world is drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornications.   In stead of accepting the Son of YaHVaH who came to save, they are drunk with the false teachings of religions, in particular the false doctrines of the conventional, contemporary, mainstream, traditional and denominational churches from mother to daughters...  It is these false doctrines that has now manifest itselfs in scandals.

The Christian Church in recent time have been plagues by both fiduciary and sex scandals.  In Christianity, as in any religion, very often the greed for money and the misuse of sex led to the downfall of millions  of Christian and sadly their leaders too. Sex and money are influenced by church doctrines or beliefs. Sex and money have contributed immensely to the scandals in churches today. And we shall see why YaHVaH is calling  His own out of such corrupt organizations and institutions. He wants His own to be untainted; TO BE PERFECT.  Matt. 5:48
People become greedy because religion can be a source of wealth. Look at the TV evangelists. Which one of them is poor? Many started out penniless, and when popularity shot up, they became rich overnight. They reside in posh districts, live in classy bungalows and drive luxurious cars. They travel first class and put up in luxurious hotel suites. Wealth brings them status—prestige and power. Some even exact huge sums of moneys for personal gains. And if they write books, they receive huge royalties. What are they selling? Isn’t it the gospel?  No! It's the false Besorah (Glad Tidings) they called gospel which is intrinsically God's Spell and you should know who is God. A Deception! 

Is this what their God is doing for them? Is this what their God has appointed. Of Course!  This is man exploiting man, and Satan used them as his proxies to deceive man and to captivate them. But what is YaHVaH'S plan?  He did not ordained that you pay tithe or make hugh donations in order to hear or receive the Besorah.  He said, "Freely ye have received, freely give."  Yet many, many humble working folks are giving away their hard-earned living to their churches while they believe they are giving to their God, when in fact , they are squandering His blessings.  They are giving to man, not God, the least to YaH; they enrich their fellow man, not ELOHIM.  YaHVaH don't need their gifts and He did not take their money.  He said:  Every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.  I know all the fowls of the mountains; and the wild beasts of the field are Mine.  If I were hungry I would not tell thee; for the world is Mine and the fulness thereof.  Ps. 50:10-12.  So who are you giving your money to, Poor Folks?  Fallen Man!

The Kingdom of YaHVaH is free. When YaHVaHShooa sent out the twelve, and later the seventy in twos to preach, He told them to “take nothing with you…freely ye have received, freely give.” Freely received what? NOT salaries or donations I am sure, but the BESORAH. The besorah message is freely received and it must be freely given. It  is not for sale and cannot be for sale because YaHVaHShooa died for nothing. He paid the price for our sins without charging into our accounts. So why do the ministers of our days live on the gospel? Why are they making merchandise of the besorah? Who gave them the authority to do so?  Obviously, their God, you know who he is.  Aren't they a reproach to the Besorah?

Are ministers who sell the besorah living in abomination before YaHVaH? Absolutely! They have erred gravely and they have misled the people--living in lie. Stop giving to these ill-bred imposters, professional beggars!   Give to the poor, the hungry and needy around you and YaHVaH will bless you a hundred folds. Read Isa. 58:1-12 and James 1:27. And those of you who are giving in tithes, read the article in this website on the Tithing Trap. You will see, how abusive the churches can be when it comes to money. No wonder the Apostles Paul and Peter, both warned church elders of their days against filthy lucre. (Titus 1:7, 1 Peter 5:2). What about church leaders today? Would they be tempted had they been self-supporting? This is what YaH wants for them. This is what the Apostles did. Paul was a tent-maker and he supported himself without a salary from the early church. So are the other apostles. The churches of today have erred, they have sinned gravely against YaHVaH for making merchandise out of the Besorah. Those who live on the gospel have become a burden to the besorah, a reproach to His name.  Will they be accountable to YaHVaH?  You tell me!
The other issue that brought down the church is sex. Sex is a greatest gift YaHVaH bestow on His creatures to enable them to pro-create and to relate. But somehow, sex is blown out of proportion from time to time. We find all kinds of sexual immorality and perversions in our midst today. From adultery to fornication, to sodomy, (homosexual or gay) to child molestation and, it's coming: widespread beastiality.  Unmistakenly, this is the work of the enemy, Satan.


In the beginning YaHVaH intend that a man marry a woman and form a family by having children. Today, man and woman got married, divorce and remarry as though it is a small matter. Marriage, they assumed could be repaired this way, or overhauled by replacing their so-called better halves; but whose way or idea are they? Fallen Man’s! Many have lost their sense of morality and hatred for adultery.  YaHVaHShooa said, "Whosever put away his wife... and shall marry another committed adultery, AND WHOEVER MARRY HER THAT IS PUT AWAY COMMITS ADULTERY WITH HER.  Matt. 19:9.    You surely could overhaul an engine but could you overhaul your marriage?  Which part do you replace?  Did you fix your marriage this way? Did it work for you or did you ended up remarrying many times over? That is adultery outright! And YaHVaH hates it… Obviously even the church today are not obeying YaHVaH in respect to marriage as no where in the Bible are Christians taught to divorce and remarry--it is the government who mandated laws on marriage and divorce and the Church is swallow up by Government laws...  Take a look at what Paul said about this in 1 Cor 7:1-3.  Paul taught us that a woman is married to her husband is married to him for life and if she is unhappy with him and left him, she should not be remarried,.  Instead she should go back to him.  Probably the idea of adultery is blown out of proportion because man and woman today do not understand the right meaning of adultery or is deceived to think that adultery is a man having two wives but what is adultery?  It is one having an affair with a married woman, that is adultery. ADULTERY IS MARRYING OR HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED OR DIVORCED WOMEN.  (To understand this issue one must understand the Creation Issue and the Biblical order of things in this world).


Then young women get pregnant and have babies out of socalled "wedlock." It has become a trend. More and more maiden follow suit until this practice becomes accepted, or a norm and we think it is alright with YaHVaH, our ELOHIM, and expect Him to accept our trend. NO! Just as adultery cannot be condoned before Him, so is fornication. Unmarried mothers cannot have family, for where is the father and what do you call the child? Fatherless! What a home is that where there is no head or father?  And what an upbrining?  What an example to set for the young?  "Single mother" is a bad or evil misnomer for an otherwise honorable woman.  It should rather be SINGLE UNMARRIED MOTHER, (Read our message on Christian Marriage). Looking back, America and most of the civilised world has been damaged by this trend, which is the product of the woman's liberation movement. that swept across the nations in the sixties. That has it's ugly side effects which are rearing it's ugly head in today's societies--people who grew up like grass not knowing right and wrong but the rights to live wrong or do wrong.   Is there any wonder why the gays are blatantly demanding their right to be yoked?  Never in the history of mankind!  In Matthews 7:6 we are told, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."  When man accord equality to "the woman who was made a help meet for him,"  they are doing  that exactly.  Now we see  what happens.  Women raising family without their men.  Isn't it sad?  Isn't it tragic? And the victims are the offsprings.  Now, the next stage; the gays are unashamedly demanding their rights to be yoked. AMERICA (and the world at large) WILL PAY A HEAVY PRICE FOR EQUAL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, SO-CALLED TOLERANCE AND POLITICAL CORRECTINESS, which have been abused and it's effect could be far-reaching.

Take another step further, fallen man entered the homosexual world. As though a small matter, some men grew bold and partner with their own kind--ladies too. We all know marriage is between a man and a woman and they could romance, love and produce another human. Then a family came to be and that is the very basic fabric of our society. But what could a man marrying another man bring about. They cannot procreate for sure. They cannot form a family, that is certain. They only pervert. Homosexuality is a perversion, a disorder and a sickness which needs treatment, as do all other physical and emotional ailments of humankind. YaHVaH, our ELOHIM, the King of the Universe detest such a practice, but He could heal them when they come boldly before Him in the Name of YaHVaHShooa.  Homosexuality is a by-product of single-motherhood--rather, it should be "unmarried mothers," or fornicators  or homes where children are left to grow up like grass.  Homosexuality is a by-product of a troubled, or broken home.  Now Gay or homomsexual also want to have families by government sanction.  Isn't it sad?   Isn't it tragic?  And where do you draw the line?


Of all the sins of sex, the worst is child sexual abuse. Needless to say, if uncheck, those who perpetrated this kind of sin may some day be asking for their rights to be extended too--just as with their gay counterparts did now. Such behaviour degrades man down to a level lower than that of animals and YaHVaH abhors it.  Only man and woman who are mentally retarded will perpetrate this kind of sins and they usually do it when the child is alone.  They are cowards and they are filled with demons--demon possessed.

All of these sins are rampant in all of the organised and denominational churches today. All of these indicated to us that they are none other than Mystery Babylon, the Great, the Mother of Harlots. Harlots have lots to do with sex, and lewdness.  To be a mother of harlots means one is producer of harlots.  Either case, they are sinful before a Holy YaHVaH.  Are these sins not derived from upbringing and what they are taught with. Did they teach according to what the Bible says? Surely not!



How did these came about? It all boils down to the state of the heart. YaHVaHShooa the great Healer and Maker of man said this: “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speaketh good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things; and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. Matt. 6:34-35. Why is a man evil and why is he good? It is a matter or the condition of the heart—for out of the abundance of the heart comes human action. A good man is filled with good treasures (good doctrines from YaHVaH’S word) in his heart and likewise an evil man is filled with evil treasures (false and erroneous doctrines) in his heart. From this we know that everyone of us are influence by what we believe. When we were born, our minds are tender and void of ideas. As we grew up we pick up ideas from our surroundings--our families, friends and cultures; then our friends, neighbors, not forgetting the tvs and the movies with lots of lies. They either do us good or ill. For this reason YaHVaHShooa  said, "Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of YaHVaH  as a little child, he shall not enter therein."  Mk. 10:15.   What is the state of mind of a child?  Pure, clean and empty--not filled with human elements, no bias, no deceits, no guile.  By the same reason, Church doctrines are very important. Hold on to the pure teachings of YaHVaHshooa “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free…” Hold on to the false and adulterated or erroneous teachings of the churches, (twisting the scriptures), you are on your way to perdition. YaHVaHShooa Said: My doctrine is not Mine, but His that sent Me. If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of YaHVaH… John 7:16-17.

There are plenty of adulterated doctrines out there in Christendom today, doctrines that beguile and deceive; doctrines that misled and confused. Doctrines adulterated with paganism. Isn’t that Babylon or Babel? Let me give you an example. Almost all of Christendom believes in the ten commandments. Yet, when it comes to the fourth commandments, many denominations excuse themselves and taught that YaHVaHShooa have changed the Sabbath in the fourth commandments from Saturday (the seventh-day) to Sunday, (first day of the week, a day of pagan sun worship). But where do you find a verse in the Bible which clearly says YaHVaHShooa changed the fourth commandment. In effect, those who profess to keep the ten commandments kept only nine, hence broke them all, for the scriptures says, “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. For he that said, Do not commit adultery, said also, do not kill. Now if thou commit no adultery, yet if thou kill, thou art become a trangressor of the law.” James 2:10-11. Is not the fourth commandment part of this royal law of liberty?  Similarly, if a man believes that it is not a sin to be a homosexual, he will be embolden to be one.  But on the contrary, if he is taught from childhood that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that a man to a man relationship is unnatural, his conscience will dictate that this relationship is wrong. His actions are manifested in his beliefs--all human actions stemmed from beliefs.  A man who is homosexual and who knows YaHVaH'S will, would seek healing, not recognition or acceptance. With healing comes acceptance. Similarly, a man who is a homosexual and who practice a loose lifestyles who acknowledge his condition and seek YaHVaH for forgiveness, not rights to co-exist or rights to be yoke with their own kind will be forgiven. With forgiveness he can be healed. Do it right, blessing is yours, do it wrong, woes follow.

The prophet Jeremiah sent to prophesied against the Jews had this to say about the human heart. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked…” Jer. 17:9. Our heart often, not only deceives others, it deceives ourselves as well. When a young man sees a beautiful women and he lusted for her, it is not the eye alone, but the heart as well. For the eye see but the heart lusted. And everything we are doing comes from the heart.  Everything in the heart comes from doctrines. When young man is taught that lust is adultery, he will either refrain from it , flee from it or get a guilty feeling after doing it. Get it right or get it wrong, there it will stay.

Again, what is this second messenger’s message all about. It is about the FALL OF BABYLON. BABYLON  IS FALLEN IS REPEATED. It is with emphasis that this second messenger's message will be given. It tells us that all the organised and denominational churches of our time that teaches corrupt doctrines have fallen. It is fallen because of scandals which broke from within her.  They are drunken with false teachings which resulted in immoral acts and consequently sexual and financial scandals such as mentioned in the foregoings. You have seen it in the news media since the last two to three years. Have you not read of the Investment Funds Scandals, the Pedophile Scandals, the Gay Leadership and Preacher scandals, not to mention the rampant and condoned adulteries and fornications that is going on continually in all the churches today. And these are the tips of an iceburg. SEX AND FINANCIAL SCANDALS WHICH HINGE ON CHURCH DOCTRINES SHALL ROCKED THE CHURCHES AND SHALL BE THE GREAT SIGNS OF THE TIME FOR THE END OF THE WORLD.  YAHVaH shall reveal more to the shock and panic of innocent church goers in the coming days. Then, you will say, “How could I trust the church ever Again.” Too late! Heed the message now and “COME OUT OF HER” (THE HOSTS OF INSTITUTIONALIZED, ORGANIZED AND DENOMINATIONAL CHURCHES IN THE WORLD TODAY) and be spared or just stay put and get ready to receive of the plagues YAHVaH is about to send..
Now, you may ask, where do I go and when do I get out?  The answer is simple; yet solemn!  To the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH, and the time is, NOW!  DO NOT DELAY; DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.   YaHVaHshooa  preached and teached about the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH.  He did not teach or preached denomination and what have you.  What have you and your denominationism will not and cannot save you.  It is YaHVaHShooa who saves and you could count on Him to save you and He is preparing His Kingdom, the Kingdom of YaHVaH for you.  John 14:1-3.  He said:  Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of YaHVaH, John 3:3.   To be born again of the SPIRIT should not be taken to mean membership in a church.  The church today with its moderm sophiscated architecture meant nothing to YaHVaH and cannot be the Kingdom of YaHVaH which is the body of YaHVaHshooa, or THE BRIDE.  For this reason, YaHVaHshooa said, "where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there Am I in the midst of them.  Matt. 18:20.  Halleloo YaH!  It is not the grandeur of the building that matters, but the presence of our MASTER.  For how else could we, the believers have fellowship with our ELOHIM and be the assembly, which is His body, if we do not have His presence?  It is like the days of Israel when the shekinah beamed in the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle.  Today, we have a far more superior presence, the presence of our Crucified and Risen Saviour in the person of the RUACH Ha KODESH  when two or three are gathered together in His Name (YaHVaHShooa, not Jesus--Jesus is derived from IEU and SUS, two SUN gods, put together as Ieusus which evolved to Jesus). 
Are you ready to take a plunge and "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE"?  You do not need your membership in your denominational churches.  You need your names written in the LAMB'S Book of Life.  Get it right NOW.  You do not need  your sophicated and majestic church building.  You need YaHVaHShooa to be in your midst when you worship.  You do not need to be in the crowd (for glamour and for ego); you can be two or three.  As long as you are two or three meeting in His Name (YaHVaHShooa), there He will be in your midst.  Then it is written, "the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth:  For the Father seeketh such to worship Him.  Yachanan 4:23.  ARE YOU IN ESSENCE WORSHIPPING THE FATHER IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH, NOW?
So what are you waiting?  Do not be tainted with the sins of Babel; don't receive the plagues that YAHVaH is sending.  Come out now and worship even if you are twos or threes.  You SHOULD worship Him in the home, anywhere.  No need of big grand building, no need of dead structures.  Those who have space in your home, invite your neighbors, friends and kinsmen over.  Worship YAHVAH and give esteem to Him.  Your son's desire is to preach the gospel.  Do not send him to the seminary.  He does not need that.  Let him search the Scripture and be filled with the RUACH.  That was what Stephen the deacon was.  He did not go to the seminary.  He was full of faith and of the RUACH Ha KODESH.  Your son too, could be full of faith and filled with the RUACH Ha KODESH.  Joel 2: 28, 29.  Let the Kingdom of YAHVAH come to you, even in your heart!!!


And another, a third messenger followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand. The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of YAHVaH, which is pour out without mixture into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy messengers, and in the presence of the LAMB. And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever; and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosever receiveth the mark of his name. Rev. 14:9-11.

The third messenger's message warned against the mark of the beast and it has to do with worship or false worship.  The first was a call to worship YAHVAH and the second messenger announced the fall of Babylon.  The third messenger's message warns against the mark of the beast--received from worship of the beast.  Anyone who receive the mark of the beast shall be tormented with fire and brimstone. Who is the beast?

Again, certain Schools of thoughts have emerged teaching differing concepts concerning the beast. A beast, according to Webster, is a fourfooted animal or a brutal man. But in the Bible, YAHVAH  has only one enemy who dared to openly rival Him. He sought the same worship as YAHVAH. He was in Eden disguised as a beast, and He deceived our first parents and usurped or stole the dominion of this world from them. Now he is here doing his work of deception and destruction against fallen man. And he used powerful figures and organised institutions to achieve his ends, even the churches and the denominations are not spared. In Rev. 12:12 we read this, “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” What a Message! What a Woe! Is there any wonder if the devil use the churches and institutions as His snares of deceptions and destruction? We cannot stop short of identifying that beast because the Scripture says that “then shall that Wicked be revealed whom YaHVaHShooa will consume with the Spirit of His mouth, and destroy with the brightness of His coming. 2 Th. 2:8. There is no doubt Satan the originator of sin and evil is the beast and he is often represented by man or institutions of man; the kingdom of man.  He used those whom he have deceived as his proxies.  Those whom he decieved cannot and will not know they are deceived unless YaHVaH opens their eyes.  Ultimately they are all one in their works of deceptions and destructions.   In Rev. 13:4 we read of the dragon--Satan--gave power to the beast.  In Rev. 17:3-6  we read of a woman in purple and scarlet sit upon the scarlet beast.  Her name in her forehead is :Mystery Bablyon the Great, The Mother of Harlots. Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots is represented by a woman which is the FALLEN CHURCHES.  She sat on the beast which is Satan himself.  She is Satan's agent on earth in the last days. And Babylon is the institutionalised and denominational churches in the entire world today.  She is a religious power. They represent the beast and they are the beast!  They are there to be worshipped and to steal the worship of men from YaH.  They are Satan's agent in earth, the kingdom of man as opposed to the Kingdom of YaHVaH.

“If any man worship the beast and received his marks in his forehead or in his hands the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of YaHVaH which is pour out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and…” What a description? This message warns against worship of the beast which is worship of Satan, or his agent--man, institution or even the Virgin Mary. It is an enforcement of the first and second commandments which is against all forms of idolatry.  Worship is not simply bowing before the beast.  Worship implies accepting and receiving the teachings of Satan and all the false teachings of the NOMINAL, DENOMINATONAL CHURCHES today.  That is worship of the beast.  On the other side of the camp, the remnant is preserved by  "ONE MASTER (YaHVaHShooa HaMASHIYACH), ONE FAITH (FAITH OF YaHVaHShooa WHICH IS FROM YaH) ONE IMMERSION (THE IMMERSION OF THE RUACH Ha KODESH)."   EPHESIANS 4:5

Anyone who worships the beast receives his mark in his forehead or hand which is a serious thing to get. The forehead is the top of the frontal portion of your head. It represents our head, the centre of control of a man.  When you face the deceiver your forehead is directed to him first and when you look at a person you see the forehead right on. And the head is where your beliefs are received and kept. Remember a good man out of the good treasure of the heart do good things. So conversely is the evil man. Hence, when you BELIEVE erroneous doctrines from the churches of our time which YaHVaH called Babylon, or Babel, you are in effect accepting or receiving it,  consequently you are receiving the mark of the beast in your forehead. And, similarly, you will do what comes from your head or what you believed in; when you translate that beliefs into action, you receive the mark of the beast in your hand. “For YaHVaH will bring every work into judgment, with every secret things, (your thoughts and beliefs which is in your heart, they are secrets)  whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Ecc. 12:14.   There will be no literal mark on your forehead or hands to read "Mark of the Beast," but they will be in your head and in your hands--in beliefs and in deeds. 
In Romans 6:16,  the Apostle Paul wrote:  Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?"  Earthlings, (and in this case all churchmen) don't understand or knows the seriousness of believing or beliefs.  When you belief in horoscope or palm reading or fortune telling and what you read or were told is positive,  but did not come true, you are just living in false hope.  Conversely, if the reading or what was foretold to you is negative or stark, you will be scurrying for help.  Why? because it has to do with control of the mind.  Satan knows jollywell that the head controls the body and in order to have your body, he must have your head first.  So it was with Chava.  She believed the serpent and she reached out to take that fruit and she ate it.  She believed the serpent, and she obeyed him, and she ended up as his subject or servant.  Similarly, when they believed in the falsehoods that Satan had sown in the organised churches today, they are in essence believing in the lies of Satan--He is a liar from the beginning-- and they are caught like a fly in the cobweb of Satanic snares placed in the churches.  They became his servants while they thought they are servants of YaHVaH.  Do you see the HORROR you are in?  A paradox of paradoxes.., Huh!

Those who received the mark of the beast will drink the wine of the wrath of YaHVaH which is pour out without mixture into the cup of His indignation. This shows how serious having the mark of the beast can be. To be in the wrath of YaHVaH is certainly bad; to be drinking the wine of the wrath of YaHVaH which is pour out without mixture, meaning concentrated or undiluted package, is indeed horrifying.  Notice, this wine of the wrath of YaHVaH is pour out without mixture (undiluted) into the cup of His indignation. Can you see the intensity of the horror you will be in when you receive the mark of the beast? Is this not what the Revelator says “double,” in Rev. 18:6. 
Earlier in this message, we have mentioned that the second message announce or proclaim the fall of Babylon. The reason for the fall of Babylon was because she made all nations drunk with the wine of her wrath of her fornication.  This wine of the wrath of her fornication as we mentioned are the false doctrines or gospel that the churches are propagating, thus enhancing the deception of Satan around the world.  The entire world is drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornication.  Those who are drunk with the wine of her wrath of fornicaiton are those who will receive the mark of the beast on their forehead and on their hands.  Those who received the mark of the beast will be tormented with fire and brimstone. What cities in the Old Testament were destroyed with fire and brimstone? Sodom and Gomorrah. What sins were rampant in Sodom and Gomorrah? Sodomy, or homosexuality! And all sorts of unnatural sexual behaviors, of course. In the same light, YaHVaH will destroy our world in our time for all the sexual perversions that will abound as it is now. Take a look at the churches in our time. Adultery, fornication, sodomy and pedophilia abound. We are certainly on the road to fulfill these precious prophecies. And what are the organized and denominational churches doing? They condone, they encourage, they nurture and they are “partakers of her sins.” In fact, instead of being a bastion against sins, these churches are partakers of these sins. Or why do you think YaHVaH is calling you to: COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS…” Suffice it to say that YaHVaH must punish all practices that go contrary to His natural laws because He is Righteous and just. He is also the King of the Universe, and a righteous Judge.  He said, "I am the YaHVaH which excercise lovingkindness, judgement and righteousness in the earth; for in these things I delight, declareth YaHVaH."  Jer. 9:24.