Marriage is for life.  The man or woman whom you chose to unite through life cannot be replaced.  What you have, you could treasure and grow with.  Finding a new partner for remarriage, when one is older in life is never like when he/she is younger.  Besides, there is much to learn of a stranger you just brought into your life; much to learn, to adjust and to get tuned.  How many times could you afford to bring another stranger into your life only to find out he/she is not who you want?  Marriage cannot be mended by replacement alone.  Replacement hurts more than reconciliation.  Reconciliation can bring about restoration, even more...

You could look into the "eyes" of your spouse and see a better him/her with smiles.  You could see him/her in better light than you have seen before.  You could realise your spouse is closer, dearer and more trustworthy to you than a stranger.  You could enjoy a new sense of belonging with your spouse.  When you understand the purpose of marriage and the foundamentals of it, you would not want your home torn up and your little ones tormented or see your loved ones hurt.

YaHVaH ELOHIM is a witness for your marriage. He is the One who blessed it. He is the One Who sanctifies it.  And He is interested in your marital bliss and success. Don't let your failed marriage ruin your life.  Don't let the state interfere with your marriage; don't let the courts break it up.  What YaHVaH has joined, let no man put asunder is the divine behest. so...

Before you let anyone destroy your home or break up your marriage, give it a go at Scripture-based Marriage Counseling.  You will never regret you did.  Give YaHVaH a chance to make a difference in your failed marriage.  So what are you waiting for?

Be it wherever you are.  You dont need to travel should the distance divide.  We do not even have to see who you are.  Just put down your heartache or headache in writing.

We give Scripture-based counseling on marital problems with prayer of faith for healings and refreshing of relationships and provide Scripture-based solutions. Remember, YaHVaH has an answer to every marital woe, and yours is no bigger than He could handle. He is interested in each and everyone who brought their case before Him.   He said, "come unto Me."  How could He help if you don't come to Him?  He said, "Ask and it shall be given."  How could He give, if  you don't ask.  He said, "seek and ye shall find."  How could you find if you don't seek?  Contact us for more information.