"YaHVaHShva therefore, answered them and said, My teaching is not Mine, but His Who sent Me.  If anyone intend His will to do, he shall get to know concerning the teaching, whether it is of YaHVaH or I from Myself am speaking."  Yachanan 7:16,17. 

TORAH means INSTRUCTIONS IN RIGHTEOUSNESS, it also means teaching;  it is also refers to as the Royal Law of Liberty of YaHVaH ELOHIM, or more commonly known as theTen Commandments. Some teachers and or scholars confine them to the five books of Mosheh which magnifies the Ten Comandments in which all of YaHVaH'S teachings embody. According to YaHVaHShva ha MASHIACH, the Authority from our Father and the Author of our faith, "In these two commandments all the law and the prophets are contained"  Matithias 22:40. The first four of the ten commandments require us to LOVE YaHVaH our ELOHIM with ALL our heart, All our soul, and ALL our might and the remaining six, to LOVE our neighbors or fellow-man as ourselves.  They are all about relationship based on LOVE. He said, "if ye love Me,keep My commandments."  To love is to obey, and to trust is to obey; trust and obey.

We Believed in the Fundamental Torah Truths that...

1. YaHVaH ELOHIM, our FATHER--by Creation and Redemption--particularly known as the ELOHIM (MIGHTY ONES--Father and His Son) of Avraham, Yitshak and Ya'akov or the ELOHIM of Yisrael, IS the KING of the Universe and the ONE and Only true and living ELOHIM Who created the heavens and earth, and all that in them is, and there is no other ELOHIM besides Him, neither is there any before, nor after Him, (Shemoth 3:15, Yashayah 45:5,6, & 6:1 Danyel 7:9,10),  and YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH, Who came from the Bosom of our FATHER is His Only Beloved SON, the LAMB of YaHVaH "Who takes away the sins of the world," (Ivrim. 1:5, Yachanan 1:18,29, 3:16), and the RUACH  Ha KODESH  through whom all believers are quickened or born again into the KINGDOM of YAHVaH, is the ADVOCATE, YaHVAHShva promised to send to all His true disciples on earth, He will teach them and guide them into all Truth. ( Yachanan 14:16, 26, 16:7-13, see also Romiyah. Ch 8)


"Hear, O Heavens, and give ear, O Earth."

YaHVaH ELOHIM is One, (Echad), Who made the heavens and the earth, and there is none other besides Him; neither is there any other before nor after Him, in heaven or on earth; there is only One Kingdom of YaHVaH; there is only One Royal Law of Liberty--the Ten commandments; by which He shall judge the world--there is only One Ha MASHIACH between YaHVaH ELOHIM and fallen man--YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH; One master, One belief, One Immersion. All others are counterfeit, fake and false. All honor, glory and majesty; power wisdom and dominion belongs to YaHVaH ELOHIM and Him Alone.

Give Esteem to YaHVaH for the hour of His judgement is come and worship Him Who made the heavens and the earth, the seas and the fountains of waters! Gilyahna 14:7


2.  The Kingdom of YAH ELOHIM is ONE--YaH is the contracted form of YaHVaH, a Name use in High Praise in heaven.  There is ONLY ONE TRUE KINGDOM OF YaHVaH ELOHIM, be it called the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of YAH or the Kingdom of ELOHIM, they are all  One and the same.  All other kingdoms in this world are the kingdom of fallen man; they are many--whether it is political or religious in nature--and are intrinsically the kingdom of Ha Satan.  This earth is an integral part of the the domain of the Kingdom of YaHVaH ELOHIM except for the fact that it is the only planet that falls into the hands of Ha Satan.  The kingdom of YaHVaH ELOHIM is not a religious or political Kingdom.  It is a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM over all creation in which fallen man could establish, enjoy and maintain a personal relationship with YaHVaH ELOHIM through His Only Beloved Son, YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH.  The only way to enter the Kingdom of YaHVaH ELOHIM is to be born again of the RUACH Ha KODESH (SPIRIT OF ELOHIM) from above.  YaHVaH ELOHIM did not give man any religion--or political power to enter into His Kingdom--HE GAVE US HIS ONLY BELOVED SON, YaHVaHSha Ha MASHIACH.  Only YaHVaHShooa Ha MASHIACH COULD IMMERSE WITH THE RUACH Ha KODESH,  Yachanan 1:33, Ma'aseh Schlichim 1:5, and gave powers or authority to those who believe and receive Him as their King and Salvation and make them the sons of YaHVaH in order that they could enter the Kingdom of YaHVaH, ELOHIM.  The Kingdom of YaHVaH ELOHIM is not of this world while it is in this world.

3. YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH is the Author and Perfecter of our Belief. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life through Whom fallen man could be reconciled to YaHVaH, the FATHER and could have fellowship with Him, the fellowship which Ahdahm lost, (Ivrim. 12:2, Gilyahna 14:12, Yachanan 14:6, Colesayah 2:20-12).  Therefore, the Kingdom of YaHVaH bears the testimony of YaHVaHShva which is the faith of YaHVaHShva, (Gilyahna 12:19, 14:12, 19:10).  He did not come to give us any religion.  He came to bring peace and reconciliation between YaHVaH  and fallen man; to restore the image of YaHVaH in fallen man.   The faith of YaHVaHShva is not a religion, (see Yachanan 7:16 & Ivrim 12:2).  Religion is an unnecessary evil; a tool Satan used to deceive mankind.  All religions including Christianity are  the invention of the devil or Ha Satan and are man-made--he supplanted them all--all founders of religions are proxies of Ha Satan.  WE HAVE THE FAITH OF YaHVaHShva--ONE MASTER, ONE BELIEF, ONE IMMERSION.  EPHSIYAH 4:5.   ONE MASTER--YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH, ONE FAITH--THE FAITH OF YaHVaHShva, ONE IMMERSION--THE IMMERSION OF THE RUACH Ha KODESH BY YaHVaHShva.

4. The devil, and all demons are the lost and fallen spirits (kerubim) from heaven, not the souls of departed loved ones. Led by Ha Satan, (once a covering kerub--not Archangels, as many Christian denominations fallaciously believed and taught), they are powerful spirits, who were created perfect , but were deceived by Ha Satan and allowed sin to mar their character; were thrown out of heaven with him and are now on planet earth busy with their works of deception and destruction of mortal man, unaware of their scheming. Ha Satan's most potent deception in the last days will be carried out through his proxies--man and the kingdom of man and his weapons are religions which encompass spiritualism and the occults, psuedo-sciences and ideologies (Yachanan 10:10,Yadah 6, Gilyahna 12:7-9, 16:13-14, Yashayah 14:12-16, Yechezkel. 28:12-19).   Ha Satan also use all kinds of substance abuse and perverted sex--trans-sexual, pedophilia, orgies, etc--and or evil habits to enslave the mind-- anything addictive and abusive.  Once demons possessed people directly , now they use substances and addiction of various sort to control their lives, which is a more sophisticated form of demon possession in modern time.

5.  After sin entered the world, YaHVaH ELOHIM communicated with man through His prophets. The LAST prophet was Yachanan (John) the Immerser, predicted in Malachi to come in the Spirit of Eliyah, the forerunner of Ha MASHIACH--it was Yachanan who bear witness of Ha MASHIACH. (Mattithias 11:13, 14). After Yachanan, (the last and greatest prophet, according to YaHVaHshva), YaHVaH ELOHIM speak to us through His Son, in whom is given all powers in heaven and on earth, (Ivrim 1:1-4, Matt. 28:18, Yachanan 14:6). The SON of YaHVaH ELOHIM, YaHVaHshva Ha MASHIACH, through Whom YaHVaH ELOHIM speaks to us, promised to send us the RUACH Ha KODESH to teach, and guide all who are born into the Kingdom of YaH to all Truth, (Yachanan 14:16,26, 15:26, 16:7-13, Timtheous Aleph 4:30, Gilyahna. 2:7, 11,17,29, 3:6,13,22).  All believers are prophets and priest (unto themselves), Ivrim 7:12, Kefa Aleph 2:9, as they are sons of YAHVaH, reconciled to Him and filled with the RUACH Ha KODESH.  Therefore, we do not need any prophets.  We are CAUTIONED and WARNED to beware of false prophets and false mashiach (transliterrated to messiah which is messy) to the end of time, (Mattithias 7:15; 24:4,11,24; Kefa Aleph 2:1, Yachanan Aleph 4:1, Gilyahna 16:13). The Children of YaHVaH are to listen to the RUACH HA KODESH,  and the Word of YAHVaH, not the prophets, not man. (Yachanan 14:16,26, 15:26, 16:7-13, Timtheous Aleph 4:3,4)  In Gilyahna 2:7,11,17,29, 3:6,13,22, YaHVaHShva, standing by the seven candlesticks (lampstands), admonished the seven assemblies to hear (or Shema) "what the RUACH said to the assembly," not the prophets.  The people of YaHVaH--called by His Name--should look to Him, not man, for their daily bread and for their salvation.  (see Yashayah 45:22, Ivrim 12:2).

6. The ENTIRE KODESH SCRIPTURE IS TORAH--not just the five books of Moshe, or the Old Testament--AND is the yardstick of belief and practice of all believers who are born of the RUACH Ha KODESH. It is the inspired Written Word of YAHVaH ELOHIM given to us through "KODESH" men of YAHVaH ELOHIM as they were moved by the RUACH Ha KODESH and is profitable for doctrines, for reproofs, for corrections, for instruction in righteousness. It is the very yardstick against false teachings and deceptions, (Timtheous Bet. 3:16,17, Kefa Bet 1:19-21, YashaYah 8:20, 28:10).  Therefore, no man could by their whims and fancies understand it; neither should they interpret it privately or intellectually.  By reading and studying the inspired (Spiritual) word, all believers are cleansed and "KODESH," (Tehilim 119:9,11; Yachanan 17:17  Ivrim 4:12), it's a promise.  We use the Kodesh Name Bible for the purpose of teaching man to Honor YaHVaH ELOHIM and His Kadosh NAME and, to call upon His Great and Kadosh Name for our worship and salvation, Koheleth 12:13, Gilyahna 14:7, Maaseh Schlichim 2:21; 4:12.  Most translated version contains profanities and full of idolatries.

What about the Old Testament?





7. The Ten Commandments, is the Eternal Law of YaHVaH ELOHIM and the foundation of His REIGN, and it cannot change as long as YaHVaH ELOHIM reigns; His reign is forever.  We are to keep all the ten commandments (including the Third Commandment to honor His Kodesh Name and the Fourth Shabath Commandment  which reminds us that YaHVaH is the Creator of the Universe) as they all hinge on love to YaHVaH and man. (Yashayah 42:21, & 51:4,5, Tehilim 19:7-8, :6 &119:142,  Shemoth 20:1-2-17.Mattithias 5:17-18, Yadah 2:10-12) YaHVaHShva DECLARED: "If ye love Me, keep My Commandments." John 14:15. It is this eternal law of YaHVaH that the Apostle James called the "Royal Law of Liberty," or the Moral Law--the Royal Law of the Universe; breaking one is breaking all. His Kadosh Name is His SEAL of AUTHORITY over the entire universe and He will seal His People by His Kadosh Name.

8. The seventh-day of the week is the Shabat of YaHVaH ELOHIM; known as YaHVaH'S Kodesh (set apart) Day or YaHVaH'S Day, for short, in both the old and new testament, ( Yashayah 58:13; Gilyahna 1:10 ).  YaHVaH called this day, My KODESH Day, (Yashayah 58:13).   According to the fourth commandment, we are to keep this day Kodesh (Set Apart).  (Shemoth 20:8-11).  It is a sign between YaHVaH and those-- His people--who love and honor Him, (Shemoth 31:13,17; Yechezkel 20:12,20).  Each day begins and ends at sunset, (Vayqira 23:32).  Those who keep this day Kodesh to honor the Creator will be blessed and "YaHVaH will cause him to ride on the high places of the earth."  (Yashayah 58:13-14, Yeremeyah 17:19-27) . YaHVaHShva did not come to abrogate the Shabat but to give it new meaning, He is "Master of the Shabat" (Matt. 12:8). The Shabat is to be observe at home, "in all thy dwelling," Vayqira 23:3, and "within thy gate," Shemoth 20:8-12,  There was no church then and he church was founded by Constantine the Roman Emperor.


The Ten Commandments

Most Christians today do not keep the Ten Commandments


they were taught that it was done away. 

There are some who believe but they keep only six out of the ten--they do not keep the first, second, third and the fourth commandments; still there are some who believe and keep only seven--they do not keep the first,second and third commandments.  WHY?  Because they follow their church traditions!

we are the remnant who keep all the Ten Commandments that include the first to the fourth because we love Him from our heart and we SHERMA and obey.  By keeping the third commandment and honoring His Great and Kodesh Name we are free from the Oral Idolatry that is prevalent in our days and thus, we are in effect, also keeping the second and the first commandment as well, honoring and worshipping Him as our Only ELOHIIM.


Will You keep His Commandments?

9. All men--fallen man, flesh and blood--regardless of color, creed, race and background, are sinners or transgressors before YaHVaH ELOHIM, and all sin is against YaHVaH ELOHIM, (Romiyah 3:23; Yachanan Aleph 3:4).  Sin is the transgression of the eternal law of YaHVaH ELOHIM, the Ten Commandments, (Yachanan Aleph 3:4).  Sin separates man from YaHVaH ELOHIM.  (Yashayah 59:2, Tehilim 66:18) The penalty for sin is death. (Romiyah 6:23) Only the blood of YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH cleanses us from all sins, ( Yachanan Aleph1:7). Only YaHVaH ELOHIM and YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIYACH, His Beloved Son can forgive sins. (Yachanan Aleph 1:9 & 2:1, Yachanan Mosheh 2:10) See also Ephsiyah. Chapter 2.

10. Salvation, Eternal life, and Immortality come from YaHVaH ELOHIM; they are gifts from Him made available to us through the One and Only SALVATION YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH.   Such gifts will be bestowed upon the elect who are faithful to the end only at the second coming of YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH... (Tehilim 3:8, 20:1, Yoel 2:32, Maaseh Schlichim 2:21, Mattithias 1:21, 24:13, Ephsiyah. 2:8,9, Romiyah 5:8, Qorintyah Aleph 15:51-54). SALVATION comes ONLY from YaHVaHShooa; ONLY the SON of YAHVaH can savenot ourselves; not man; not the church, nor any denomination, nor any religion, nor any other means, (Maaseh Schlichim 4:12). Salvation cannot be earned, it is a gift of YaHVaH ELOHIM through His Beloved SON.  ONLY YaHVaHShva's blood could cleanse us of all our sins, none other.  Yachanan Aleph 1:7.

11. YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH died for our sins; through death He paid the penalty for sins, and conquered death and him who has power over death, (Ivrim 2:14), and all who believe in Him are justified by FAITH and saved through YaHVaH'S FAVOR, not works, nor station in life, (Romiyah 5:1,8; Ephsiyah 2:8,9 Yachanan 3:16). The Only Beloved Son of YaHVaH came and took the form of the son of man in order to die for man and anyone who believe and accept Him as his KING and his SALVATION can be made sons of YaHVaH. Only the sons of YaHVaH could enter into the Kingdom of YaHVaH, (Yachanan 1:11,12, 3:5) not the denominations or religions--there is and will be no religion nor denomination in heaven and the earth made new, that's for sure!!!!!!!! 

12. To be saved, all believers need to repent and receive YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH as their King of Kings and personal SALVATION and be born again into the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH--Everyone needs to be immersed by YaHVaHShva of the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  This is a birth by the Ruach Ha Kodesh in which a believer is immersed by YaHVaHShva Himself and receives the Ruach Ha Kodesh: Yachanan 1:12, 33 and 3:3,5; Mattithias 18:3; Yachanan Mosheh 16:16-18; Yachanan 3:6.  It is a birth brought by the Ruach of YaHVaH ELOHIM in which a person's life is transformed and he/she finds new meaning to live, new desires, new hopes, new purpose, motivation and sense of direction.  He/she become the Sons of YAHVaH, the Sons of the Living Elohim and is reconciled to Him as they receive the gift of the Ruach Ha Kodesh, the peace that passeth all understanding and the power to do YaHVaH's will--heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons, AND BEAR WTINESS OF YaHVaHShva, (Maaseh Schlichim 1:18; Yachanan Mosheh 16:16-18, Phylypsiyah 4:7).
13.  Repentance is a pre-requisite for Immersion.  Repentance is an act of turning away or forsaking our sins and sinful ways--that include turning away from pagan traditions and pagan gods or "false names" to YaHVaH.  It is a turning away from Babylon with all it's complicity and arrays of control through government, religion, enterprises and institutions or artficial entities of man.   It is turning away from the Babylonian God and fake mashiach "Jesus" to YaHVaH the Only ELOHIM Who made the heavens and the earth and His Son YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH, (the false and fake to the true).  It may be accompanied by restitution.  Mattithias 4:17, Luka 24:47, Maaseh Schlichiim 2:38, 17:30, Qorintyah Bet 7:10. (Take a look at our message: Born Again). Repentance is a life time process, a work in progress. 

14. Immersion in the water is immersion of repentance and an act of FAITH.  It affords all believers the occasion to acknowledge and confess their sins and repent and to profess their trust in their King of Kings publicly and, or before two or three witnesses.  It is an outward sign and inward regeneration symbolizing the believer's death and burial to sin in the watery grave and resurrection to a new life in YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH--born of water.  Immersion in water must precede the immersion of the RUACH. Immersion in water is a must when opportunity and health permit. Believers who have been taught the testimony of YaHVaHShhva are to be immersed in the name of YaHVaH the Father and YaHVaH the Son or YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH. (Yachanan 3:5-8, Romiyah 6:4, Qorintyah Bet 5:17, Luka 12:8,9, Mattithias 28:19-20) with the laying on of hands by elders for the falling of the Ruach ha Kodesh.  Immersion in water does not wash away sins as it is an Immersion of repentence, or the immersion of Yachanan.  To be eligible for Immersion one must recognise his own sinfulness, confess his sins and repented.  Immersion should be followed by receiving YaHVaHShva as His King of Kings and personal Salvation and by laying on of hands and prayer for the outpouring of the RUACH Ha KODESH, ( Maaseh Schlichim 8:5-14, 19:1-6).

15. All sons of YaHVaH should grow spiritually and bear the fruits of the SPIRIT (Galutyah 5:22,23), by reading the word of YaHVaH, (Mattithias 4:4, Kef Aleph 2:2), praying, fasting Tesloniqyah 5:17, Mattithias 6:6,16), witnessing and sharing the faith of YaHVaHShva, (Mattithias 28:19, 20), do alms--care of hungry, poor, needy, fatherless and widows in our midst,  (this include the sick and those incarcerated. Mattithias 25:31-38. (Mattithias 6:3, Js 1:27, Yashayah 58:7, 10-11), living a life of clear conscience and good conduct, by keeping OR DOING all the TEN COMMANDMENTS, (Shemoth 20:12-17; Yadah 2:8-12).

16.  Christmas, Easter, All saints' Day, All souls' Day and Halloween, including Rosh Hasanah are All pagan traditions and holidays. All who are born of the RUACH are sons of YaHVaH shall have no part in such celebration.  As sons of YaHVaH ELOHIM we should avoid having anything to do with all these idolatrous and worldly celebration and all its associated decorations, pomps and pageantries which are Christian idolatry in disguise.  See Qorintyah Aleph 10:14 and Yachanan Aleph 5:21.  Instead of teaching us to remember His Birthday which is a pagan practice, YaHVaHShva commanded us to remember and to commemorate His death in the  "breaking of bread as often as we could till He comes.   The breaking of bread are commemorated monthly, bi-monthly, or quaterly as preparation is required of each participant.  The Breaking of Bread is preceded by the ordinance of feet-washing.  (Yachanan 13:4-16; Qorintyah Aleph 11:23-30).  This same commemoration of His Death amplifies the Passover Feast.  Instead of partaking in pagan festivals, as the sons of YaHVaH we delight ourselves in the Feast of our FATHER, YaHVaH ELOHIM as theTorah teaches. All the seven feasts has its purpose in the life of the sons of YaHVaH ELOHIM. 

17. The assembly of believers constitute the body of  YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH, or the bride of which He is the head. They are partakers of His body and His Kingdom and they are to preach the everlasting Besorah ("gospel is Xtian lies") of His KINGDOM to all the world, and to look for--seek ye first--the KINGDOM to come when YaHVaHShva MASHIACH will come again to receive and take them as redeemed from the earth. (Yachanan 14:1-3, Ephsiyah. 1:22,23; 3:6; 5:23, Qolesayah 1:18, Gilyahna 21:2,9).  The little flock or remnant of YAHVaH's people do not meet in dead and decorated building.  The assembly of believers meet on Shabat (Saturday) for worship and fellowship acording to the teaching of their King, YaHVaHShva, who said, Where two or three or gathered together in My Name, there will I be in their midst."  Mattithias 18:20, and "the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Yahrushalayim, worship the Father...  the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipper shall worship the Father in SPIRIT and in Truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.  Yachanan 4:21,23. As Kodeshim (Set Apart Ones) we do not do what the churches do--they are the world, Babylon--we meet in homes, the center of families, the nucleus of YaHVaH'S Kingdom to come. The Assembly of YaHVaH is the little flock of people scattered across the face of the earth that keeps the world from destruction and they shall be gathered in the day of YaHVaHshva ha Mashiach. 

18. The body of every son of YaHVaH is a temple of the RUACH Ha KODESH. As vessels of the RUACH of  YaHVaH ELOHIM, we are to keep our bodies clean and in the best of health, refraining from drugs and substances, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and any harmful and addictive materials; animal fat and blood and all things that YaHVaH pronounced unclean; that include touching things YaHVaH prononced unclean in the Kadosh Writ--Vayqira 11:2-35 gave a list of unclean animals we shun eating, (Yashayah 52:11, Qorintyah Aleph 6:19, 20) Keeping our bodies clean include a body which is without blemish, no tattoo, no jewellery, no rosary, no talisman or any idols that is worn by those who are ignorant of the gospel of the Kingdom of YaH and, or who are pagan. It also include clean decent clothings without excessive or undue exposures,(Ephsiyah 5:27; Kefa Bet 2:13;Timtheous Aleph. 2:9, Vayqira 19:28).

19. YaHVaH ELOHIM is SPIRIT. Those who worship Him must worship Him in SPIRITand in TRUTH, (Yachanan 4:23,24) Only those who are born of the SPIRIT and are led by the RUACH OF YAHVaH ELOHIM, could worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, as they have been reconciled to Him and they know the Truth as they are being sanctified by His word--which is the doctrine of YaHVaHShva, or the Testimony  of YaHVaHShva which comes from HIM--and the Truth shall set them free, (Yachanan 7:16,17, 8:32, 17:17, Romiyah 8:14, Gilyahna 4:12; 19:10) Those who are deceived and are "teaching for doctrines the commandments of man," or the Faith of our fathers which are doctrines of the devils cannot worship YAHVaH in Spirit and in TRUTH as they are dead in their sins and they do not have the truth; they worship Him in vain, (Mattithias 15:9). Those who worship YaHVaH in SPIRIT and in TRUTH need not do so in big and grand building or church as they called it today but may do so in home or anywhere "where two or three are gathered together in His name," (Yachanan 4:20,21, Mattithias 18:20)

20. Patriarchal Marriage is between a man and his woman, is for life and sanctified by YaHVaH ELOHIM; divorce without Scriptural cause is sin, so is marrying a divorcee.  On the other hand, Christian Marriage is sanctified by the state or local government and it is fraught with conflicts with the Scriptures which could end in divorce and consequently, remarriage that are condemned in the Sacred Writ.  Single, unmarried motherhood is fornication and an abomination  before YaHVaH. (Mattithias 5:31,32, Romiyah 7:2,3) These have no place in the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH. (Qorintyah Aleph 6:9) Patriarchal Marriage is a blessed union BETWEEN a man and his woman, is about headship and covering--the man and his headship and responsibilities to his wife and family--and about multiplying or raising zera (seed) of Righteousness, therefore the state should leave marriage to the Kingdom of YaHVaH (Mattithias 19:4-9).  Those who are seeking same sex marriage should know that they are going against YaHVaH'S great purpose in life.   An ideal home consists of father, mother, and children.   We do not concur to the State-endorsed divorce "decree nissi" which caused many christians to err by serially polygamous remarriage. We do not encourage divorce and take a serious view with regards to gays and lesbians--they are addictions and carnal disorder. 


Compassion NOT Hatred

We do NOT hate gays or lesbians but, encourage and invite them to seek Healing from YaHVaH ELOHIM so that they could return to a life of righteousness according to the law - The TORAH - and FIND SALVATION through YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH.  

Neither do we condemn those in adulterous relationships but encourage and invite them to seek forgiveness, counselling and restoration through the power of the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

There is NO WAY YAHVaH ELOHIM is going to conform to this world or compromise His RIGHTEOUSNESS so that sinful man can have their ways.  A soul that sinneth, it shall die is His decree.



 21. No human or fallen (mortal) man--flesh and blood--could bring peace to this chaotic and troubled world and unite the nations except the Prince of Peace who is YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH, (Yashayah 9:6).   Only He who is the Prince of Peace could bring peace to this chaotic and sin-sick world. For this reason, He is coming back to restore the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH, on earth. ( Danyel 7:26,27; Yadah 14; Tesloniqyah Aleph 4:16,17; Gilyahna 1:7, 11:15) Nevetheless, we believe  all GOOD Governments are ordained of YaHVaH, (the Unseen Hand in the affairs of Man),  whose role is solely to maintain law and order and security of the land and we are to obey the law as GOOD citizens til He comes. However, we also believe in the YaHVaH-given rights of all man everywhere to worship his Creator without let or hindrance and to exercise that right in a respectful, peaceful and useful manner, while we await the return of YaHVaHShooa Ha MASHIACH.

22. In the Last Days, the remnant of YaHVaH ELOHIM are those who keep All The Ten Commandments of YaHVaH--not just 9,8,or 7--and have the testimony of YaHVaHShva. (Gilyahna 12:17; 14:12).  And those who endure to the end shall be saved. (Mattithias 24:4,13). Remnant means left over, usually small in numbers, and YaHVaH will add to us such as shall be saved.  Many are called, but few are chosen. When the LAST call is made to all churchmen and women in Christendom, to come out of the Babylon (World Religions and that include DENOMINATION CHURCHES) they are in and unite with us in the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH, very few will come. Those who come are those who are drawn by the Father  to YaHVaHShva who will save them, (Yachanan 6:44), because they love Him and his commandments, (Shemoth 20:5-6; Yachanan 14:15).  They would need to REPENT, meaning, turn from all their sins and sinful ways and all the pagan God, Lord and false mashiach (Jesus) to YaHVaH ELOHIM the only True and Living ELOHIM and His Beloved Son, YaHVaHShva ha MASHIACH.  They would need to be immersed by YaHVaHShhva and receive the RUACH Ha KODESH. They will have the faith of YaHVaHshva and they shall keep the commandments of YAHVaH which shall be written in their hearts,. (Yachanan 1:33, 3:3,5-6, Maaseh Schlichim 1:8, Gilyahna 19:10), That include the Third commandments--MY PEOPLE SHALL KNOW MY NAME, (Yashayah 52:6, Gilyahna. 7:1-3, 14:1)--THE LAST COMMANDMENT THE REDEEMED SHALL LEARN TO KEEP IS THE THIRD COMMANDMENTS AND HAS TO DO WITH HIS KODESH NAME...   The rest of the world are those who walk the broad and winding road and the majority are there.

23 There is no hell but the lake of fire. YaHVaH THE MIGHTY ONE,  will destroy the earth with all sins and wickedness, and doers of iniquity altogether, (Malachi. 4:1; Gilyahna 20:10-15) and create a new earth.  Heaven is not our permanent home--we could sojourn there, look at Yachanan 14:1-3--but the earth made new, or paradise restored, (Yashayah 65:17, 20-25, Malachi. 4:2-3; Gilyahna 21:1-6, Kefa Bet 3:10,12).  Sin will be a thing of the past. (Nachum 1:9).  All nature restored when "Thy KINGDOM Comes, Thy Will be done in earth." (for a clearer picture, go to our message:  Where Is Hell?

24. All who die now sleep and return to dust till the resurrection morning. There are two resurrections (one at the second coming of YaHVaHShva for those who died in Him--this is the first resurrection, (Tesloniqyah Aleph 4:16, Gilyahna 20:5) and the other at the end of the millennium--the second resurrection , (Gilyahna 20:5) in which the wicked or lawless would be raised to be judged and punished), and two deaths for the wicked. But for those who are saved,  there is one death and one resurrection. (Bereshith 3:19, Tesloniqyah Aleph 4:16; Gilyahna 20:4-6,)  Everyone who died now, sleeps and cannot appear to the living in dream, medium or seance.  Neither do they go to heaven as no one knows the way there; everyone will be raised in the resurrection, be it the first or the second and have their rewards, which is eternal life or eternal death, respectively, (Tehilim 115:17, Koheleth 9:5, Yachanan 3:13, Tehilim 146:4, 30:9,).

25.  Witchcraft, wizards, necromancy, familiar spirits, soothsayers, and all forms of ancient or modern spirit practices and spiritualism are an abomination to YaHVaH ELOHIM. They are the works of  Ha Satan.  Those who seek eternal life and YaHVaH'S blessing must dissociate and distance themselves from these; they must not be deceived or tainted by it. (Devarim18:10-13; Yashayah 8:19) In the last days demons spirits will use these occults to deceive the world--through mediium, trance and seans, impersonate departed loved ones, etc., (Gilyahna 16:13-14, 18:2). Those who believe in them are deceived thereby and are taken by Ha Satan. As sons of YaHVaH, we should put our trust in YaHVaH of Hosts rather than resort to these fallen spirits.

26. YaHVaH ELOHIM is Supreme in love, full of mercy, longsuffering and compassion--He is the Source of Love, Mercy, Patience, Compassion and Longsuffeering; loyalty, Righteousness and Truth, etc.--but He also delights in  judgment and righteousness. He hates sins but loves sinners. All who are called are called from sin to obedience; from darkness into His marvelous light; from lawlessness to righteousness and therefore are to resist temptations of all kinds, and resist the devil, living to glorify and honor Him, and Him alone. (Yashayah 42:3-4; 56:1; 59:8-9,14; 61:8, Yeremeyah 9:23-24; Yachanan 3:16, Romiyah 5:8).  We should not be deceived or lured by the false gospel of love to compromise our faith and fail to call sin by it's real name while loving those who are living in sin.

27. Every born-again son of YaHVaH ELOHIM is born into His everlasting Kingdom as His Witness.  Every son of YaHVaH is called and chosen to preach the everlasting Besorah of the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH to every kindred, nation, tongue and people, in all the world, that those who believe might be saved but to those who are disobedient, or rebelled, this Besorah will be a testimony against them in the day of judgement.   The Bedsorah (otherwise called gospel in churches) of the Kingdom of YaHVaH encompass a call to "fear YaHVaH and GIVE ESTEEM TO HIM; for the hour of His judgment is come: AND WORSHIP HIM WHO MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH, and the sea and the fountains of waters, ( Gilyahna 14:6-7),  and the  call to "come out of her My people that ye be not partakers of her sins," (Gilyahna 18:4)  These are the two last calls for all men and women who shall be heirs of salvation and partakers of the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH in the last days. Those who respond to this CALL need to be immersed by YaHVaHShva and receive the RUACH Ha KODESH. The KINGDOM OF YaHVaH constitute YaHVaH's last day's remnant  who looks forward to the blessed hope, the return of YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH, our Salvation. ( Other references: Yashayah 42:8; 48:11; Koheleth 12:13-14, ) For more details on this topic we invite you to contact us.

28. For the furtherance of the ministry of the BESROAH of YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH, our ministers are servants of YaHVaH; are to be self-supporting like all the Apostles---Paul was a tent maker. The Besorah of the Kingdom of YaHVaH is free and no man should made merchandise out of it, neither a burden nor a reproach. YAHVAHSHVA DECLARED: "Freely ye have received, freely give. Mattithias10:8-10. Offering collected  during worship and other services and all donations could be used for the expenses incurred and tithe is for alms such as the poor and hungry, the fatherless and the homeless and widows is a do it yourself thing. All believers are encourage to give cheerfully to the noble cause of helping the poor and needy. (Devarim 14:29, Maaseh Schlichim 4:34-37, Qorintyah Bet 9:7) Tithe BELONGS to the Levites. Tithing that was part and parcel of the sacrificial systems together with earthly Levitical priesthood and animal sacrifices ended upon the death and sacrifice of  YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH and the Children of YAHVaH are not commanded to tithe thus. Those who practice tithing are deceived. YaHVaH will hold them responsible for giving their wealth to enrich certain quarters which is false stewardship. Remember, everyone born into the Kingdom of YaHVaH, is born to be His witness.  THEY ARE MORE THAN EYE-WITNESSES WHEN THEY TASTED THE GOODNESS AND POWER OF YaHVaH ELOHIM IN THE BIRTH OF THE SPIRIT AND ALL THAT FOLLOWS.

29.  Our ELOHIM, (MIGHTY ONES--REFERRING TO FATHER AND SON), and Heavenly FATHER has a Name, so is His Only Beloved Son, (Mishle 30:4).  The Wonderful and Magnificent Name of our Heavenly FATHER is YaHVaH, (Tehiliim 68:4) and that of His Only beloved Son is YaHVaHShva , meaning YaHVaH saves or YaHVaH is SALVATION, ( Mattithias 1:21, Luka 1:31, Maaseh Schlichim 4:12).  We need to call on the Name of YaHVaH to be saved; THAT IS A SAVING NAME ( Tehilim. 3:8, Ps. 54:1, Mishle18:10, Yoel 2:32; Mattithias 1:21, Maaseh Schlichim 2:21 and 4:12); we must ask and pray in the Name of the SON, YaHVaHShva, (Yachanan 14:13-14)--the Son bears the Father's Name, hence, YaHVaHShva, not Jesus, is the true name of the Son of our ELOHIM, YaHVaH, (Yachanan 5:43,).    The Third Commandment prohibits falsifying His Name, or lying about His Kodesh Name, (Shemoth 20:7); we are to give thanks to His Kodesh Name, (Tehilim 106:47, 140:13); we must praise the Name of YaHVaH, (Tehilim 135:1,3); we must bless His Kodesh Name, (Tehilim 129:8,145:1); we should remember His Name, it is a memorial Name for us throughout the generations, (Ps. 119:55, Mal. 3:16); the Name of YaHVaH endureth forever (Tehilim135:13);  we must give esteem to His Name, (Tehilim 105:3, 116:4);  and proclaim to all nations that YaHVaH is the creator of the heavens and the earth and all that in them is and YaHVaHShva is His Only Beloved Son, the Lamb of YaHVaH who takes away the sins of the world.  His Name is very important and is the Only Name given to man to (1) worship Him and (2) for their salvation, (Maaseh Schlichim 4:12), all other names or titles are fake, false and counterfeit..  His Name is Blessed, Exalted, Glorious, Highest, KODESH and Honorable, Magnificent, Majestic, Mighty and Powerful in all the worlds and cannot be changed or profaned, according to the Third Commandment.  Many Christians  today take His Name lightly and lie about His Name, (falsify by calling Him another name such as God or Lord). When they called Him by that fake, false and strange name, they are not worshipping Him according to His will, (in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH). YaHVaH ELOHIM will 'Sancitify' His great and Kodesh Name in the last days amongst the nations and those who know His Name will be His people, (Yechezkel 36:20-23, Yashayah 52:6)).  They will be asked, "What is His Name and what is His Son's Name?"  (Mishle 30:4).  Finally, His People are called by His Name and they will know His Name, NONETHELESS, THEY ARE NAMED BY HIS NAME. (Yashayah 52:6, Timtheous bet. 2:19, Gilyahna 7:2-3 and 14:1, Yashayah 52:6). 

30.  YaHVaHShva will come again to take His people to the mansions He is now preparing for them and present them to our Father in heaven. He will come with cloud and great glory , and the SOUND OF TRUMPETS, and the dead in YaHVaHShva will be raised first; they and those living in HIM (the 144,000), would be caught up in the air and be transformed.  His coming will be visible, literal and no secret, (Yachanan 14:1-3, Tesloniqyah Aleph 4:16,17, Mattithias 24:27-30, Gilyahna 1:7, 22:7, Qorintyah Aleph 15:51-53).     Only those who are born again of the RUACH and are filled with the RUACH Ha KODESH will be ready for His coming--who could stand in the dreadful and terrible day of YaHVaH?    









Will YOU be READY?



31 At any age, as it is now, there are always three groups of people in this world of ours.  One group who believe and love YaHVaH ELOHIM and obey His Commandments (the TORAH).  The other group are those who do not believe in YaHVaH; do not love Him and do not obey His commandments.  There is also another group who sits on the fence, who hesitated, procrastinated, undecided and are apathetic or indifferent.  In the final countdown there will be ONLY TWO GROUPS of people; one group who were born again and who knows the TRUTH; they are the sons of YaHVaH ELOHIM who are not tainted by even one iota of deception and therefore they are free. They are the remnant who keep the commandments, (TORAH) of YaHVaH ELOHIM and have the Testimony of YaHVaHShva, (Gilyahna 14:12, 12:17), or the Little Flock, Luka 12:32.  The other group which shall consist of multitudes, on the other hand, are those who are deceived by Satan and they are those he claimed as his SUBJECTS or CAPTIVES. They are the majority who HAS the mark of the beast.  THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND; NO SITTING ON THE FENCE; those who do so falls automatically into the group who hates YaHVaH and His commandments.  (Mattithias 24:4, 11, 13, 24, Gilyahna 12:9, 10, 14: 18:1-5, 12:17, 20:7-10).  ANYONE WHO DIES WITHOUT YAHVAHSHVA FALLS INTO THE HANDS OF Ha SATAN, BECAUSE HE HAS TAKEN THIS EARTH HOSTAGE; HE IS THE RULER OF DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD, (PLANET EARTH); HE IS THE GOD OF THIS WORLD.  For a more detail study of  this Topic, click on Message Title, Born Again).

32.  No man will come to YaHVaHShva--who will save them if they do--except YaHVaH, the Father draws him, ( Yachanan 6:44, 65).  YaHVaH ELOHIM will draw those who love Him to YaHVaHShva who will save them, (Shemoth 20:6; Yachanan 6:65).  Those who love Him will keep All His Ten Commandments--not just nine or eight as some christians and Messianics today do. When you read these messages, no human persuasion, no coaxing or argument is needed to make you believe and be immersed. Only when the Father draws you by His RUACH Ha KODESH could you do that. 

33.  Those who sleep in YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH must be buried, not cremated, for YaHVaH declared, "Dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return." Genesia 3:19. Those who are laid to rest in YaHVaHShva have hope looking for the resurrection of the dead.  Maaseh Schlichim 1:22, Romiyah 6:5, Our dead bodies must return to the dust  to be laid to rest by burial awaiting the resurrection and not desecrated by fire at death.  There is no rest in cremation.  Humans burn garbage, our dead bodies are not garbage.  YaHVaH would use fire to burn the lawless in the lake of fire and reduce  them to ashes.  Malachi 4:3.  Gilyahna 20:10.  Life does not end at death.  Death is a rest, an interval of live.  The lawless would be raised in the second resurrection to be burned and reduced to ashes, Gilyahna 20:5-10, Melechim Bet 23:16-18.  Burning is the final act of life for the lawless.

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