Global Warming is ANOTHER great deception of our time, another fat lie. While it is right that we should be responsible for our environment and keep it free of pollutant from combustion and industrial waste--to be responsible in waste disposal in planet earth--what could man do to prevent global warming, if there is indeed such a thing as Global Warming?
In Prov 30:4 the wisest man who ever live on earth, under the inspiration of RUACH of YaHVaH, (The ELOHIM of Avraham, Yitshak and Ya'acov, Who created the heavens and the earth) asked three great pertinent questions to mortal man with regards to our planet and it’s environment:
1.   Who hath gathered the wind in his fists.
2.  Who hath bound the waters in his garments.
3Who hath established all the ends of the earth.
Isn't the wind, or the air we breath, our environmental concern?  Isn't the water in our planet, our environmental concern?  Isn't the ends of the earth, the North and the South poles, our environmental concern?  If so, then let Al Gore and all his cronies answer YaHVaH ELOHIM  before they tell us anything about global warming and their solutions.  That would be more appropriate, legitimate, sound and urgent.
Otherwise, could any of us, earthlings, or anyone of those environmental crackpots, do the impossible, or do what YaHVaH asked.   If none of us could ever answer or do any of these thing YaHVaH asked, why then talk about global warming which man have no control, to say the least, protect or save  Planet Earth. 
     Global Warming is all about control.  Man seeking to control the weather and the
     environment and in doing so wrest control over their fellow man.  Remember! 
     there is no way man could control the sun and the moon and the stars; there is
     no way man could control the water in the ocean and the air in the sky; only
     the Creator has that power for He SUSTAINED  the earth.  Remember! Man is
     given dominion over the fish of the sea; the beast of the fields and the fowl of the
     air, but man was never given dominion over man.
Yet in our world today, we have some people--ALARMIST, raising false alarm--who came out to scare the world for what they call "Global Warming." Some thirty years back, you probably have heard about La nino and then it was El nina. What ever has happened to La nino and El nina now? Disappeared in thin air? Now, we are told that Global warming is man-made and we must cut back on pollution of "mother earth" (another deceptive terminology, wickedly carved out to deny YaHVaH as Creator), or this world is heading for Global Warming; a condition in which Polar bears are dying; and the tide is rising. There are some unscrupulous people who have the audacity to cash in on the Global Warming theory that they came up with carbon offset you could buy so that they could get rich while you remain impoverished. Aren't they the ones who--as Satan's agents-- will take away from humankind what YaHVaH so freely gave and make them pay, even fresh air, water, sunshine and freedom?
Now and then they would come up with something to poke at your ignorance. Once they tell you that cow dung emits a gas which contributes to global warming and therefore the cow population should be curtailed. Then they said that fat people also cause global warming and something had to be done. Someday they might tell you that old people should not live beyond sixty because they also cause global warming. But how long have cows been on planet earth? Why suddenly are they the cause of Global Warming. And when did the people grow fat? Only in recent time!!! Global Warming is surely Satan’s scheme to mock at YaHVaH who created the cows and if I may say so, the fat people too.
The fact is: Global Warming is just a theory that has not been proven. There are so many scientists who disagree on this. Even our meteorologist could not forecast the day to day weather accurately, what more Global Warming!
What then is Global warming? Another Pseudo Science! Satan uses Pseudo Science--this is just one of his weapons--to poke fun at your ignorance and to mock at YaHVaH and as a preamble for deception; as a prelude to a far-reaching or super deception he is preparing for you...
The Torah tells us, “the earth is YaHVaH’S and the fullness thereof, the world and all that are therein,” Tehilim(Psalms 24:1). Long before Galileo found out the earth is round, the prophet Isaiah told us that YaHVaH “sitteth in the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshopppers.” Yahshayah. 40:22. Long before man knew the earth orbits around the sun, Job tells us that YaHVaH “hangs the earth upon nothing.” Iyob 26:7. What YaHVaH had made, He provides for their sustenance. Gases and vapours dissipate, materials can be recycled. Man and animal procreates—they live and die. So GRASSHOPPERS! NO ONE NEED TO PLAY ELOHIM.  No one should; no one could.

The Real Truth about Global Warming, A Paradox!
What shall be  true about Global Warming is this. “And the fourth messenger poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him, (the sun), to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of YaHVaH, which hath power over these plagues,and they repented not to give Him Esteem. Gilyahna (Revelation) 16:8-9. Yes, someday the sun will scorch man and man will curse YaHVaH. Why? Not because of man-made pollution of the atmosphere. Because of man's immoralities and sins! As an example, when a man is murdered or killed, his blood is spilled and the earth is defiled.  How many people have been killed each day? Needless to say, man has strayed and will continue to stray from YaHVaH and they are not worship Him but have altogether become idolatrous. The day will come when man became more and more liberal, so liberal they do not know between right and wrong but demand rights to do wrong or sin; their rights to same sex marriage; to homosexuality; to all category of sexual perversion, including beastiality  and on the other side of the aisle greedy men and women enrich themselves and oppressed the have-nots by paying themselves high executive salaries and commit other white-collar crimes. Then a KODESH ELOHIM is going to say, enough is enough, and He will advise the sun to exercise extreme heat over the earth to punish man for their sins. Do you call this Global Warming? Could your carbon offsets protect you from the wrath of YaHVaH? Foolish man! Read the warning over again and read it right. Global Warming is just another Satanic deception which he employed his agents (man) to cast over the gullible populace. Like fishes, whoever bites on the bait will be hooked. And there are many types of baits out there for people to bite--global warming is just one of them.
The truth is YaHVaH will not punish man for rightfully using the earth for his own needs—poop, pee, fart or exhale as much carbondioxide as they could.. and what's wrong with driving? These are the real basic human necessities.  But He will judge and punish them for the sins they committed which pollute the earth—it is sin that pollutes the earth, not green house gases...  Grasshoppers! See the difference? Now you see where Satan is coming from—how he lied.  YaHVaHShooa had him summed up thus, "he is a liar and the father of lie." It is sin that pollutes the earth and the environment, not what the psuedo-scientist claims. Instead of warning people against immoralities and moral declension of our time, Satan is raising up false alarm, through psuedo-science about global warming to distract, which is such a farce. It’s a distraction, a deception, A ploy!
Do not make yourselves unclean in any of these things, for in all these things have the nations made themselves unclean, whom I am sending out before you.  Therefore hath the land become unclean, and I have visited the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land hath vomited her inhabitants.  Ye therefore shall observe My statutes and My regulations, and have nothing to do with any of these abominations, whether the home-born, or the sojourner that sojourneth in your midst.  Vayqira (Leviticus) 18:24-26

There are two things that according to theTorah will impact the environment or the earth.  One is sin.  When a man is killed, the blood is spilled on the ground and the earth cried out unclean.  The other is the immoralities of man in eating unclean things and engaging in unnatural sex which defiles to the bed.   Yechezkiel 39:24 tells us this:  "According to their uncleanness and according to their trangression dealt I with them, and so I hid My face from them.  What does scientist know about uncleanness and sin of the people let alone their own? 

Global Warming from Charles Darwin

It begin with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the survival of the fittest of species which is nothing but wools over the eyes of many who fell. Then it dragged on to carbon dating and now it is carbon offsets. It’s an attempt by the Adversary or the devil to unseat YaHVaH in man's mind and enthrone himself as god, using the envrionment as a counterfeit issue in contrast to the real which is the moralities of our time.
Global warmimg aside, there are more important and immediate concerns which need to be addressed—famines, pestilences and natural calamities. These will come as moralities of our days further declined and YaHVaH will not tolerate that because it is sin that pollutes the earth; not what the pseudo-scientist tried to sell..
Famines! Yes, famines As cities grow and expand, more and more people are leaving the farms everywhere in the world and more and more farmers are selling their lands for inflated prices. Consequently, agricultural produce will dwindle. Lifestyles have change and so is moral of our time.  Do you see it coming? You don’t need statistic to prove the point, do you? These are things you ought to be concerned about, not global warming, leave it to YaHVaH, ELOHIM.
Pestilences! Yes, pestilences. By their liberal minds and lose lifestyles, new epidemic outbreaks will come. In the last century we have heard and seen of more germs than ever: Ecoli virus, salmonella, bubonic plague, cancer, HIV, mad cow, bird flu AND MORE TO COME that was never on the face of the earth or unheard of before this new age. These are things you ought to be concerned about, not global warming, leave it to YaHVaH ELOHIM.
       Natural calamities such as EARTHQUAKE, would be more frequent and more
       intense—8, 9 or 10 on the richter scale--to hit planet earth as never before as
       the end-time draws nearer. Killer storms such as CYCLONE. HURRICANE,
       TAIPHOONS,TORNADOES, TSUNAMI, and the likes will be more frequent 
       and far more devastating. As the earth approaches it’s end time, Satan will use
       natural calamities to destroy and take as many lives as he could--to him, numbers
       mean much. Mind you, whoever dies without YAHVaHShooa is a subject of
       Satan,for sure. These are the things that earthlings should be more concern 
       about, not the farce of global warming, leave it to YaHVaH ELOHIM.
       Whensoever, whithersoever, the RUACH of YaHVaH is withdrawn, demon
       forces move in; destruction, death and desolation took place.  "The thief
       cometh not, but to steal, kills and destroy..."  Yachanan 10:10
       Yes, natural calamities such as earthquakes, and killer storms, etc., are not the
       results of global warming.  They are the works of Satan and his cohorts who
       invaded planet earth 6000 years ago and are still here doing his works of deceit
       and destruction against mankind--mortal man.  We read of this in Yahshayah 
       14:18-17. "Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake the
       kingdoms;That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities
       thereof...   And in Yechezekiel 28:19  Thou shalt be a terror..." So Satan must
       be a terrorist  and he must have stood behind all his terrorist proxies. So
       before his arrest  should come, he would take advantage of the time he had to net
       his preys.  See Gilyahna (Revelation) 12:12.
The truth about Global Warming is this. Satan is using his earthly agents, man and his kingdoms—individuals, groups, entities and establishments alike--to deny YaHVaH who is the CREATOR and SUSTAINER of Planet Earth so he could deceive and destroy man. What global warming is doing is to divert attention from belief and trust in YaHVaH to man-made carbon credit just as evolution sought to defeat the belief that YaHVaH is the Creator of heavens and earth in place of the big bang theory. But until today, the theory of evolution still cannot explain how this universe came into existence (leave alone the big fat lie of the big bang theory). Given that life begin from a single cell which is in the universe and where does the universe come from? So you see, as the conflict of ages rages and culminates, Global Warming will be a sign of the time pointing us to the end of time; it's a deception!
What the Global Warming Alarmists are doing is to discredit the Creator of the heavens and earth with lies and half-truth about our environment which they have no powers to control. In doing so, they are playing proxies to Satan, to deceive, mislead and captivate the whole world. This is just another weapon Satan uses and more will come as he perfects it. So watch out and dont be fooled. These are no doubt Satan's agent sowing seeds of rebellion against YaHVaH who made this earth.
In a single stinking action that achieve dual-ends, Satan first, through man as his proxies, sought insidiously to destroy the notion of Creation--remove YaHVaH completely out of man's mind; he used idolatry in ancient time and global warming in our days--while seeking to make man rely on himself to solve his own problem which is disillusional and non-existent while simultaneously benefitting his proxies who are man who champion his cause.   What a fine idea? What a fine scheme? What a deception?  What a great, fat lie?
Guess what will happen when these psuedo-scientists get their way. You will someday soon have to pay for the air you breathe, and for the sunshine you get to warm your day, Your energy bill will get higher and you will have more bills coming your way. They will create jobs and wealth for themselves to get rich while you will remain their pawns always. Believe in Global Warming, you will be their preys. For Satan uses Global warming to deceive the whole world, while his proxies--global warming pseudo-scientist, who are Satan's agents--use it to exploit their fellow-man, to make them pay, pay, and pay!