Christmas--The Tradition of Man    

by Mrs. Daa'iyah Fisher Salaam

During the year-end celebration of the tradition of our Savior, YaHVaHSHOOA’S Birth, it grieves me to see the teachings of man’s traditional way. Mashiach was not born in December, and most, if not all preachers, teachers and ministers know this. They are perpetuating a lie of a most grievous nature. The heads of churches (places of worship), has this knowledge, but continue to teach this lie. They are refusing to break with man’s tradition. YaHVaHSHOOA, in Matthew 15:3 said: "Wherefore do ye also transgress the commandments of YaHVaH for the sake of your traditions?" Again in Mark 7:6-8, He said, "Well prophesied Isaiah concerning you, ye hypocrites as it is written, The people with the lips do honor me, while their hearts far off holdeth from Me, But in vain do they pay devotions unto me, teaching for teachings, the commandments of men: Having dismissed the commandment of YaHVaH, ye hold fast the tradition of men."

These heads of churches are following man’s tradition rather than YaHVaH’S commandments.

This time of the year most places of worship are decorated to celebrate the Savior’s Birthday. Some have huge trees all decorated with silver and gold. This is what Jeremiah 10: 1-4 has to say: "Hear ye the word which YaHVaH hath spoken unto you, O Israel: Thus saith YaHVaH, Unto the way of the nations become not ye accustomed, nor at the signs of heavens be dismayed at them, For as the prescribed customs of the peoples, vanity they are, for a tree out of the forest one cutteth down, with the axe: With silver and gold he decketh it, with nails and hammer they fasten them, that they may not tottle."  What do this reminds us of?

Is the 25th of December the day to celebrate our Savior’s Birthday? NO! I personally think that the preachers, teachers, and ministers continue to practice this custom to rob their congregations, are desirous of monetary gifts. HYPOCRITES!

The Early Believers did not practice “Christmas." Some say this tradition started in 274 AD, by Emperor Aurelian, and was called “The Birth of the Invincible Sun." The Romans even gave gifts. When the pagans came into the church, who were also sun worshipers, they had a celebration of the Winter Solstice, December 25th . The Catholic Church consecrated this tradition to appease the pagans. This was the birth of “Christmas." This is only one tradition in the church today of pagan roots. The heads of the church should be ashamed to mix truth with falsehood, making a mockery of YaHVaHShooa's sacrifice. YaHVaH will not be mocked. This is what Jeremiah 23:25 says: "How long shall it be in the heart the prophets (preachers) to be prophets (preachers) of falsehood, and prophets (preachers) of deceit of their own heart?"

If the truth was understood, the people would do what Revelations 18: 4 says: And I heard another voice out of heaven, say, “COME FORTH, MY PEOPLE, OUT OF HER ,THAT YE MAY HAVE NO FELLOWSHIP WITH HER SINS, AND OF HER PLAGUES THAT YE MAY NOT RECEIVE."

Nowhere in the Bible is there a birthday party for YaHVaHShooa. The only party, for a birthday was for a pagan King, who married his brother’s wife, and beheaded John the Immerser.

We must remember to do as 2 Timothy 2:15 says: "Give diligence thyself approved to present unto YaHVaH, a workman not to be put to shame, skillfully handling the word of truth."

I have been called a legalist in some areas, but I call myself trying to be obedient. I know that works will not get me into “heaven” it is by faith in the blood of YaHVaHShooa. Salvation is a free gift. We should not use our liberty to fall victim to the flesh.

I encourage you to give diligence to present yourself to be approved of YaHVaH, and know that He will never leave you or forsake you. He is a loving and forgiving Elohim. His Word says that we should be holy for He is Holy. We should strive to please Him to make our Elohim and His Son smile. Everything we do should be done as unto YaHVaH.

I pray that this offering will bless those that read it.
To YaHVaH be the glory.

All scripture is from the Sacred Name Restored Bible.