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WELCOME to THE KINGDOM OF YAH Ministries. Smile!  YaHVaH ELOHIM LOVES YOU.  Everyone is precious in the eyes of YaHVaH ELOHIM, our Heavenly Father.  Everyone is an important person for the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH. If you are an earnest seeker after the ELOHIM of Avraham, Yitshak and Ya'akov ---YaHVaH is His Name--His last day-message, or His special blessings; take your time to look at every message carefully.   

Looking for Truth and Salvation? You are in the right place, Here!  We bring you the True BESORAH of the Kingdom of Heaven which is the Kingdom of YaH--Short poetic Name of YaHVaH. By a clear conscience and by the fear of ELOHIM, we shall endeavor to present the Truth--the "Present Truth," and the Last Day Truth--the Whole Truth of the Kingdom of YaH ELOHIM to a dying world, that all men, great and small shall come to repentance and be immersed of the RUACH Ha KODESH by YAHVAHSHVA Ha MASHIACH. 

We do not hate anyone; lawless, evil doers, or those who erred and the jolly good fellow but, invite all to come  to YaHVaH ELOHIM for forgiveness, healing and restoration.  However, we do not hesitate to call sin by its real name.  We do not pretend to offer you "false love" and "false hope" as those who preach the "false gospel" and "false love".  We will not knowingly mislead you, or teach you lies, as in ALL the religions of the world, today--giving you false hope.  Neither would we compromise His Great and Kodesh Name to make some people happy.  We lift up before you YaHVaHSHVA Ha MASHIACH who is able and ready to save you to the uttermost who dare come to YaHVaH ELOHIM by Him, seeing He ever lives to make intercession for you, and, we hope to connect you to Him--that's your ultimate need now which is also our ultimate purpose, (not making disciples unto ourselves).

Through YaHVaHSHVA Ha MASHIACH you could become the son of YaHVaH and heir of his kingdom, partaker of His kingdom on earth first and in the world to come. We have one Father, YaHVaH ELOHIM, One MASHIACH and King, YaHVaHSHVA Ha MASHIACH, One Teacher and Guide in life, the RUACH Ha KODESH.  All others are false and fake.  No need for prophets, Apostles, Pope, Bishop, pastors or ministers; or Rabbi.  No need to be misled.  No need for any man to come in between you AND YaHVaH, your ELOHIM.  Through His RUACH you could grow in the favor and knowledge of YaHVaHSHVA Ha MASHIACH; into the fulness and stature of the MASHIACH.
As you seek and search here, take heed that you do not miss what YaHVaHshva has prepared for you--"Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free."

Please, take time to browse and get acquainted with ALL of our "mind-boggling, hair-raising and ear-tingling messages" YaHVaH has for you. They should shake or wake you up.  They show you how to become connected to YaHVaHShva Ha MASHIACH and begin your journey with Him in the Kingdom of YaHVaH.

However, if you have any questions, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. Or, should you need help, you could reach us via phone, or email (to email us, please click on hyperlink contact us in red above this line). 


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YaHVaHShVa Ha Mashiyach preached the BESORAH of the KINGDOM OF YaHVaH.  Yachanan Mosheh (Mark) 1:14,15.  So did the early disciples, Ma'aseh (Acts). 8:12.  They worship in homes.    YaHVaHShVa Ha Mashiyach said, "Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I am in the midst of them. Matt. 18:20.  He told the woman of Samaria at the well, "there cometh an hour, when neither in this mountain, nor yet in Jerusalem shall ye worship the Father... but there cometh an hour, and now is, when the real worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth; for even the Father is seeking such as these as His worshippers.  Yachanan (John) 4:21, 23.  No need of majestic building to worship the Father; no need of big crowds; no need for glamour, no need for limelight.  Come worship our Father in Spirit and in Truth; Come and Join us lift our voices of praise to our Maker, fear YaHVaH and give glory to Him and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the seas, and the fountains of water....  Gilyahna (Revelation) 14:7.  Come and fellowship, the fellowship of the RUACH of YaHVaH.

You are also welcome to send your questions or to express your opinions and have your questions answered. Whoever needs YaHVaH's blessing should contact us and state your needs or desires. We answer every email!  

                                  BARUCH HAHA BESHEM YAHVAH        

                                  BLESSED IS HE THAT COMETH IN THE NAME OF YaHVaH

Believers in the KINGDOM OF YaH meet weekly, on every Shabat "IN ALL YOUR DWELLINGS "from 10.00 AM for worship of Praise to YaHVaH. For each his tents, you may set up your own home worship or should you need assistance, please contact us for details. Every HOME IS A NUCLEUS OF THE KINGDOM OF YAH.

"Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day shall there be a shabat of SACRED rest, A HOLY CONVOCATION, no work shall ye do, a shabat shall it be unto YaHVaH, IN ALL YOUR DWELLINGS."  Vayqira 23:3