Who Are The 144,000

Many doctrines have been put forth with regards to the 144,000. Every church and every denomination has her own explanations and, or interpretations of the 144,000. Even in the internet, books and journals, many tried to convince the world their stories about the 144,000, right or wrong. We are not concern about what has been written, said or taught about the 144,000. We are not here to convince. We are concern about teaching the truth concerning the 144,000.

The 144,000 was only mentioned in Revelation chapter 7,  9, 14 and 22, respectively.  No other scripture talks about it. So you would think information about the 144,000 is scanty and, or insufficient. Let me tell you the truth, in just the three or four passages of scriptures available, plenty of light has been shed on the 144,000 you'd be amazed.  Do not get it wrong!
The 144,000 is a special group of privileged  and Set Apart ones who are mentioned only in the book of Revelation. They are a Spiritual people--Spiritual Israel--and Paul tells us that Spiritual things are Spiritually discern, meaning, anyone who is not born of the RUACH (SPIRIT) cannot understand spiritual things or the thought of YaHVaH, the Almighty, Who is RUACH. John 4:24.   One cannot and does not need hermeneutics or exegesis to understand Devar YaH or the Word of YaH, for these are human or mortal efforts or inventions of fallen man--flesh and blood. Everyone NEEDS the RUACH Ha KODESH to "CAUSE" him to understand Devar YaH, no human devices or inventions could--certainly not hermeneutics or exegesis. We shall identify the 144,000 base on the scriptures in Revelation chapters 7 and 14, and also in Revelation 9:4 and 22:3, 4 and we shall reveal who they are.


It should be noted that the 144000 was first mentioned between the sixth and the seventh seal of Revelation chapters 6 and 8 and it is about the SEALING OF YaHVaH's Servant. That tells something about the timing of the sealing of the 144000. Oh yes, it is a time before the four messengers were to unleash the harms (destructions), they were empowered to do to Planet Earth.  YaHVaH ELOHIM must SEAL His Servants before destruction or troublous time; or before destruction comes to Planet Earth.  In Revelation 7:1-4 we read:
"After this I saw four messengers standing at the four corners of the earth, holding fast the four winds of the earth that no winds might blow upon the land, or upon the sea, or upon any tree. And I saw another messenger ascending from the rising of the sun, holding the SEAL of the LIVING ELOHIM; and he cried out with a loud voice unto the four messengers unto whom it has been given to injure the land and the sea, Saying, Do not injure the land, and the sea, or the trees, UNTIL WE HAVE SEALED THE SERVANTS OF THE LIVING ELOHIM upon their foreheads. And I heard the number of the sealed, A HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR THOUSAND, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel."  Revelation 7:1-4
Here is the scenario. John saw, four messengers, standing at the four corners of planet earth. Then he saw another  messenger ascending from the East who is holding the SEAL of the LIVING ELOHIM, and he cried to the four others, do not hurt the land and the sea and the trees till "we" have seal the SERVANTS OF THE LIVING ELOHIM UPON THEIR FOREHEADS. Before destruction comes to Planet Earth, YaHVaH ELOHIM sends His messengers to take security measures concerning all His servants who are still here before the end of time--before the four other messengers are to unleash their vengeance on planet earth to hurt the land, the sea and the trees--the 144000 must be SEALED...  The heavenly messengers who cried to the four others to hold back the harm they are about to unleash on Planet Earth was seen "holding the SEAL of the LIVING ELOHIM. "  To him was given the task of SEALING the SERVANTS OF THE LIVING ELOHIM.  The 144000 are therefore, servants of the LIVING ELOHIM in the end time history of planet earth who must be sealed before troublous time so that they could endure till the reappearance of their Master YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIYACH.  None of them would see death--you would know why later as you read.  They would be sealed so that no harm could come upon them,  (see mark 16:16-18 and Proverbs 18:10).  This is significant! In Revelation 9:4 we read that when the fifth trumpet sounded a new specie of locust would come from the abyss which would torment man but they were bidden to hurt only those men who do not have the seal of  YaHVaH upon their foreheads.. During end time, many catastrophies such as superstorms, earthquake and tsunami, famine and pestilences, predicted in Scriptures and more so in Revelation chapters 6 to 8 would transpire, and many shall die, hence YaH need to seal His Servants so that they could endure to the very end of time.


Now, here the excitement begins. The 144,000 are the servants of the LIVING ELOHIM, (see Revelation 7:3.) and they would be SEALED ON THEIR FOREHEAD before the four messengers would unleash the four winds of the earth to hurt the land, sea and trees--time of trouble (Jacob's trouble?) for planet earth. 
In order to understand this better, three pertinent questions would suffice to unfold the truth.
1. Who is the Living ELOHIM
2. What is the Seal of the Living ELOHIM
3. Who are the servants of the Living ELOHIM
To answer these question truthfully, we must refer to Devar YaH or the Word of YaH and let one Devar YaH unlock another Devar YaH.

It was noted in Revelation 7:3 that the 144000 was sealed with the seal of the LIVING ELOHIM on their forehead.  Who then is the LIVING ELOHIM?  In Revelation 14:1 we noted that the 144,000 have His  Name and the Father's Name written on their forehead.  Who is He and Who is the Father.  This question was asked three thousand years back by the wise man in Proverbs 30:4.  Who hath ascended into heaven and descended? Who hath... What is His Name and what is His Son's name?  He mentioned here, is obviously none other than the Lamb of YaH, YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIACH, Who is seen here with the 144000 on Mt Zion; Who is the Son of YaHVaH (YAH for short), and the Father is YaHVaH Himself and they are the One and Only LIVING ELOHIM (Mighty Ones--the Father and the Son) who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is, for there is no other ELOHIM besides Him, neither is there any before nor after Him.  No one could dispute that.  All others are called God, or Lord, who have eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear and hands that cannot move.  Therefore, they cannot create, suffice to say seal to save.

Besides, When you put the facts in these scriptures together,  the 144,000 were sealed by the Seal of the LIVING ELOHIM on their foreheads in Rev. 7:2,3.  In Revelation 14:1 we read that the 144,000 who stood on mount Zion with the lamb of YaH has His and the Father's Name on their forehead.  By these we have established that the Father and His precious Son Whose Names are on the foreheads of these 144,000 are the LIVING ELOHIM. 
There is only One True and LIVING ELOHIM who made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is; there is no other ELOHIM besides Him, neither is there any before nor after Him and YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIACH Who comes from His bosom is His Only Beloved Son, the Lamb of YaH Who takes away the sins of the world.  This is in contrast with God made of wood and stone who have eyes that cannot see; mouth that cannot talk; ears that cannot hear and hands that cannot move, see Psalms Chapters 115 and 135.  This is also in contrast with the one who disguise himself as the "God of this world."
In 2 Kings 18 we read of a story of Sennacherib who came and took all the fortified cities of Judah. He then sent his military commanders to convince the Jews in Jerusalem to give in and not resist.  He questioned the trust they put in Egypt and in horses and chariots.  Then he challenged them not to trust in King Hezekiah and YaHVaH, the "LIVING ELOHIM."  He compared YaHVaH to the idols of all the nations Assyria had then conquered.  Hezekiah trusted in YaH and so he summoned for Isaiah the Prophet.  This is what is written in 2 Kings 19:4.
"It may be YaHVaH thy ELOHIM will hear all the words of Rabshakeh, whom the king of Assyria his master hath sent to reproach the "LIVING ELOHIM," and will rebuke the words which YaHVaH thy ELOHIM had heard, wherefore lift thou up a prayer, for the remnant that remaineth."
In 2 Kings 19:16, King Hezekiah prayed thus:
Bow down, O YaHVaH, Thine ear and hear, open O YaHVaH Thine eyes and see, yea hear Thou the words of Sennacherib who hath sent, to reproach a "LIVING ELOHIM."
Isaiah the prophet came and gave the nervous King Hezekiah the good news.  The next day, 18,500 Assyrian soldiers were dead and Sennacherib and his captains had to flee.  A heavenly messenger came in the night before and executed all of them.   Who is the LIVING ELOHIM mentioned here?  He is the same LIVING ELOHIM Who is mentioned in Revelation 7:2 Who is sealing His servants prior to the harms coming to earth. His Name is YaHVaH or YAH for short; the same One and Only LIVING ELOHIM who make the heavens and the earth.
There are many other scripture references in which YaHVaH is known as the Living ELOHIM, in Job, Psalms and the Prophets you could read for yourself. There is no disputing. Psalms 42:2 is a MASHIACHic reference to Him as a Living ELOHIM.  Psalms 84:2 is another one.  Jeremiah 10:10 declared of YaHVaH as the "ELOHIM of truth, He is ELOHIM that liveth..." YaHVaH is the Only One Who is the LIVING ELOHIM I know.


Revelation 7:2-4 mentioned the sealing of the 144,000 servants of the LIVING ELOHIM with the SEAL of the LIVING ELOHIM. It is also noted that the servants of ELOHIM are sealed on their foreheads. In Revelation 14:1 John saw the 144,000 standing on Mt Zion with the Lamb of YaHVaH and they have His and the Father’s Name written on their forehead. The same is repeated in Revelation 22:3, 4. His servants shall render divine service to Him and they shall see His face and His name shall be upon their foreheads. 
Putting these facts of the Scritures together, since, the 144,000 are sealed with the SEAL of The LIVING ELOHIM on their foreheads, Rev 7:3 and that the 144,000 who stood on Mount Zion with the Lamb have the Father and the Lamb's Name written on their forehead, Rev. 14:1; the Seal of the LIVING ELOHIM must be none other than the Names of the Father and His precious Son, YaHVaH and YaHVaHSHOOA.
In view of the preceding scriptures, we have established that the seal of LIVING ELOHIM is the Majestic and Magnificent Name of THE FATHER, and the Majestic and Magnificent NAME of His Precious Son, (Rev. 14:1), the symbol of Authority over the heavens and the earth, but what is His Name.
What is His name? This question was asked by the wise man three thousand years back and till today, not many people seems to know “what is His Name and what is His Son’s Name.” Proverbs 30:4. The answer is found in Psalms 68:4, His Name is YaH, short for YaHVaH. So YaH our Heavenly Father and His Son is the LIVING ELOHIM and their Names "YaHVaH" and YaHVaHShooa respectively is the seal of the Living ELOHIM.   We now have proof that the SEAL of the Living ELOHIM is the Names of our heavenly Father and His Son, YaHVaH and YaHVaHShooa respectively, not God or Lord, or Jehovah or Jesus.  YaH is the short form of YaHVaH of our heavenly Father's Name, the Greatest Name in the entire Universe. A sovereign Name, a Royal Name and a Majestic Name!  "There is no other name under heaven given amongst men whereby we must be saved."  Act.s 4:12.


Before destruction comes upon planet earth, the servants of the LIVING ELOHIM would be sealed by His Name. They would be sealed and protected from the harms or destruction that shall come to Planet Earth during the troublous time--meaning they shall endure to the end, till YaHVaHSHOOA'S reappearance. How does one qualifies as a servant of the Living ELOHIM?  In the Written Word, a servant of the Living ELOHIM is anyone who do His will.  Anyone who is born into the Kingdom of YaH is born to be His witnesses.  They are His servants.   All the prophets of old were the servants of the LIVING ELOHIM.  Avraham was said to be a prophet.  He is also declared a Friend of the LIVING ELOHIM by YaHVaH, Himself.   In the days of Israel, two men who rose to prominence from the rest of all the prophets were Moshe and Elias, both had fought idolatries.  Moshe led His people out of Egypt while Elias challenged the false prophets of Baal and destroyed them.  Moshe, whom YaHVaH pronounced must die would be raised in the resurrection of the dead at YaHVaH's appointed time.  Elias requested to die but his prayer was answered in a most rewarding way.  He did not see death; death has no power over him.  Instead he was taken up in a chariot of fire.
Moshe represent those who from ages immemorial has died in the faith of YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIACH who should be partakers of the first resurrection when YaHVaHSHOOA shall reappear.  Elias represent the 144000 who shall be caught up to meet YaHVaHSHOOA in the air when the last trump shall sound, and the dead shall be raised.
When scripture says that the Servants of ELOHIM are sealed on their forehead, it simply means their minds and thoughts would be inscribed with the name of the Most High.  His name is written in their head or mind.  Faith in YaHVaH is needed to please Him--for those who come to Him, similarly faith in His Name is required for those who would be sealed by His Name.  YaH ELOHIM would not seal anyone who do not believe in His Name, that is for sure.  How could they be sealed with His Kadosh Name if they do not glorify, honor and love His Kadosh Name?  How could they glorify, honor and love His Kadosh name if they do not believe in His Kadosh Name?  How could they believe in His Kadosh name if they do not know His Kadosh Name?  This is self-evident with those who preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and prayed to God; they do not know YAHVaH, ELOHIM and His Only Son, YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIYACH. 
Obviously, if YaHVaH is His Name and they are going to be sealed by His Name, then, His servants must be those who knew His Name; must be those who teach, preached and proclaimed the Father and the Son's Name and there are only 144,000 whom YaHVaH, our Heavenly Father shall CHOSE.  In short, they are those who believe, love, honor, give esteem, praise and lift up His Name.  Therefore, His Name is inscribed in their minds or thoughts as the forehead represent.
Then they who revered YaHVaH conversed one with another; and YaHVaH hearkened and heard, and there was written a book of remembrance before Him, for them who revered YaHVaH, and for such as thought of His Name.  Malaki 3:16.
What do servants do? They serve! How? They preached and proclaimed His true Name, YaHVaH ELOHIM. How could they proclaim His Name if they do not believe in His Kadosh Name?  Thefore, they must know and believe in His Kadosh Name. They do not lie about His great and Kadosh Name. They do not call Him God which means idol and demean or belittles Him. They honor His Name and therefore, they would be sealed by His Name. That name is YaHVaH ELOHIM, and YaHVaHSHUA, His Only Beloved Son, not God or Lord which is modern idolatry.  Those who serve God preached God and those who serve YaHVaH and YaHVaHSHOOA preach YaHVaH and YaHVaHSHOOA. Period!
In striking contrast, we see in Revelation 14:6,7 a messenger of YaHVaH or a servant of YaHVaH preaching the everlasting gospel of the Kingdom of YaHVaH to every nations, kindred, tongues and people, saying with a loud voice, Fear YaHVaH and give glory to Him, because the hour of His judgement is come, and worship Him Who made the heavens and the earth, the sea and the fountains of waters.
How could one fear Him, give him esteem and worship Him without Knowing what is His Name or believe in His Name? So all the ministers of the conventional, contemporary and mainstream churches in this world are of this world, for they do not know Him, Who is not of this world. They do not believe in His Name and some do not even know His Name while the majority of them denied His Kadosh Name knowingly, unwittingly, or otherwise--their god is a nameless one, unidentifiable! Therefore, they are not preaching His Besorah. They preach a gospel (God Spell) without the Name of the Author of the gospel, how ridiculous?  They are preaching confusion and profanities that comes from the author of confusion and profanitites, Satan! How then could they be sealed by the Father’s Name, Therefore, there is apparently plenty of lies in their gospel. YaH hates lies.
Praise YaH, you are here. If only 144,000 would be amongst the living to be airlifted to meet YaHVaHShooa in the cloud at the time of His return, where do you stand? What is your fighting chance to be amongst the 144,000? Out of 6.6 billions men and women, adults and children in planet earth, if only 144,000 living at the time of YaHVAHSHOOA'S return would be caught up to meet Him in the cloud, what is your fighting chance? Scary, is it not? Consider this! In the days of Noah, only eight souls were spared; at Sodom and Gomorrah, only three were saved. What about our world today? I shudder to think about it!

THEY ARE VIRGINS. Revelation 14:4-5

"These are they who with women were not defiled, for they are virgins... And in their mouth was found no falsehood, faultless they are."
It is very important to understand that this group of people are servants of the Living ELOHIM who are sealed by His Great and Kadosh Name and that of His Son by their numbers.  It is equally important to know that they are virgins.  Since we have determine they are the Servants of YaHVaH ELOHIM who would be sealed by His Majestic and Magnificnet Name, the next thing is to find out what virgin here mean.  It is mentioned that they are virigns and they have no falsehood. Virgin here do not refer to the physical aspect of life as it is not customary to ascribe virginity to a man. Virgin here is Spiritual--Spiritual Virgin, just as the 144,000 is a Spiritual people--meaning, they have not been tainted with idolatry, represented by women; for idolatry of any sort--be it the making of and bowing down to idols or preaching or uttering the names of idols--is definitely spiritual adultery, in contrast to spiritual virgin. Spiritual adultery is idolatry which is a lie or falsehood as the verse say, “in their mouth was found no falsehood...  idolatry is false worship or worship of false god which is falsehood or lie.  Surely this is not about sex but virginity of the heart--heart that is not tainted with idolatry which is spiritual adultery.
We have mentioned that Elias represents those living servant of YaHVaH at the time of YaHVaHSHOOA'S return who shall be caught up with their resurrected counterparts to meet our MASHIACH in the air.  When Elias was hunted by King Ahad, he requested of YaHVaH to take his life--of course it is better to die at the hands of a merciful YaHVaH then a wicked King.  YaHVaH, responded by showing him that He had 7000 reserved whose knees have not bowed to Baal and whose lips have not kissed him.  Now, Baal was then worshipped big time.  Notice these 7000 did not only never bowed to Baal with their knees, they also have not kissed him with their lips or call on him, pray to him or praise him. 
What could we see in common today?  All the contemporary, conventional, mainstream and organised churches today have become idolatrous one way or another.  Some have idols to bow down to or worship; others have idols they pray to and praised as God, Lord and Jesus.  During this time, the name of YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIACH is obscure.  A time would come when His name would be hated and the servants of the Living ELOHIM who preach His Name would be hunted like Elias.  Hallelu YaH!  They shall be sealed and they shall not see death, and they are Virgins and in their mouth is not found falsehood.  Simply put, they would not only not bowed to idols of any sort; they have not kissed them, that is, pray, praise or call to God, or the Lord...  or no idolatrous act or utterances; no falsehood.  Just like the 7000 reserved, these 144,000 are completely free from idolatry in any form shape or sizes.  They are the bride of the Lamb in the New Jerusalem.


Who could fit in here? The 144000 is a special number.  The very fact that the number is limited to 144,000 tells us something. If you consider the ministers--the so-called servants of God (versus servants of the Living ELOHIM) and you know who is God--in the international churches (conventional, contemporary, mainstream or traditional churches)--in our time their number is overwhelming and stilll growing, they are too many to fit. So who are this special group who would received the seal of the Living ELOHIM and are considered Spiritual virgin by the Almighty? The answer is clear. Those who preach the Father's and Son's Name--the Son carried the Father's Name too--YaHVaHSHOOA, meaning YaH Saves. How could anyone who preaches God or Jesus be sealed with the Kadosh Name of YaHVaH? Impossible! Unless one recognised His name, and acknowledged His Name, believe in His Name, honor His Name, praise His Name and give esteem to His Name, it is impossible he would and or could preach such a Name. Unless one preach His Name, it is impossible he be sealed by His name. Only the 144,000 would be sealed by the Father's and the Son's Name because they preach and proclaim YaHVaH made the heavens and the earth and all that in them is and there is none else besides Him, and YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIACH is His only Beloved Son, the Lamb of YaHVaH, Who takes away the sins of the world; that is what the servant of the Living ELOHIM do!
Take a look at the worldwide churches, which one did not teach you about Jesus Christ and about God? Everyone of them did. But when you tell them the truth, the true Name of YaH and His Son, YaHVaHSHOOA, they denied it. They denied His great and Kadosh Name! How could He then seal them with His Mighty Name? How could they be His Servants? They are not teaching His truth, they are lying about His Name. They are preaching idolatry which is spiritual adultery. That cannot be virgin. But this group do not have falsehood and the falsehood is about His great and Kadosh Name, YaHVaH ELOHIM. So how could preacher of lies be sealed? No, It is those who preach the true, great and Kadosh Name of YaHVaH ELOHIM who would be sealed with the Father and Son's Name, not those who preach Jesus or God--which God, there are so many--but our ELOHIM is One.
Take a look at the Christian churches. Which denomination has 144,000 servants of the Living Elohim, not ministers or servants of God (Satan is the God of this world). Their numbers are either too big, if taken in total or too small, if taken by denomination. Taken together, the total clergy population in the Christian world outnumbered this group, viz. 144,000. So they could not possibly be the 144,000. In heaven, there would be no denomination, and no religion; only sons of YaHVaH, ELOHIM, Who is no respecter of person.
Now we already know that the number for fallen man is 6 which looks like a man with his head down.  Adam was made a sovereign man and given dominion over the earth, his number was 9, symbolising a man in his right state of mind--in alignment with YaHVaH.  When he disobeyed YaHVaH, he fell and his number became 6, a man with head down--out of alignment with YaHVaH.  If you add 144 you get 9 and 9 is a number of Sovereign.  The 144,000 are Sovereign man.  They are restored to the image of the Father by the Son, ready to be caught up to meet Him in the air when YaHVaHShooa comes.  Hallelu YaH! The ministers of the international churches are not Sovereign since many of them do not even know what is being sovereign; they rule over one another, instead and six remains their number.
So, the 144,000 are the servants of YaHVaH ELOHIM who would be sealed before the end of time by the seal of the living ELOHIM which is the Father and the Son's Name,  YaHVaH (YaH for Short) and YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIACH; they are those who believe in, love, honor and give esteem to the Father and Son's Name, and they proclaimed and teach the people to love and honor His Name.  They are worshipper of YaHVaH ELOHIM  who would not give the esteem of YaHVaH to any other Gods or Satan.  They minister in the Name of YaHVaH ELOHIM, not God, Lord, Hashem, Adonai, Jehovah or Jesus and many other false names--Baruch Haba Beshem YaVHaH; Baruch Haba Beshem YaHVaHShooa! Amein!.  They are the 144,000 living servants of the Living ELOHIM, who would be sealed by the Father and the Son's Name just prior to YaHVaHShooa Ha MASHIYACH's return to planet earth and they are the ONLY living in YaHVaHShooa who would be caught up to meet Him in the air with the multitudes who were raised by His last trump!  Hallelu YaH! Aw Mane!


What made the 144000 different from the rest of the redeemed?  They are the firstfruits to the Father and the Lamb of YaH. What is a Firstfruit.   In ancient Israel, the people were taught to offer the first of their labor, land and fruits to YaHVaH.  In the family, the firstborn male belongs to YaHVaH and is referred to as first fruit (Gen. 49:3).  The firstfruits were supposed to be the best of the crops, a creme de la creme.  The 144,000 are firstfruits to YaHVaH and the Lamb redeemed form the earth.  They are His servants who are not tainted in the world they live at the time of YaHVaHShooa's return.
Two outstanding status made the 144000 stand out as the Firstfruits of YaHVaH and the Lamb.  First, they are the living servants of the living ELOHIM who proclaim His great and Kadosh name and in their mouth was not falsehood--God and Lord, etc--and the next is they are the living at the time of the Lamb's return.  Therefore, they would be the living who would be caught up to meet Him in the air when He comes.  Two groups of people would be redeemed from the earth at the return of YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIYACH.  The multitudes who died from time immemorial who would be raised from the dead at the last trump, and the voice of the Son of YaH and those living who endureth unto the end.  Those who endureth to the end and living at the reappearance of YaHVaHSHOOA Ha MASHIYACH are His living servants who are sealed, no one else could endure without the seal of the living ELOHIM at these times.  They are the 144,000.  They would all be caught up in the air to meet their Master and King in the sky.  There would be only 144,000 living who would be airlifted to meet YAHVAHSHOOA at His return to Planet Earth, no more.  The rest are those who would be resurrected, who have died from ages past right to the end of time. 
And except those days had been shortened, no flesh had been saved; but for the sake of the chosen, those days shall be shortened.  Matthew 24:22
Now this is very controversial and most people would not love it. Instead, they would gnash their teeth at me.  Sure they would!  But let me tell you the truth, warnings after warning have been given, by the Prophets and Apostles; even YAHSHUA Himself warned that very few would be saved and the love of many shall grew cold in the last days.  Many calls have been make for fallen man to get ready, for the day of YaHVaH cometh as a thief in the night.  But have these warnings been heeded?  In the days of Noah only eight souls were spared; in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah only three out of two lawless cities; in our time 144000 out of 6.6 bilions.  Is there any surprise?  No!  Just as the days of Noah, so shall be the day of the Son of man...  It is the blessed will of YaHVaH that only the 144000 would be the living on planet earth to welcome His Son in His return.  This group is a special group who would be taken from earth to heaven without any foretaste of death; death has not power over them, so to speak.
Take note that we mentioned the sealing of the servants of the Living ELOHIM occurred between the sixth and the seventh seal.  At the opening of the fourth seal in Reveleation 6:8, it was said that a quarter of the earth's population died by the sword, famine and wild beasts.  At the opening of the fifth seals, the kings of the earth and all the great men and the rulers, the bondmen and the free, hid in the cave and call on the mountain to fall on them... At the opening of the seventh seal more trouble for men on earth, the seventh trumpet each brought more woes to planet earth... 
The Name of YaHVaH is a Strong Tower, the Righteous runneth into it and is saved.  Proverbs 18:10.
During the time of trouble, many (millions) shall die; by sickness, calamity, famine, pestilences, and plagues; by old age, and even martyrdoms.  Simply put, those who are not sealed could not endure to the end.  No one could last without the shield of YaH in the time of trouble.    YaH have mercy on them to lay them to rest so that they could be raised in the first resurrection when YaHVaHShooa shall appear.  Some would died with the lawless in storms, earthquake, famine and pestilences, some by sickness or old age.  So what if YaHVaH, chose to have the 144,000 living servants of the Living ELOHIM caught up to meet YaHVaHShooa in the cloud when He reappears, who is there to question Him?  It only serves to make His Word of great effect as He said so.  These are the Elias of their time!  Hallelu YaH! 
Then was the anger of YaHVaH kindled on that day and He sware, saying:
Surely none of the men that came up out of Mitzrayim from twenty years old and upwards, shall see the soil, which I sware unto Avraham, unto Yitshak, and unto Ya'acov, because THEY HAVE NOT FOLLOWED ME FULLY; Save Calev son of Yephunneh, the Kennezite and YaHoshooa, the son of Nun, for THEY FOLLOWED AFTER
So the anger of YaHVaH kindled upon Israel and He made them wander in the desert, forty years, until all the generation who had done the evil in the eyes of YaHVaH had wasted away. Numbers 32:10-13. 
The 144,000 are the Firstfruit of the redeemed from earth and they are the only living who would be caught up to meet YaHVaHShooa in the cloud when He comes.  The rest of the redeemed are those who woke from their sleeps in the first resurrection from ages past and they constitute the great multitude who are redeemed from the earth.  Do not be mistaken! 
The Following are the facts and distinguished marks about the144,000. They are:
1. Servants of the Living ELOHIM--serving Him in Spirit and in Truth, proclaiming His
     majestic and magnificent Name to all the worlds; ascribing worship and reverence to Him.
2. Sealed by the Father and the Son's Name--YaHVaH, and YaHVaHShooa, (YaH Saves).
3. Spiritual Virgins. No lies and idolatry in their mouth.
4. They are the Firstfruits to YaHVaH and the Lamb, Redeemed from the earth before the end of time. 
5. They are in Mt. Zion with the Lamb of YaHVaH
6. They sung a New Song--not of God but YaHVaH ELOHIM
7. They follow the Lamb wherever He went.